An Amazing Story of a My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Who Isn’t Afraid to Take Chances

Hey! My name is Ross, and if you are reading this, you are another ED sufferer. You should stop whining, asking why and ruining your life. You aren’t special or alone: impotence is the issue that is faced by men of different ages, lifestyle and religion. It knows how to affect your sexual life, change it and add more depression to your days. I haven’t cured my ED for good. Yet sex is and will be there in my life, and I am ready to share secrets of my success.

  • What was the first time you knew something went wrong?An Amazing Story of a My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Who Isn’t Afraid to Take Chances

I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I used to be the one who had sexual experiences with different women. I can’t say I was comfortable and 100% satisfied with all of them, but I liked my life and the way I treated sex. And here comes the part that is going to sound like a paragraph from a cheap romance: I met a girl who changed me, though she didn’t know it yet. I was so much eager to empress her with everything that every time there was a chance for sex I postponed it telling myself that I wasn’t ready. And one day I was so much excited and under such a great stress that I really wasn’t ready. Well, how could I be without an erection?

  • Did you try self-treatment?

It was what I started with… and it was a huge mistake. Whenever there’s a problem, you should go to your doctor instead of reading online articles as I did. I mean, they are useful sources of additional info, but the main one should be provided by a physician.

  • How long did it take you to consult a doctor?

About three months. I was ashamed, you know. I understood that no one was going to judge me or laugh at me, yet still things seemed to be too personal to be discussed. After a complete check up, explanation of causes and when all my questions were answered, I was prescribed Levitra. I didn’t hear much about it. I knew there was Generic Viagra and I’ve heard a few things about Canadian Cialis, but Levitra was something new for me.

  • Did it help?

Well, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here next to you.

  • Were there any great discoveries that helped to strengthen ED pills’ effects?

If you mean my personal discoveries, then yes. There were not so many of them, yet they all are helpful. To begin with, there’s no place for tension and stress in bed. There’s place for partners and pleasure. Before having sex both partners should do something relaxing and enjoyable like dancing, chatting, watching favorite movies, etc. These simple things help relax and get rid of anxiety. Secondly, a man with or without ED problems should always focus on pleasure and not on his performance, otherwise he’ll surely fail one day. When sex is turned into a performance, it is not about pleasure, but about time and speed.

  • Are you on pills only or you’ve managed to change your lifestyle?

I didn’t change my lifestyle completely. When you take Levitra from My Canadian Pharmacy service before sex, this isn’t the usual way the things are. So, I guess, pills were the first changes. But I also turned to a healthy diet. I was recommended a plant-based one, but even now I find it hard to refuse from all the things I like so much for good.

I do avoid such common drugs as alcohol and caffeine. I turned to a balanced eating routine and regular exercising. I can’t say what exactly helps me the most, but I do recommend including the so-called pro-sexual foods like eggs, fish, bananas, curry, ginger, avocados and pumpkins.

  • Do you believe you have any keys to success?

A steady and supportive partner is my main key. I believe that the relationship that we have here is more than about sex. We are open and honest. She knows I am doing my best to overcome impotence. She is aware of pills I take. And she believes that we will succeed. She doesn’t say YOU will manage. She says WE will cope with it. A simple pronoun can turn your world upside down, you know.

Pills are my second key. They give fast effects which are important for self-confidence and relationship rescue. And overall life changes are the third key. They contribute to impotence elimination, though they act not as fast as you want them to.