Does Kamagra (Sildenafil) Mess with Visual Perception?

Kamagra, the generic version of Viagra produced in India, is gaining popularity with customers because it is as effective as the branded product and at the same has very attractive price. Kamagra is always referred to as “an affordable version of Viagra”. Kamagra is offered in different dosages and pharmaceutical versions that is very helpful for the customers. They have a big choice and are able to get the proper medication.

Kamagra: What are the advantages?

Kamagra has a lot of advantages. First of all, it comprises all the effective characteristics of the branded product as its pharmaceutical content is a full replica of Viagra. It does not require special therapeutic program as it is taken only in case of necessity. It is very effective with fast response in the human body: it starts acting in 30-40 minutes and there are some cases when the effect was evident even in 15 minutes. The duration of Kamagra’s action lasts for more than four hours. However, some men say that they feel the effect even the next morning.

Kamagra influences only natural mechanisms of erection and works in brain areas with are responsible for the erectile function. The other brain areas are not affected.

No special diet is needed when taking Kamagra except for some easy rules. One should avoid eating fat food right when Kamagra and sexual activity is planned as Sildenafil’s effect is negatively affected by food fats. Don’t eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice as they also deteriorate the action of Sildenafil. We do not mention alcohol one more time as it is widely known that alcohol and Sildenafil are not compatible.

As it has already been mentioned Kamagra has a lot of pharmaceutical versions that are available online. Among them Kamagra Jelly (Get to know more about Oral Jelly Medications in this article: and Kamagra Chewable are the most popular as they are easy to be taken. Moreover, recently new form of Kamagra containing two active ingredients – Sildenafil and Dapoxetine which is famous for good effect in premature ejaculation treatment has been introduced.

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, as any other medication Kamagra has its certain limitations. It is not used in patients younger than 18 years old. Elder patients over 65 should take it with care and in smaller dosages.

Kamagra is not co-administered with certain medications that may cause serious damages to the human health if being taken together. First of all, these medications include nitrates and other drugs designed for the treatment of cardio –vascular diseases. Antifungal drugs and antibiotics are not recommended to be taken with Kamagra either. Other PDE5 inhibitors including Kamagra’s other pharmaceutical forms should not be taken together either.


Despite the fact that Kamagra is well-tolerated by the patients some people may suffer from undesired side effects such as headaches (including severe ones), heartbeat, hot flushes, muscular pains, blurred vision and so on. In very rare cases Kamagra may cause psychic problems such as depressive states, anxiety or aggression. However, side effects of Kamagra are declared to be very rare.

Sildenafil, as an ingredient of Kamagra, is not prescribed for people with cardio-vascular disorders, liver and kidney diseases as well as various allergic reactions to the components of the medication and Sildenafil, in particular. Physical deformation of the penis can also be a restrictive factor for the prescription of Kamagra. Being deformed penis may get damaged during the strong erection obtained with Kamagra.

Why people with eye problems are in the risk group?

Another group of diseases that are the risk factor involves eye disorders. People suffering from the high intraocular pressure, problems with eye retina (pigmented retinitis etc.) as well as other eye diseases are not prescribed Kamagra and are recommended to refrain from taking it without the doctor’s consultation. The reason for that lies in the mechanism of Kamagra’s action. Kamagra influences blood vessels making them work very intensely. That is why if there is already a serious problem with vascular system (it does not matter where blood vessels are located) Kamagra may cause certain health problems. Any load on blood vessels may cause further deterioration of the existing problems with retina, eye nerves and so on especially that Kamagra’s side effects include visual changes (colour perception, blurred vision etc.).

In case if the patient suffering from the Kamagra’s side effects has good eyesight and no eye diseases such changes pass away in short time without any dramatic influence. However, if the patient has already had the proved eye problem the consequences may be very unpleasant and include retinal dissection and reduction of vision.

It is very important that the patient applies to the doctor for the consultation before starting taking Kamagra. In the course of the consultation the doctor will check the problem and prescribe additional medical examination and analyses. After all these procedures the problem will be clear and the doctor’s decision will be based upon the proved facts. As a result, the risk of any undesired consequences will be brought to naught.