Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnosing The Problem And Striking At Its Core

Psychological stress, provoking disorder of erection, can occur in unexpectedly, and this kind of stress may be dictated in particular by some psycho-emotional state. Sexual desire is primarily formed in the brain, acting as a result of certain fantasies, memories or visual images. Then the transmission of impulses to the spinal cord and then to the nerves and the nodes of the penis takes place. On the basis of this explanation you can see that the change of the penis (i.e., its increase), so it is not solely the result of tactile stimulation. Quite often the cause of psychological impotence lies in the origin of the fear of a failure. It causes a fear of this or that influence previously exerted on higher nervous activity, resulting in not only a feeling of a certain lack of confidence, but also the fear concerning the possible inability of a man to satisfy his partner.

Erectile dysfunction

On this basis, in the cerebral cortex forms the dominant center, due to which nerve impulses are sent to the centers of pathological blood supply and innervation of the penis. As a result of this, in turn, a disruption of this mechanisms responsible for erection occurs. In addition, etiological causes of psychological ED can be a partner’s behavior. Insulting words related to man’s inability to maintain erection, provoking comparisons, and nervousness may cause more significant problems. No less important cause, provoking the development of psychological ED can be the absence of sexual activity during long periods of time, similarly to occasional, irregular contacts.

In both cases, the non-desired psychological tension may emerge. This implies an excessive psycho-emotional arousal in conjunction with the stagnation in the pelvic area, causing the subsequent duration of sexual intercourse within just a few seconds. Similarly, abnormal sexual intercourse can be a premature ejaculation – ejaculation that occurs before the penis is inserted into the vagina. In both cases, this ‘script’ of sexual intercourse has a negative impact on overall men because of what his depression on this basis is only getting worse. Its share of influence and environmental factors, such as beneath them meant the inability of existing conditions to ensure normal sexual intercourse.

As the problems related to this, can be considered the lack of opportunities and conditions for privacy, strangers in the vicinity at the time of sexual intercourse, etc. All this can also cause the development of resistant forms of psychological ED.

Physiological reasons

Among other reasons, injuries and problems with blood vessels should be mentioned as well. Weak rigidity of the penis may be a cause for disruption of blood flow through the arteries. The rapid onset of erection, as well as its rapid disappearance do not allow you to complete sexual intercourse is due to violation of venous block, which may be the result of inflammation of the inner lining of blood vessels (this oftentimes manifests in heavy smokers or people with autoimmune diseases). The other reasons are poor circulation in the blood vessels of the penis, penile vasoconstriction.

The panacea revealed

Erectile dysfunction problems are treatable, even the best cases. PDE-5 inhibitors – Viagra-like preparations are prescribed to patients in approximately 80% of cases, and are referred to as first-choice means of treatment. The efficiency of the treatment is no less impressive: according to FDA approved clinical trials the positive impact from taking the drugs was observed in 78% of cases.

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