Canadian Pharmacy Review For Golden Root, An Over The Counter Viagra Equivalent

Viagra Vs. Golden Root: Science Vs. Nature?

According to Mayo Clinic specialists, upwards of 70% of ED instances have a more serious health condition in their basis. Why is that we are bringing it upfront in an article that deals with a herbal solution against male impotence? Simple: you need to understand that, since your body is an ultra-complicated system where every function is interwoven into a network of hundreds of other functions, you need a symmetrically systematic approach to reversing the damage done. And while pharmaceutically formulated drugs are all about quick fixes and shortcuts with short-lived effects, natural healing is a way slower but a more fundamental recovery.

Actually, My Canadian Pharmacy Rx doctors contributing to this piece do not see the issue at hand as nature against science, but rather as getting maximal benefits from both worlds. Let us now take a closer look at what is packed into a herbal supplement whose sales rates speak for themselves: Golden Root, Canadian Pharmacy’s strongest bestseller in herbal ED department.

The rationale behind this natural Viagra substitute popularity is a no-brainer: there are multiple side effects that come with the territory as you receive treatment in form of pharmaceutically developed solutions. And what’s even more important, in cases outlined above when there is a comorbidity condition, the use of any pharmaceutical drug should be carefully weighed for risks and benefits ratio.

The use of herbal pills and food supplements like Golden Root make for a safer ED solution in patients with other health conditions to consider. However, there are no risk free solutions when it comes to self-administering drugs or herbal tablets, for that matter: professional medical opinion is required in all events. It is also important to understand that herbal solutions, too, have their list of contraindications that might be less pronounced but still significant.

Let’s make it clear: no herbal remedy will nearly be as powerful as their chemically formulated equivalents. If that were the case, we wouldn’t need pharmaceutical drugs with all of their side effects, ever in a lifetime. But the reality is that both ways have their place in methodical and deliberate treatment plan: and while drugs like Viagra and other oral ED pills are your first-line defense against erectile troubles, herbal solutions like Golden Root are employed to fortify your immunity, stamina and general health. In the long run, the joint use of these two remedies will translate into much better sexual health than would have resulted from monotherapy.

When Golden Root Is A Wiser Choice

Being said, there are cases when herbal therapy is the only way. For instance, patients with increased sensitivity towards sildenafil (the main medicinal ingredient in Viagra) and medical conditions that do not admit of Viagra use can safely resort to Golden Root aid. Below we’ve structurally presented indications for Golden Root or, contrarily, oral pills like Viagra and other drugs from the class of PDE5 inhibitors family. This will give you a quick idea of where to start.

Go Herbal

Go Chemical

  • You have a milder case of ED
  • You have what is termed as chronic ED: it is on and off
  • You are currently taking drugs for other condition(s) that are incompatible with oral ED drugs
  • You have other serious health conditions that are incompatible with oral ED drugs
  • You are generally watchful of what goes down your gullet for the sake of minimizing health risks
  • You are OK with a therapy course as opposed to fast results obtained from pharmaceutical drugs

  • You have full ED (complete inability to achieve penile hardness)
  • You are in acute phase of ED
  • You do not have contraindications preventing you from the use of PDE5 inhibitors
  • You are not taking any other drugs that cannot be neither dismissed nor combined with the use of PDE5 inhibitors
  • You need a quick fix
  • You are not a pill hater in general

Go Middle Of The Road

  • You have no contraindications against the use of oral ED drugs
  • You have no pharmacological or supplementary incompatibilities for the use of either herbal or chemical treatments
  • You would like to accrue maximal benefits from your ED therapy with minimal side effects and ample adjustment options

What’s Inside: Golden Root Ingredients

Golden Root is another name for rhodiola rosea, the main medicinal component in the drug of the same name. Rhodiola possess multiple properties that make it such a versatile medicinal herb, for example, it improves heart function and consequential increase in blood pressure, as well as promotes the release of bile. The roots of the plant contain substances that are used to stop the bleeding and restore the body’s forces after a big fatigue. Rhodiola is used as an excellent tonic and sedative. Golden root is also used for poor appetite, disturbance of metabolic processes and various kinds of inflammation. And of rhodiola preparations are used as an antipyretic or anti-allergy agent. Rhodiola treats acute and chronic radiation damage, overheating or overcooling. Rhodiola quickly heals wounds, improves eyesight and hearing.

The herb is extensively used as a stimulant for the central nervous system. Golden root has a good effect in pulmonary tuberculosis, skin diseases and bone fractures. It is also known for its mild coating effect which allows it to be used not only internally, but also externally in form of lotions and bath foams. The roots of the plant contain these essential substances that can quickly stop the bleeding and restore the body’s defenses after exhaustion. Rhodiola rosea is able to raise blood pressure and improve heart function markedly. This herb stimulates mental activity and promotes the release of bile.

Rhodiola rosea has a soothing and invigorating effect. It is often prescribed for disruption of metabolic processes, with poor appetite and various inflammations. It should be noted that golden root as a plant has anti-allergy and antipyretic properties. This herb is used for the treatment of radiation exposure, hypothermia and hyperthermia.

Rhodiola rosea is able to significantly improve vision and increase the sharpness of hearing. This plant has a therapeutic effect in skin diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, and bone fractures. In addition, Rhodiola rosea has an excellent tonic effect. But what is really relevant for the matter at hand is the effects of golden root on blood circulation. Golden root enhances the activity of the sex glands, stimulates the activity of the ovaries. Rhodiola rosea root is therefore used in the treatment of early menopause in women, diseases of the genitourinary system in men. Actively used to increase potency, which surpasses the properties of another famous male power plant, ginseng.

Be Smart About Your Natural ED Pills

Remember that any herbal solution is a slow burn whose meaningful health outcomes are visible after a few weeks of dedicated and methodological use. This does not mean that you are not allowed to use other ED remedies alongside with Golden Root. But patient’s discretion is required in everything that concerns drug compatibility.

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx would like to pass you a quick reminder that the best therapy you can get is the one that has been prescribed to you by a licensed healthcare provider. It is important to keep them informed about every other drug that you are taking, planning to take or might have to take in case of emergency caused by a chronic condition. Herbal medicines, over the counter drugs, vitamins and food supplements should also be mentioned.

Note that Golden Root preparation contains sildenafil citrate. In this connection you should avoid taking Golden Root pills anywhere closer than 24 hours to the intake of Viagra or any other drug of this class. Still, the best health results are achieved in patients taking Golden Root pills daily as a therapy course that lasts 4 to 6 weeks, combined with the occasional use of PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their respective generics available at My Canadian Pharmacy Rx) as needed.