Looking to purchase quality pills and save your money? Yep, that’s quite possible with My Canadian Pharmacy

I’ve been using ED pills for a couple of years by now, but fortunately, the question of getting quality pills at a reasonable price is no longer bothering me. 2 years ago I’ve discovered a Canadian Pharmacy online store www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com, and since then it remains the only place I buy ED pills at. Despite the huge supply, finding a decent pharmaceuticals seller is a challenge, as the web is oozing with scam shops and one-day stores that either ship you nothing, sell placebo or poor quality products at best scenario. Against the background of its rivals Canadian Pharmacy has plenty of advantages to offer: from a competitive pricing model to advanced customer service with free consultations, loyalty program and regular promos. However, let’s consider the company from every angle.

A look into the platform as it is

I’m not going to sing praises to the company – after all, I’m paying my money and expect getting the proper customer service. It is sad that online pharmaceuticals market has discredited itself and what seems to be normal for other industries (refund programs, live support and so on) is considered to be something extraordinary when it comes to shopping for drugs online. Canadian Pharmacy is not ideal, and first of all I’d like to focus on the aspects that could be significantly improved or reworked.

One of the major drawbacks of the service is that it leaves much to be desired in terms of delivery. Yes, they do wrap your medications in firm, discreet packaging and you get your parcel safe and sound, but the delivery speed is far from being perfect. As a Canadian-based business the lower states shoppers should be aware that shipping will take time (each case is individual, so it is quite difficult to give any estimations).

The store website could have been more user-friendly and modern. Perhaps, it is my subjective perception, but you cannot compare it is hardly comparable with top league players. Yes, it works quickly and doesn’t glitch, but I would have gladly used a more handy mobile version and more intuitive navigation.

There are a few minor things on the process of placing the order, but all in all, these shortcomings are generously compensated with something that really matters in online shopping for drugs. The first, and perhaps, the most crucial advantage of Canadian Pharmacy lies in its pricing model. Yes, these guys do keep the pricing at a truly affordable level. But who needs cheap prices when the quality of products is going through the floor? Well, it’s not the case when it comes to this online drugstore. I don’t know whether you can believe it or not, but they claim they cooperate with manufacturers directly and even run their own warehouse, so that’s one of the core reasons behind unprecedented affordability and stunning quality at the same time. As I’ve said, I’ve been using the platform since 2013 mostly to get ED pills, and I cannot complain about the quality – frankly speaking, it has never raised any questions.

There are 2 more aspects worthy of mentioning: the lineup and loyalty program. Maybe they run their own warehouse and maybe not, but the fact is that the platform has nothing to do with availability issues. That’s the thing that drives you bonkers – will you ever buy from companies who approved your order and got back to you after a couple of days with an ‘out of stock’ excuse? To my mind it’s a perfect tool to get rid of your customers. And fortunately, My Canadian Pharmacy www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com has been delivering the drugs with no excuses so far.

As for the loyalty program, that’s the juiciest part for regular shoppers. If you are buying ED pills on a regular basis from Canadian Pharmacy www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com, you will definitely love the way these guys reward you. Thus, you can save up to 20% within a loyalty program, plus you can count on extra discount if you buy in bulk. I highly recommend you to check the promotions – this is where you can save even more money as the promotions are organized on a regular basis; e.g. with the latest promotion you could have purchased 2 packs of Viagra + 1 pack of Cialis with an impressive 30% discount. And yes, you can pay for your products via one of the most popular payment methods – no tricks or drudgery here as well.