Major problems with ejaculation

All major problems with ejaculation are divided into three groups:

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men having sexual life. According to the data obtained as a result of broad-scale study, conducted by the specialist of the National Health Service and Social Life Department of United States of America Edward Laumann, not less than 35% of men in USA experience the problem of premature ejaculation.

Concerning the delay of ejaculation, it is less a important problem, and it comprises not more than 3% of sexual disorders in men. Retrograde ejaculation is quite a seldom abnormality. The essence of the retrograde or reverse ejaculation lies in the following: when reaching the orgasm, the sperm does not outpour though the alveus, but goes into the urinary bladder, from which it is discharged during the urination. The reasons of the abnormality usually lie in diabetes, rare diseases of the nervous system, administration of some medications and surgeries that result in the dysfunction of the sphincter. Retrograde ejaculation usually does not cause any problems neither with health of a man, nor the quality of the orgasm. However, due to the fact that the sperm cannot reach the genital tracts of a woman, there is hardly a possibility of the impregnation, that makes this disease vital and often requires specific treatment.

What is the reason of the delay of ejaculation?

Major problems with ejaculation

The reasons of the delay of ejaculation often lie in the administration of some medications, such as antidepressants, sedatives, somnifacients and many others. Also the problem often arises in late years, when the nervous terminals lose the former sensitivity, that is also confirmed by the famous researcher in this field Barbara Kissling – the author of the book “All night long: how to make love to a person over 50”.

Masturbation can also be the cause of the ejaculation delay. As a result a man sometimes loses an ability to respond to the excitation of penis during the sexual intercourse, which differs from that of masturbation. This problem becomes especially important when a man experiencing such difficulties for a complex of reasons cannot “adjust” to his partner.

The famous American psychotherapist Michael Brenson suggests men who suffer from this problem to give up masturbation completely to form a stable sexual drive towards a woman, as it significantly reduces the threshold of excitation that hastens the coming of the orgasm.

However, there is also the reverse side of a coin. Often the masturbation that is the reason of the ejaculation in some cases may be the effective method of its treatment in other cases. In this respect he suggests changing the masturbating technique (for example, switch a hand) to break the mechanism of coming of so called fast orgasm, as the time of its coming during the masturbation and sexual intercourse changes significantly.

Also Michael Brenson suggests fantasizing upon the sexual subject with your virtual partner instead of usual masturbation, because it makes the masturbation something like the genital stimulation during sex.

Premature ejaculation: egocentrism

problems with ejaculation

In case of this problem the masturbation may be a good solution. Really, if a person experiences orgasms often, the duration of time required for its achievement increases significantly. Thus, there is a rule that will be quite effective in this case – double the amount of orgasms per week. If the problem remains – double again. There are a lot of evidence of the efficiency of this method.

Masturbation helps a lot of men to control their sexual excitement, that may be very important to control an orgasm at some, especially critical moments of sex. Some abstract and boring thought may also help to control the upcoming orgasm, though it may create an impression of the lack of interest in the partner and result in emotional alienation from one another.

There are also a few effective methods of retaining of ejaculation. Thus, the famous sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson developed a technique, known as “seizing of penis”. If you feel the orgasm is coming, you should grip the glans penis. They also created the technique called “pausation” that lies in the break in the sexual intercourse for a few minutes when the orgasm is coming.

Medicinal treatment of the premature ejaculation

If none of the methods mentioned above was effective, you should not despair. There is a lot of various medications (they belong to the group of antidepressants) that will help to solve the problem, if you take them a few hours before the start of sexual intercourse. Priligy (Dapoxetine), Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra – the effective and safe remedies of this group. There is one more quite effective method of the prolongation of sexual intercourse – a condom that reduces the sexual excitement sufficiently. You Can order Priligy and Cialis in Our Canadian Pharmacy.