Men With Large Waists Face an Increased Risk of Frequent Urination

Nowadays obesity has already become an epidemy. For the recent 30 years the number of people suffering from the excessive weight in the world has increased fourfold and reached more than 1 bln. people. As it is already known overweight increases the risk of many serious health disorders including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and oncological diseases. One should also mention that overweight significantly affects the men’s sexual and urological health. According to the recent researches men with large waists suffer from urination problems much more frequently than their slim friends do.

Excessive load on health

Fat man

A large-scale investigation was conducted by the group of US scientists several years ago. During the investigation more than 400 men at the age from 40 to 90 were examined. All the volunteers had lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). The goal of the research was to study the influence of the obesity to the men’s health.

The LUT symptoms the volunteers were suffering from had different etiology. They experienced frequent urination due to the difficulties in urinating all day long. The urination process was rather painful with weak urinary stream.

All the volunteers were divided into three groups according to their waist measure. The first group (37.5%) consisted of men who had waist up to 36 inches, in the second group men had waists between 36-40 inches, the third group involved men with waists exceeding 40 inches.

The scientists found out that the reduction of waist by 2.5 inches improved the state of the men’s health both sexual and genitourinary. It was discovered that men with the largest waists urinated more frequently (more than eight times per day): 39% in the third (the largest waist) group comparing to 16% in the first group and 27% in the second group. The frequency of urination during the night showed the same principle: 44% in the large waist group urinated two times during the night, 29% in the middle waist group urinated two times at night and in the small waist group only 15% of volunteers needed to urinate two times per night.

As far as the sexual function was concerned the situation was completely the same, but the figures were even worse. Large waist volunteers suffered from erectile dysfunction in 74.5% cases. Men with 36-40 inch waist had sexual problems in 50% cases and the slimmest men – in 32% cases. Men experienced ejaculation problems in 65%, 40% and 21% cases correspondingly.

What are the reasons?

Experts have several opinions regarding such interconnection between the waist size and genitourinary and sexual health. Obesity causes strong changes in hormone balance (read also: obesity in men). While healthy and slim men have sufficient level of testosterone, the male sexual hormone, men with excessive weight show the decreased parameters of testosterone in their body. Obesity is mainly caused by excessive eating and bad eating habits like fast food and sedentary lifestyle so the man’s body turns to have more estrogen, the female sexual hormone, instead of testosterone. Fast food is known to contain large quantities of female sexual hormones. Estrogen is responsible for gaining weight in the men’s body.

Men suffering from obesity always have problems with the blood and vascular system. High cholesterol food negatively influences the blood vessels narrowing the vessel openings with fat deposits on the vessel walls. As a result, blood vessels are not able to transport the sufficient volume of blood and quantity of nutritive elements to the genitourinary and other organs. That is why in most cases obesity leads to the sexual disorders and is associated with such serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and urinary disorders including cystitis, renal gravel, prostatitis and so on.

What is the most efficient treatment?

Modern medical science and pharmacological industry provide patients with a great number of treatment choices: ED treatment drugs, urological medications and so on. In urgent and difficult cases the patients can even be offered to make a surgery. In some situation the surgery is the only way to save the patient’s life.

One should remember that first of all it is not recommended to start the treatment of sexual disorders or genitourinary diseases without consulting a doctor. If the man suffers from the frequent urination it is important to find out the reason: prostatitis, cystitis or something else. The exact diagnosis will define the therapy. The same thing comes with sexual problems. Before starting the treatment of erectile dysfunction it is necessary to consult the doctor and to undergo the necessary medical examination as in some cases overweight and obese men suffer from the diseases that are in the risk group when prescribing the ED treatment drugs. In any case the first step for the obese and overweight men will be the correction of their weight regardless the health disorder they are going to get rid of.

No remedy or therapy will be efficient without the strict adherence to the new lifestyle rules involving healthy diet and regular physical exercises (of course with regard to the health limitations in order not to harm). It is vitally for the men to reach and maintain the healthy weight and to live healthy and productive life.