Prescription Policy at My Canadian Pharmacy Rx

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx healthcare team would like to emphasize the necessity of providing a legitimate prescription issued by your doctor every time you plan to purchase a legend drug from any of the sources we might refer to on the pages of our website.

The protocol of ordering prescription drugs via My Canadian Pharmacy Rx includes an order confirmation that is obtained only upon presentation of a legitimate prescription issued and signed by a licensed healthcare specialist. Such document should state your full name, the name of the drug and the date. We do not accept prescription with expired date of validity.

A prescription (Rx for short) is a prescription of a drug, and an instruction to the pharmacy to hand it out to a patient. Doctors, dentists, some nurses, midwives and dental hygienists are entitled to issue prescriptions to humans.

For prescriptions for so-called special drugs (narcotic drugs, anabolic steroids, growth hormone and some other medicines established by the Federal Law) apply specific rules, and a special prescription form must be used. At the pharmacy, an assessment of the pharmacist is always made by the dosage and if the combination with other medicinal products that the patient is using is reasonable.

A prescription must contain some information:


  • patient’s social security number and name
  • the name of the medicinal product
  • pharmaceutical form (for example, tablets or oral drops)
  • drug strength (often stated in milligrams) and amount
  • dosage
  • instructions on how and when the patient should take the medicine
  • the purpose of the treatment

Your prescription should also indicate how many times the prescription may be used and sometimes also the amount of time it must be between the withdrawals. The prescription should also be dated and signed by the doctor or other person entitled to issue a prescription. The name and address of the person who issued the prescription must be printed clearly.

» The prescription can be issued electronically, in writing, by phone or fax. A prescription may last for a maximum of one year. Electronic prescriptions, so-called E-Prescription, sent directly from the Recipient to the health authority and become available at any pharmacy. These prescriptions have the same validity as prescriptions issued on the form and can be saved throughout its validity. There is also the opportunity to convert a paper prescription to electronic prescription.

» Phone prescriptions are prescriptions that the recipient calls the pharmacy. Such prescriptions are only valid for an expedition within 1 month. Fax prescription is a prescription that the recipient faxes to the pharmacy. The fax prescription is also valid for an expedition within 1 month.

After placing the order, you will be contacted by our manager with a request to provide a valid prescription for every legend drug ordered. Your order will only be confirmed after a standard authorization, which will enable Canadian Pharmacy specialist to collect all the necessary information about your prescription. You will only be billed after your prescription has been approved by our specialists. My Canadian Pharmacy Rx would like to stress that buying prescription drugs without providing a valid prescription is illegal, and as such is not acceptable by our rules and policies.

If you have any questions regarding the use of drugs, your medical condition, medical contraindications and possible drug interactions, we will be happy to answer them upon a request sent via email.

In the connection with aforementioned policies practiced at My Canadian Pharmacy Rx, we remind you that information presented at our website is published for educational purposes only. None of it can be regarded as promoting, soliciting, suborning or encouraging any actions such as purchasing, using or distributing pharmaceutical drugs without proper medical consultation, prescription and instructions from a licensed healthcare professional.

Legal Disclaimer

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