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The remedies that recover the sexual function are not always good for health. Each has its contraindications that should be considered. The most safe remedy is the PDE inhibitor.

In 80s the traditional medicine could barely help the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. The invention of PDE (phosphodiesterase) inhibitor was a real revolution. It provided an opportunity for men to have full sexual life even in advanced years. Suchlike medications gain great popularity and became the number one remedy in the fight with this disease due to its effective, safe and easy administration.

Erection, the mechanism of its emergence

The pills that improve potency

In the cerebral cortex the analysis of the sexual drive takes place that generates the nervous impulse in hypothalamus. It further goes to the cerebrospinal erection center and goes through nervous terminals to penis.

As a respond to the nervous impulse, the nitrogen oxide discharges into the tissues of cavernous bodies as a result of relaxing of smooth muscle cells of arteries of penis and parietes of alveoles. With the increase of alveoles’ volume and artery opening the strong blood flow takes place and it results in erection.

How do PDE inhibitors work?

PDE inhibitors

The effect of PDE inhibitors lies in the ability to inhibit the activity of PDE (phosphodiesterase-5) enzyme that allows delaying of the process of delivery of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (CGMP) into smooth muscle tissue. The main property of CGMP is the ability to relax the smooth muscles of cavernous bodies of penis. Due to the delayed effect of PDE there is the possibility to accumulate the maximum amount of CGMP in the cavernous bodies that result in the relaxation of smooth muscles. As the result the big amount of blood flows to penis leading to erection.


The results of polls show that side effects that were experienced by some patients, such as the color-vision defects, nausea, nasal stuffiness, blushes, headache were not the reasons to stop treatment.

There were different studies that showed that PDE inhibitors are effective in 70-90% of cases. The remedy was administered by men 30 minutes-an hour before the start of sexual intercourse. This remedy is safe, but even provided such positive factors it has a complex of contraindications. For example, it should not be administered by patients that administer nitrates as its effect is based on the accumulation of nitrogen in the body that may cause the fixed vascular distension. If the patient takes the medications that contain nitrogen oxide, the vascular distention may be followed by the lowering of blood pressure, collapse and death.

Such remedies should be prescribed very carefully to patients suffering from the bad case of ischemic heart disease, cardiac insufficiency and those patients undergoing the course of therapy for the cardiovascular diseases. In such cases the medicine should be administered only under the strict control of the doctor and after his permission.

Nowadays the pharmaceutical market provides three main types of this remedy. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each of the cases requires the administration of the peculiar remedy, based on the doctor’s recommendations and patient’s needs.

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