Too Much TV Can Lower Sperm Count

Several researches conducted within the latest 20 years proves very alarming trend of the sperm quality deterioration and sperm count reduction. Some scientists blame fast food with high content of transfats. The other experts insist that poor quality of water with hints of contraceptive substances may affect the men’s sperm. The chemical substance called bisphenol is also considered to be a risk factor. Bisphenol is used in the production of plastic. However, the latest investigation declares that they are common laziness and addiction to TV that are responsible for the deterioration of sperm quality.

TV against sperm


According to the latest investigation scientists tell that young and healthy men who spend more than 20 hours per week has two times smaller quantity of spermatozoids than those who do not like to sit or lie in front of the TV set for hours.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t connected with the television itself. The thing is that testicles become overheated when the man is sitting and watching TV. Experts say that the given investigation proves already known facts: the men who wear tight underwear have weaker spermatozoids. So, for the TV lovers mechanism is the same: overheated testicles negatively influence the quality of sperm.

The higher the loads, the better the sperm

better the sperm

Men who spend at least 15 hours per week going in for sports have larger quantity of spermatozoids in their sperm (up to 73%) than those men who spend less than 5 hours per week. The results of the research dedicated to the positive influence of sport activity upon the sperm quality show that even such sports as golf, curling or table tennis has a positive impact both upon the human cardio-vascular system and upon metabolic processes in the human body. In the course of the given research conducted in New York 189 men at the age from 18 to 22 years were examined.

Scientists have found out that intensity of the physical exercises also influences the sperm count. The higher the load is, the higher the sperm quality becomes. At the same time, light physical exercises do not have the similar positive impact, even if fulfilled regularly.

Watching TV more than 15 hours per week has quite the opposite effect. Men who lead the couch-potato lifestyle have 44% less spermatozoids in their sperm than those who go in for active hobbies.

The similar research was conducted in Europe by the group of European scientists. According to the result of the research, moderate physical exercises facilitate the increase of hormones and help men’s reproductive gland produce healthy sperm. Scientists say despite the fact that all the results should be proved they have already been recommending physical exercises for the improvement of hormone balance and sperm production.

Professional sport is an enemy

One should underline that extreme physical loads are harmful for the sperm either. The results of the research conducted in 2010 were quite unexpected. The quality of the sperm of professional sportsmen (triathletes and water polo players) turned out to be worse than that of the men going in for amateur sports. Excessive physical load may lead to the deterioration of the sperm quality either.

Sperm is under threat

In most developed countries the quality of the sperm has become an issue. It has substantially deteriorated for the last decades. If in 1930-40ies there were more than 80 mln. spermatozoids in 1 mL of the sperm of the healthy man, today it is a good result if there are at least 20 mln. World Health Organization approves the norm of 15 mln. spermatozoids.

Couch-potato lifestyle is called one of the greatest threats for the men’s reproductive ability. It is always accompanied by bad habits like drinking beer and eating snacks (potato chips, salty nuts etc.) or fast food while watching football matches (which is in some cases the only sport modern men go in for). And don’t forget about smoking.

Today men can obtain comprehensive medical consultation regarding their sperm issues and can be prescribed some medications that are aimed at increasing the sperm production. However, it is no use in making all these efforts without changing one’s lifestyle. Moderate physical activity, walking, running, swimming or playing football, basketball or other games will help decrease the tension and get rid of bad habits including excessive eating, drinking or smoking. Moreover, sport activity together with healthy eating habits will surely improve the state of all the internal systems including cardio-vascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and genitourinary ones. Good health has always been the main asset. So, maybe it’s high time to switch off the TV and to get down to the real life.