TOP 5 Myths about Online Pharmacies Turning to Be Their Advantages

Buying different goods via Internet has already become trivial for most people. If one needs to buy something, notebook, mixer, clothes or food one doesn’t have to go to the store and search for it; one can just enter the corresponding website and order it online, pay for it and wait until it is delivered right at the door. Recently people have obtained a possibility to buy such a specific thing as medical drugs online. They are usually sold in online pharmacies. Having appeared not long ago online pharmacies have gained wide popularity and at the same moment have overgrown with myths. In this article we will find out what the myths about and advantages of the online pharmacies are.

What is online pharmacy?

TOP 5 Myths

In simple phrase, online pharmacy is an ordinary online shop dealing with the selling of medications. These pharmacies usually offer a complete range of medical drugs as regular drugstores do. Online pharmacies contain a catalogue which can provide the detailed information about the each product such as annotation, recommended dosage, side effects and precautions, similar drugs and generics and so on. It is very convenient for the visitor as he can study the information at an easy pace and take a decision whether to buy the given medication drug or not.

After you choose the needed medicine you can keep it in your basket and continue searching for other drugs you need. If you have chosen everything you need you confirm your order, choose the type and place of delivery and fulfil payment. Some online pharmacies provide a possibility to pay in the moment you receive your order; some of them prefer paying by bank transfer or other electronic means.

One should mention that there are two types of online pharmacies. Some pharmacies conduct both online and offline sales. It means that it is a regular drug store that has an online branch. In that case it is possible to obtain the order in the drug store. In large cities it is a real chance for any drug store to increase its sales several-fold. As a rule, they deliver orders by courier, post or practice customer pickup. Another type of online pharmacies is a purely online business that doesn’t have any regular store. Everything they have is usually a small sales office and a warehouse or warehouses the size of which depends upon the sales volumes. As a rule, they deliver orders by post or courier.

The most popular myths

MYTH 1: “Online pharmacy is unreliable”

Most people consider online pharmacies to be unreliable. The reason lies in the impossibility to check the medication, its package and expiration date in the process of ordering. That is why buyers are sceptic and think that there is a major risk to get low quality product. However, in most cases these fears are idle. The matter is that to start their business online pharmacies should obtain a license which is similar to that obtained by the regular drug store. In other words, if the online pharmacy has a license there is no risk of buying low quality medical drugs. That’s why every person can buy medicines in the online pharmacy without fear if the pharmacy has the corresponding license. Moreover, online pharmacies provide the possibility to choose the most appropriate payment method and work 24 hours. So, you can order the drugs at the time suitable for you. You don’t have to be in a hurry and to deal with ordering the required drugs during your working time or when you are busy at home. You can order goods when everything is done and you have free time to study the information about the needed drugs, to make the order, to choose the delivery method and to pay for it.

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MYTH 2: “It is impossible to buy all the necessary drugs in the online pharmacy”

That’s not true. Most online pharmacies have wider range of medical drugs as they can invest in larger warehouse facilities instead of renting shopping space and hiring retail pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. It’s much easier to buy all the necessary drugs in the online pharmacy rather that in regular store. Especially it refers to the expensive and rare drugs. Small drug stores serving nearby customers cannot afford keeping large quantity of expensive or rare drugs in stock due to their low sales volumes. Usually they offer only popular and affordable drugs required by the community. At the same time the online pharmacy with substantially larger sales volumes can afford keeping such drugs in stock. In most cases it is much easier and faster to order medications online. So, online pharmacy saves your time you would spend searching for the needed medicine in the regular stores.

MYTH 3: “It takes quite a long time to get the order from the online pharmacy”

Maybe at the very beginning it was like that. However, at the present moment online pharmacies (especially big ones) try to become closer to their customers and practice different ways of delivery in order to make the delivery period as short as possible. Most online pharmacies provide day-and-night delivery service. So, when the customer should urgently take aspirin, for example, and does not have it at home he can order it online with the urgent delivery. It is very convenient when the customer feels bad or doesn’t have the possibility to go out and buy it by himself.

MYTH 4: “Medications are more expensive in online pharmacies”

Due to less expenses and larger sales volumes online pharmacies can offer medical drugs much cheaper than regular drug stores do. Besides, strong competition forces online pharmacies to attract their customers with different bonuses, sales promotions and discounts. As a result, customers can save significant amount of money while ordering medications in online pharmaceutical shops.

MYTH 5: “It is difficult to find the necessary medicine; nobody can help”

Modern online pharmacies have user-friendly interface and well-structured catalogues. The search option at online pharmacy is easy and convenient. All the medical drugs are sorted by categories and groups depending upon their medical application. The visitor of the online pharmacy has the possibility to compare several products and choose the proper one with just several clicks. Moreover, modern online pharmacies provide complete guides about the medical drugs they offer as well as additional information concerning diseases and possible treatment methods. Thus, customers can find any information they need about the given drug at the website of the online pharmacy. If the customer still has some questions regarding the required product he can apply to the online customer support service and obtain the comprehensive consultation.

The last, but not the least factor that makes customers apply to the online pharmacy is privacy. Some medical cases are very intimate. For example, if people are looking for the remedies treating sexual dysfunctions they usually don’t want to reveal their problem in front of other people. If the person orders such drugs online he can be sure of the complete confidentiality. So, online pharmacy helps solve the health problem and improve people’s health state.

To this end, we see that most myths about online pharmacies have turned to be their advantages. The ordering of medication drugs in online pharmaceutical services is very simple, convenient and cost effective.