Viagra’s Role in Treating Heart Defects

Of all the vital organs, none are paid as much attention as the heart. We think of our heart as an engine of sorts, keeping our body running strong and representing our feelings and emotional core, even though biologically, this role is carried out by the brain. Everyone knows that we wouldn’t be able to live without a heart, and this makes cardio health one of the top priorities in medicine. While we have a very thorough understanding of how this organ works and how to treat most of its ailments, there are still some forms of treatment that have the potential to improve. Canadian Viagra's Role in Treating Heart Defects

This point has been made clear in a recent study by researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which determined that Viagra can have a positive influence on the health of children with single-ventricle heart defects. This category of defects encompasses a number of conditions that affect one of the lower chambers of the heart. The most common defects of this category include hypoplastic left heart syndrome, tricuspid atresia, and pulmonary atresia. These are all serious conditions that are treated as early as childhood and require active care even after a Fontan operation (for single-ventricle defects) is carried out.

The study conducted by the aforementioned researchers incorporated 27 test patients under the age of 18 who had undergone operations for some of the heart defects mentioned above and opted to test the Canadian Viagra drug’s effect on their health. This drug was chosen due to its efficiency in treating pulmonary hypertension and theorized beneficial influence on heart activity. In the first stage of the study, children who had undergone the Fontan operation in their early childhood were singled out and recruited.

The average age of patients was 15, and the whole group was divided into two subgroups. In the second stage, one subgroup was administered 20 mg doses of Sildenafil Citrate Canada (Viagra) for six weeks, while the second subgroup received placebos or no drugs for the same period. In the third stage, (which started after six weeks were through), the two subgroups alternated to the other’s routine for another six weeks. This kind of comprehensive testing allowed researchers to monitor the drug’ effect on the heart and compare it with the heart’s state with placebo use or no drugs at all. In the end, researchers determined that patients who had taken Sildenafil experienced significant improvements in myocardial performance, diastolic performance, and heart output.

To the uninformed reader, the results of this study might not mean more than a vague link to some disease that they’ll never have, but the results of this study are significant to the medical community in several different ways. First of all, such research is very important to those patients who’ve undergone Fontan surgery. This includes thousands of kids, young adults, and adults, many of whom are forced to lead a cautious and complicated lifestyle due to their health history.

While it did not provide a miracle cure to those suffering from such ailments, this study gave them new hope and opened the door for future research and development of an application for this knowledge. Another thing the Philadelphia study achieved was proving that Viagra has many health benefits beyond the indications listed on its product packaging. With the right motivation, these benefits can also be established and applied at some time in the future. Until that time comes, adults taking Viagra in all of its forms (even generic Viagra) can remember that they are probably experiencing the same boosts to heart performance as that which the many young participants of the study were ecstatic to experience.