Zithromax (Azithromycin): Powerful Antibiotics or Waste of Money?

Our life is impossible without communication or interaction with other people and outer world. That is why our health is always in danger. We can catch a cold or get some infection that can make us feel bad. We can lose our strength, feel exhausted or even realize that we cannot do some tasks because of lack of wish caused by the illness. Generally the source of all health problems is a dangerous bacterial infection that invisibly penetrates into our bodies and provokes a disease. When people notice some disorders, they begin to look for the pills, usually antibiotics, that can rescue them and make the problem go away. What antibiotics do you usually buy? Where do you buy them?

Which of them are harmful for your health and which not? We asked people to answer those questions. It gave us a possibility to come to a conclusion that one of the most popular and required drugs are Zithromax. Why? They are considered to be very effective and strong that doesn’t allow the infection to spread in the organism. If you are interested in the drugs and want to learn more about them, you should read about them in our article.

Zithromax: What Kind of Antibiotic is that?


It is very important to know that not each antibiotic can solve any health problems connected with any type of infection. Zithromax is one of them. It can struggle only with bacteria that cause the infection. In does not cure the virus infection. So, first of all, you are to find out what type of infection you have. If it is bacterial, then Zithromax is for you and if not, then it is not recommended to take these drugs. The right diagnosis is the beginning of correct medication. If you misuse the drugs, they will harm your organism and bring new health problems.

What does Zithromax Consist of?

Zithromax main component is azithromycin that has developed from erythromycin. This drug also includes cellulose, starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, triacetin, titanium dioxide. It is very important to know the components of the drugs you are going to use because your organism may be allergic to some or even all of them. If you notice some disorders with your health condition, you should stop taking the drugs and consult your doctor. He or she can prescribe some other medicine or minimize the dosage to a safe one.

What Can People Treat with Zithromax?

There are a lot of diseases which Zithromax can treat. First of all, these are the infection of respiratory tracts (lungs, throat, nasopharynx, bronchus, etc.), skin and reproductive tracts caused by bacteria. Zithromax is prescribed to people who suffer from the following diseases:

  • Pharyngitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Erysipelas
  • Pneumonia
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Impetigo
  • Otitis
  • Urethritis
  • Quinsy
  • Scarlet fever
  • Cervicitis

This list is not complete. Only a doctor can decide whether you need these drugs or not.

Zithromax for People with Human Immunodeficiency Virus


Zithromax is also prescribed to people who have human immunodeficiency virus. It stops the accumulation of bacteria (such as chlamydia, streptococcus or hemophilic bacteria) that can infect skin, respiratory tracts and are transmitted by genital tracts. These bacteria can cause an infection that will spoil or even ruin human life.

It’s a well-known fact that we are surrounded by a great number of bacteria. Healthy human organism can normally cope with some of them that can generally prevent the onset of infection. People with immunodeficiency virus are weak and their body cannot protect itself from the infection that usually leads to a lot of complications. One of the most spread problems of people with immunodeficiency virus is minimum alveolar concentration. Zithromax unlike many other antibiotics can help to treat this disease or prevent its appearance. But be aware with it because you are to be sure that you need these particular drugs. Do not start the medication without the doctor’s consultation.

Contraindication to the Zithromax Usage

Not everyone can take Zithromax because of different health conditions. Here is a list of people who should not take these drugs. If you decided to take Zithromax and noticed your problem in the list, you’d better give up that idea and ask your doctor for help.

  • People who have allergy to some of the Zithromax components.
  • People who suffer from kidney problems.
  • People who have some disorders with liver functioning.
  • People who complain of having heart problems (even light arrhythmia can lead to the unwished results in the medication )
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consult a doctor (experts recommend Zithromax only when it is paramount necessity)
  • Children whose weight is less than 45 kilos.

If you began to take Zithromax and noticed your problem in the list, you’d better refuse from taking them and ask your doctor for help. You are also to tell your doctor if take any other medicine because some Zithromax components do not intercourse with some drugs ingredients.

What Types of Zithromax are there?

There are three types of Zithromax: pills, suspension and capsules. You can choose the type which is the most comfortable in use for you. Here are some recommendations on how to take them.

  • If you take suspension, you should dissolve it in two ml of water and drink it. Do not leave it for the next time because its effect won’t be good enough.
  • If you choose capsules, you should know that it will be better to take them after meals. It will be less harmful for your stomach.
  • If you decide to take pills, it will be useful to drink a glass of water while taking them. Liquid won’t let your stomach and digestion system get hurt.

What is the Permitted Dosage?

Your dosage should be decided by your doctor. Zithromax is taken orally. Different diseases require different doses. In the list below you can see the most widely advised doses for the medication of the following health problems:

  • It is recommended to take 500 milligram of Zithromax on the first day and 250 milligram on the others for people who have gotten the infection on their skin or in the respiratory tracts.
  • If you have gotten infection in the urinary tracts caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, you are recommended to take them once and the dose must be 1 gram (generally it is divided into four portions)
  • If you suffer from the urinary tracts infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhea, you are to take 2 grams of Zithromax (which is divided into 8 times usage)
  • If your problem is minimum alveolar concentration then you should take Zithromax twice a week and the dose is going to be 1200 mg (usually is divided into 2 portions)

The dosage is measured by the doctors for people with liver, heart, kidney problems or who are over 50. Only they can regulate it, minimize or maximize, cancel or prescribe. It is also necessary for your doctor to examine you and find out what type of infection you have and whether you have allergy to some of Zithromax components or not.
You can take Zithromax before meals and after, it doesn’t really matter. But if you want to avoid stomach pain, take them not on empty stomach.

Do not Stop Taking Zithromax on your own

Very often people feel better after several days of taking some medicine. They notice some positive changes in their health state and stop taking the drugs. And that is a huge mistake. Human organism requires a certain period of time to cope with the problem. First it shows that the medication gives positive results but the disease is not cured completely. If people stop drug usage, they interrupt the process of recovery and the illness comes back in some time. So follow your doctor’s recommendations to avoid the unwished relapse.

What Should you Know about Side Effects of Zithromax?

Like any other antibiotic, Zithromax also can cause several side effects. What are they?
To get this information, we have interviewed patients who took Zithromax. We have classified the symptoms into the following categories: very frequent, frequent, rare, very rare.

Very Frequent Side Effects:

  1. Stomach upset
  2. Sickness
  3. Stomach pain

Frequent Side Effects:

  1. Constipation
  2. Vaginitis
  3. Vomiting
  4. The change of tongue color

Rare Side Effects:

  1. Hives
  2. Tachycardia
  3. Pancreatitis
  4. Dermatitis
  5. Colitis
  6. Asthenia
  7. Loss of weight

Very rare:

  1. Aggression
  2. Eye problems
  3. Ear problems
  4. Hyperactivity
  5. Anorexia

If you notice any of them, you should call your doctor and tell him or her about them. If you feel unwell, it is required to call the ambulance.

What to do if you Overdose?

Try not to take extra doses. You can overdose. If you overdose, you should immediately call the ambulance. Don’t postpone it trying to rescue yourself on your own. You can make the situation worse letting the medicine penetrate dipper into your organism. Only doctors and nurses can give you professional help and save your live.

Can Other Medicine Contradict Zithromax?

Zithromax badly interacts with the medicines that contain magnesium or aluminum. It is not to be taken with the blood thinners, drugs or vitamins for immune system. Before you decide to take some medicine, read the ingredients attentively and thoroughly. In this way you will avoid the unwanted health problems.

For How Long does Zithromax Remain in the Human Body?

If you need to take some contradicting drugs but you are not sure if Zithromax is still in your body, you are to know the length of time during which Zithromax is remaining in the organism. Azithromycin leaves the body in two stages. First stage -14-20 hours in 8 or 24 hours you took the last dose. The second stage is 41 hours – in 24 or 72 hours you took the last portion. That’s why you are to be aware that you should not take drugs that contain the unwished components during 3 days after the last dose of Zithromax.

Do Other Patients Recommend Zithromax?

90% of the interviewed patients said that Zithromax is worth taking. It helped them solve their health problems. Only some of them had light headache while taking it. Other 10% had more serious side effects and didn’t advise to take these drugs. But all people agreed that it is better first to consult a doctor and then to take Zithromax.

Article by My Canadian Pharmacy Team: www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com