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What is Nasonex?

What is Nasonex

Nasonex is a medication aimed at treating nasal infections and disorders. It has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The major therapeutic applications include:

  • Treatment of allergic rhinitis (both seasonal and year-round) in adults and children of 2 years and more,
  • Acute and chronic sinusitis in adults (including elderly patients) and teenagers of 12 and more,
  • Acute rhinosinusitis with light and medium symptoms as well as prevention of seasonal allergic rhinitis in adults and children over 12 years old
  • Treatment of nasal polyposis in adults over 18.

Nasonex’s active ingredient is Mometasone Furoat that refers to the group of glucocorticoids. Nasonex is available as nasal spray in the form of white suspension. The recommended dose of the medication depends upon the health condition of the patient as well as the type of disease he suffers.

TOP 10 Questions about Nasonex

Is Nasonex effective?

Yes. Glucocorticoids are quite effective medical drugs that are used for the treatment of various infections. Moreover, it is quite safe as it is characterized by low bioaccessibility so the risk of the overdosing and heavy consequences is very low.

Is Nasonex sold without prescription?

No, Nasonex is sold by prescription. You should also contact the doctor for the medical consultations.

Does Nasonex have any side effects?

Despite the safety of the medication its producers warn patients about the possible side effects. Among all the possible consequences one can name nasal bleeding as the most common. The patient may also experience pharyngitis, itching in the nose, and mucous membrane irritation. As a rule, nasal bleeding is not very heavy and stops by itself. Children taking Nasonex may suffer from headaches, nasal bleeding as well and sneezing.

Are the contraindications serious?

If you are sensitive to any of the medication components, you are not recommended using the spray. Moreover, people with active or latent tuberculosis infection or other under treated local infections in nasopharynx as well as bacterial, viral or mycotic infections should not start treating with Nosonex. People with nasal injures should wait until they completely recover as Nasonex is not prescribed if there are any damages in the nasopharynx.

Can lactating women use Nasonex?

As any other glucocorticoid Nasonex should be prescribed for pregnant and lactating women with care and only in case if the health benefit for a mother exceeds the threat for a baby.

Can Nasonex be co-administered with other drugs?

There are no strict limitation as far as the Nasonex co-administration with other drugs is concerned. In any case, one should consult the doctor first.

What are the symptoms of overdosing?

The overdosing is possible in case of long-term treatment with Nasonex and other glucocorticoids reveals through the suprarenal system depression. Due to the low bioaccessibility of the medication special measure are unlikely to be taken. The patient’s health state should be controlled and the drug intake should be re-started after patient’s condition improves.

Can Nasonex be used for more than two months?

The proper duration of the therapy should be determined by the health care professional.

How should Nasonex be stored?

The medication should be stored in dry place at the temperature of 2 – 25 C. It should not be frozen. The storage period should not exceed two years.

Where can I buy Nasonex?

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