Why Choose My Canadian Pharmacy

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You can get fill most of your prescriptions today easier than you fill your water glass. A few clicks and you are done. We may be one of a great many e-tailers offering mail-order services for drugs; but we are anything but yet another online drugstore. Experience the excellence of shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy, and you will learn why we are consistently referred to as the industry’s bellwether. Here is how we are different from analogous services:

Genuinely Canadian Take On Quality

If the word ’Canadian’ is synonymous with anything other than hockey and maple syrup, it is a great quality of everything produced or endorsed here. In this relation, Canadian Pharmacy is not an exception.

The in-house pharmacy personnel double-check every item on our formulary, tracing them back to manufacturer. In this way we can always sieve through subpar suppliers delivering poor quality products. What you are then landed with is nothing but crème de la crème of the entire Web’s offers. The quailty that is backed up by dozens of customers, daily. If shoppers keep on flocking to our platfrom to place new orders for refills, then we must be doing some right choices.


At the same time, we at My Canadian Pharmacy are of a firm opinion that quality should be accessible. This premise translates primarily into affordable prices quoted for the items on our offer list, but not only. We take frugal to the next level with scores of discounts, bonus programs and loyalty perks that help you minimize expenditures for healthcare programs all year round.

The general principles of price formation at our drugstores are based on skipping all sorts of markups, overhead expenses and service charges that plague price tags at a multitude of other actual and virtual pharmacies. Thanks to an originally designed system of supplier-to-consumer delivery, we manage to consistently come up with the most competitive prices among peer services. And trust us, it is very relieving for both your budget and your shopper’s instincts to top an honest price made up by not much more than production cost and delivery fees.


Since it is healthcare products we deal with, safety plays a key role in our work. As may be expected, the safety of products themselves is our number one priority. However, we adhere to following safety protocols in every aspect of our work. Thus, you sensitive information is safe with us. We guarantee the highest possible level of protection of your personal data and health information.

Brick-and-mortar pharmacies cannot offer any customer confidentiality by definition, so opting for an online resource is comprehensibly associated with anonymity. This expectation, unfortunately, is much more challenging to meet: virtually stored data can be as fragile as the information you share with your local druggist in presence of other shoppers. It takes a professional team of IT specialists to work out and implement a high-fidelity protection algorithm that would safeguard every detail you share with a provider of virtual services. And this is exactly what we have for the ultimate protection of our customers.

Safety of storage and pharmacy product shipping is the next concern on our list. With the industry’s exacting standards to be met, My Canadian Pharmacy performs brilliantly in matters concerning the handling of drugs. You can rely on your meds arriving to you fresh from the oven, in packages that are handled with as much care as is humanly possible.

We Are Acclaimed Experts In ED Drugs

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The focus of My Canadian Pharmacy is drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED). Costly and barely accessible elsewhere, they sport attractive price tags at our platform. But the truly maginficent thing about dealing with the savoir-faire of the niche is that we have a ready custom-made tool for any specific need. The possibilities to avail from our services are only limited by your eagerness to find the right solutions.

Unlike elsewhere, your choice with My Canadian Pharmacy does not zero in on the classical Viagra and its two analogs from the family of PDE5 inhibitors. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra pills available through our resource all come in form of brand drugs and generics; besides, generics forms offer unique possibilities of tweaking your ED therapy according to individual needs. Such top-selling combo treatments as Viagra Super Force, Malegra, and other men’s health pills addressing two or more sexual issues are Canadian Pharmacy’s signature products.

An Expansive Range Of Other Healthcare Products

The true utility of having access to a diversified offer of drugs dawns on custmers when they realize that stocking up on several items with just one order will pay off with free shipping, bulk discount and more perks along the way. The more room for maneuver comes with the scope of products offered at a pharmacy of your choice, the more possibilities for saving you get.

Yet another upside to having access to a broadly varied formulary is the trivial practicality. It is as convenient as it is time-saving to fill all of you and your family’s prescriptions at one place. Not convinced? Try keeping track of a handful of e-drugstores, all with their own login details and shopping history. And then come back for an all-inclusive, easily trackable intuitive shopping done from our platform.

Bonuses And Special Offers On Canadian Pharmacy Drugs

In addition to low prices, we bring into the bargain discounts, promotions, codes, bonuses and other lagniappes that will make you gasp for air. This is a true avalanche of loyalty perks that are designed, and we admit that freely, to make you addicted to our services. We are certain that you will excuse us for this habit-forming effect when you discocer just how much money can be saved with the goodness and freebies coming your way from our website daily.

Like for instance, you are entitled to get four free pills of Viagra or Cialis with every order you place through our platform. As often as not, on our home page you will find a discount code generated for unregistered users – redeem it as you see fit, for any products we refer to on our pages. If you are a registered subsriber and a returned customer, your chances for extra svaings grow exponentially. Follow sales and special offer alerts in our newsletters. Great news for those ready to spend $400 and above on a major shopping spree: contact us via email referring to the positions you plan on sending to your shopping cart, and you will not walk away without at least 30% off your bulk order.

Complimentary Services Like Free Medical Consulting Online

And when you start thinking that pharmacy shopping doesn’t get much better, it actually does. How about your health condition being provisionally assessed by a licensed healthcare provider? You will have this service wrapped up and thrown into bargain for you as you experience My Canadian Pharmacy excellence of customer care.

As for the rest of mundane services as order collecting, confirming, dispatching and shipping, alongside with customer support, they are all dispensed with proficiency by staff members who are as trained as they are wired to please.

In addition to the above, you are bound to find the following aspects of our platform efficient:

  • Prompt and expertly given advice on any health-related matter;
  • Fair prices for generics that reflect their high quality – beware counterfeits offered at tempting prices!
  • Current news from the world of medicine and pharmacology;
  • Exhaustive drug reviews and more.

Are you ready to be taken exceptional care of? You owe your health this luxury, so look you have every reason to look no further than My Canadian Pharmacy!