Novosil Oral Strips: Definition, Application,  Contraindications and Side Effects, Food And Drug Interactions, Storage Requirements, List of Ingredients

Novosil - Viagra Oral Strips
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Novosil Definition

Novosil is a market novelty among the remedies for erectile dysfunction. This medicine is represented in the form of stripes which are dissolved under the tongue. The pastilles are rather thin, and it takes them 1-2 minutes to get completely dissolved in mouth cavity. Novosil’s active substance, sildenafil gets instantly absorbed in blood microcirculatory vessels’ walls located in mouth cavity. This accelerates the medicine’s action. Novosil shouldn’t be swallowed and drunk with water. A package includes seven pastilles with various fruit flavors. Each of them contains 50mg of sildenafil. Try this excellent specialty right away to take pleasure of its savory taste and strong action.

Novosil is issued in the form of stripes for peroral usage. Before taking the medication, examine the instruction thoroughly. It contains very important information. Novosil’s active substance is sildenafil which is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. ED implies the condition of organism which prevents a man from achieving or preserving erection sufficient for fully-realized sexual intercourse performance.


Novosil Application

Always take Novosil after consultation by the specialist. Minimal daily dosage is 50mg of sildenafil. Pastilles are used not oftener than once per day one hour before the expected sexual intercourse. Novosil stripe may not be drunk with water. Sildenafil will take action only along with sexual stimulation. The effect occurrence rate may vary according to physiology of different men. Usually erection appears in 1/2 hour after the intake. In case a medicine was used along with the fat food, the effect may appear a little bit later.

If Novosil doesn’t help or erection lasts less than expected, consult your attending doctor. Anyway, it is not allowed taking more dispersible pastilles then was prescribed by a specialist. If you surpassed an appointed dosage, seek immediate medical attendance.

Regular Use of Novosil

The correct intake of Novosil is safe and positive for genital system. The medication relaxes penis muscular tissues and enhances microcirculation of blood inside it resulting in a steady, long-lasting and natural erection. Sildenafil inhibits action of PDE5 responsible for ejaculation process resulting in prolongation of sexual intercourse several-fold. The regular usage of Novosil promotes to increase of testosterone concentration, normalization of endocrine profile, enhanced production of seminal fluid and elongation of Novosil’s effect.

Novosil Counter-Indications

It is prohibited to take Novosil along with nitrate-containing agents. This combination may cause dangerous arterial blood pressure drop. During consultation by a specialist, a patient must tell that he takes similar drugs (they are often prescribed for cardiac angina relief or stethalgia).

Also, a patient has to refuse Novosil in the following cases:

  • If a patient takes nitrogen oxide donors, such as amyl nitrite, since the combination with them may cause a dangerous blood pressure drop;
  • In case a patient is allergic to sildenafil or other components of Novosil;
  • If a patient has severe cardiac or hepatic disorders;
  • In case of decreased blood pressure;
  • Presence of heart or apoplectic attack in medical history;
  • Hereditary eye disorders, such as pigmented retinitis;

In case a patient underwent loss of eyesight due to ischemic optic neuropathy.

Novosil Alcohol and Food Interaction

Novosil in combination with alcohol


If chemistry is taken into account, sildenafil doesn’t interact with strong alcoholic drinks. Anyways, these tests have shown that simultaneous intake of sildenafil with alcohol is undesirable for potency, since ethanol has adverse

influence on sexual health. But one interesting detail should be mentioned. This is about alcohol which is harmful for erectile function, but not its combination with Novosil. Also, it slows down the absorption time of selective inhibitor. Therefore, the pastilles should be taken apart from the alcoholic beverages. It is explained by the fact that ethanol by its nature influences adversely central nervous system in whole and sexual drive in particular. It turns out that a man using Novosil to take pleasure of sex and enhance potency, drinks wine which weakens sexual desire. So, this does not make sense at all. Sudden enhancement of libido and its abrupt weakening are undesirable for organism. Thus, use of alcohol may temporary decrease capacity of erection achievement. Therefore, it is not recommended to misuse alcohol in combined intake with Novosil. Nevertheless, one glass of wine with Novosil won’t hurt.

Novosil interaction with food

Novosil is recommended to be taken both on the fasted state and during meal acceptance. Anyway, you may discover that after the combined intake medication’s action comes later. According to research studies, fat food decreases sildenafil action by 25-30 %. In case, a patient takes a tableted form, the absorption is slower. But with Novosil pastilles it is much easier. The stripes differ from the original analogue by the form of intake. Novosil should not be swallowed but placed on the tongue and dissolved. So, the active substance gets in blood faster.

Novosil and grapefruit juice

A clinical trial demonstrated that simultaneous intake of grapefruit with Novosil increased the absorption of the drug by 23%. This significant increase of the dose poses the risk for male health. Your doctor has prescribed the most optimal dosage for your situation, and the excess of it may be extremely dangerous. Moreover, grapefruit may influence other medicines taken by you at the same time causing non-advisory drug interactions.

Novosil Instruction

It is highly important not to take pastilles with damp hands!

  1. Take a bag with your hands. Find the image of arrow on the shorter part of it. The bag is sealed non-watertight.
  2. Grab the edges of bag sides with fingers where the arrow is depicted.
  3. Pull the both parts of the bag in every direction carefully. You will find a Novosil pastille inside.
  4. Put the pastille on your tongue and keep it there until it dissolves completely.

Possible Side-Effects

Like other medical agents, Novosil stripes may sometimes cause side-effects.

They are usually manifested in moderate degree and disappear within the short period of time. In case you feel a chest pain during sexual intercourse, you should do the following:

  • Take beach chair position and try to relax.
  • Do not use anesthetic nitrate-containing medicines.
  • Seek immediate medical attendance.

All medicines containing sildenafil may cause allergy.

A patient is required to visit a doctor if at least one of the following symptoms occur:

  • Sudden respiratory affection;
  • Vertigo.;
  • Edema of eyelids, face, lips or throat.
  • Long-term erection (sometimes painful) lasting more than four hours. This case requires obtaining medical attention without delay.
  • If after Novosil intake you experienced temporary vision impairment or eyesight loss, stop using sildenafil and consult a specialist.

Among side-effects the most common condition (around 1 case out of 10) is a headache. Besides, the manifestations (less than 1 case out of 10) represented by blushing, dyspepsia, vision impairment (including change in color rendering, luminous sensitivity, blurring, decrement in acuity), stuffiness in nose are also quite frequent. In far more infrequent occurrences (not more than 1 case out of 100) there may happen vomit, rash, reddening of vessels along the edges of eyes, red eyes, pain in eyes, discomfort in eyes, lacrimation, irregular or rapid heart palpitation, muscular aches, tactility impairments, vertigo, singing in the ears, dryness of the mouth, penis bleeding sickness, blood in semen, chest pains, lack of energy. In very rare cases (not more than 1 case out of 1000) boost of blood pressure, syncope, heart or apoplectic attacks, nose bleeding or hearing loss may be observed.

In case a man has cardiac issues due to which it is counter-indicative to have sexual intercourse, he may experience the following side-effects: arrhythmia, chest pains, sudden death or temporary stop of cerebral blood supply. In case you discovered the aforementioned symptoms of side-effects, seek immediate medical attendance.

Novosil Exposure during Pregnancy and Lactation

Novosil is not to be taken by women.

Driving and Machine Control

The active substance of Novosil may cause vertigo and temporary eyesight impairment. Therefore, make sure you do not have the side-effects listed below before driving and machine control.

Novosil Storage Requirements

Keep out of reach of children in original package. Special storage conditions for Novosil are not required. Do not use upon expiration period indicated on the package.

Full List of Ingredients

Active substance: sildenafil citrate in quantity of 50mg in each pastille.

Auxiliary agents: pullulan, methylhydroxypropylcellulose, sucralose, flavor additives.

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