Everyone likes getting small presents. One does not have to have any special occasions to dote on someone special in their lives. At least this is the opinion that we firmly hold onto here at My Canadian Pharmacy. This is the philosophy behind our direct-to-customer discounts that we distribute through the series of coupons.

Discount drugs: coupons are universal savings tools

These ingenious, simple and unassuming savings tool has the following virtues:

  • It is easy for us to dispatch
  • It is easy for you to pick up
  • It is easy for everyone to redeem

There is a variety of ways in which we bring down the prices for the drugs we offer, and keep them that way. But it is a reassuring feeling to know that even if you are shopping at a pharmacy store with consistently democratic pricing policy, you are entitled for a little extra every now and then as a token of our gratitude for you for choosing us as your trusted supplier of healthcare products.

Here is where you can find your discount code:

  • At the upper right corner of our home page – it is there on most days of the year!
  • A few paragraphs further, down on this page
  • In your inbox with bespoke delivery, if you are subscribed to our newsletters

How to redeem your coupon code

Redeeming your coupon code to enjoy a special price for our very special products is a piece of cake.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Copy the code itself to your clipboard
  2. Browse the My Canadian Pharmacy website and add the items that are on your shopping list
  3. Go to check out page and fill in the required fields
  4. In the Discount Coupon field, paste your code combination
  5. Enjoy the 10% off your purchase!



Value-based care: a holistic approach to customers’ health

It might sound far-fetched, but by offering multiple ways of saving money on healthcare shopping we actually take care of our customers’ health. According to the recent researches, and guided by the commonsense logic, one cannot overlook the general health of a person and consider only fractions of their wellbeing. We at our pharmacy practice a thoroughly holistic approach, taking into account every concern shared by our shoppers. The majority of millenials face challenges that are related to social and financial health; they also have concerns for their mental health, as, according to the survey carried out by CVS health program, 42% of respondents aged between 20 and 40 were affected by mental illness or had it in the family.

My Canadian Pharmacy sets out to address the points of insecurity and apply all of its expertise to provide our customers with the feeling of safety that helps them to build social, financial and, as the result, overall health as the long-term goal of being our customer.

Other ways to save money with cheaper drugs from Canada

We invite you to make use of every savings tool that our e-store has to offer.

Besides discount coupons, this is what they are:

  • Bonus pills. The blockbuster drugs Generic Viagra or Cialis times four, included into each and every package that you buy. This allows you not only to save on four tablets of your favorite drugs of excellent quality, but also to try a new medication in case you have never taken an alternative pill before.
  • Sales alerts. You can receive notifications about seasonal sales, final sales, giveaways, special offers, promotions and so much more as you become a registered subscriber to our newsletters. Only relevant information that can interest you as our customer.
  • Bigger packs. Bulkier purchases always translate into lower per-item price. You will enjoy paying less and having a bigger stock of tablets, skipping a few refills during the month, too, if you order a bigger pack. A win all around!
  • Order for $150,00 and upwards, qualify for a free shipping! You will end up facing smaller pharmacy shopping bills if you accumulate your orders, or shop for the entire family, or possibly shop for you and your friends, thus nullifying the cost of delivery.
  • Order $200,00 and upwards, and qualify for shipping insurance. We will reship your order for free in case anything unforeseen happens to it on its way to you.