Who we are and what we do

About Us: My Canadian Pharmacy Review

Our overly digital lives have us doing lots of stuff in cyberspace, and shopping has become one of them. Most habitually (and most conveniently!) we can source just about anything we need from an e-tailer. When it comes to drugs though, quality should be undisputable. This is why hundreds of customers choose My Canadian Pharmacy brand daily to offer supply for their needs in high standard drugs online. Below, we will proudly present our pharmacy in a few theme-organized passages. Please, get to know us better in order to see, or better yet, to try for yourself what is it in our company’s philosophy that makes us so demandable.

My Canadian Pharmacy is regularly billed as industry’s most reliable e-tailer thanks to high standards we set for the quality of our products and services (you can read more on this here).

Who we are and what we do at My Canadian Pharmacy

Our drugstore is an e-commerce player that you can depend on, because we carefully choose manufacturers with the best possible quality standards for drugs production. The idea behind our brand is though to make demanded pharmaceuticals available to broader public. The prices that we quote are as low as they can possibly get; there is no mark-up or hidden cost, and our logistics work in a way that make prices literally sink.

Who we are

There is a number of services that we distribute alongside with our products – all for you to enjoy an all-inclusive shopping routine. Such services as free online doctor chat, automatic refills, payment security and protection of your confidentiality increase the intensity of customer satisfaction and save time, as well as money.

My Canadian Pharmacy ranks high in Top 10 and Top 20 best online pharmacies in Canada lists, all for substantial reasons. Customers choose us because our services are tried and true, and our drugs’ quality matches that of the original medicines to the fullest. Fast shipping, high ethics of business, bonuses and discounts add considerably to this value.

Top 5 reasons to choose My Canadian Pharmacy

Our analysts regularly study the phenomenon of our success in order to assess our strong sides and things that can be improved; this is our way to keep our place at the top, providing still better quality of products and services. As one of the results of such researches we invariably public polling answers to the question of what are customers’ reasons for choosing us. So far, the answers remain as follows – with little variations over the years, but well within these lines:

Reason #1. Reliability of quality. As has been mentioned above, we care for the quality of the drugs that we ship to you more than for anything else, since it is the authenticity, efficacy and safety of our drugs that ultimately make you healthier.

Reason #2. Affordability. The prices of generic medicines (that make up the backbone of our offer list) are as low as they come, and even lower for returned customers. We have an elaborate system of making pharmaceuticals available to people of various financial means.

Reason #3. Security and confidentiality. Confidentiality of health information is a right that every citizen has, but it is not always respected – and least of all at pharmacy chains. My Canadian Pharmacy provides its customers with completely anonymous services and ultimate data protection.

Reason #4. Discounts, coupons and bonuses. At our drugstore we take the notion of spoiling to a new level. You will feel it the moment you place your very first order: free pills to go with every purchase, free shipping and free shipping insurance for orders above $150 and $200, respectively. And that’s not nearly all!

Reason #5. Precision of services. We always process and deliver your orders on time, provide online consultations by licensed medical specialists, and perform small but substantial tasks smoothly for you to experience an ultimately laid-back and trouble-free pharmacy shopping.

How we can help you live a healthier life – for less money

If you are facing dire dilemmas while making a choice between quality and price, this is a place where you can leave them behind. Cost savings offered at My Canadian Pharmacy do not in any way infringe the high standards of quality that we have for our products. But this is not the end of the story: we have some vital insider tips for those who are in for frugal living. Bear with us!

        • The more you order, the more you save. This is a known rule of the sum which acquires some additional meaning when you shop at Canadian Pharmacy. Money you spend works for you in a roundabout way, adding to your bonuses as a returned customer. Besides that, per-item price becomes much lower when you order in bulk
        • There is a way to totally skip the shipping fee, did you know? Accumulate the order that will cash for more than $150, and you are all set! Spend $200 on a single order, and it will be accompanied by a free shipping insurance that will qualify you for a reshipping or a reimburse in case the order goes lost or damaged during shipping.
        • Subscribe to our newsletters; in this way you will be the first to know about discounts and bonuses, and you will receive your paperless coupon codes directly to your email. You will also enjoy first-hand access to limited time offers on first come, first served principle.

Get to know our personnel

The people that work for My Canadian Pharmacy are the main reason for our success. It is them who make it all happen, from sourcing the medicines at the Provision Department to dispatching them to you. Our pharmacy technicians are all licensed and trained at Atlanta College, Central Arizona College, Robert Morris University Illinois, West Virginia University at Parkersburg and other internationally famous schools for pharmacy technicians and drugstore personnel.

Protection of your personal data and banking information is yet another service that is only entrusted to qualified specialists at My Canadian Pharmacy. Our staff members will make sure that your name, street address, telephone number and credit card information stay undisclosed, and in case you discontinue being our customer, removed from our database after one year.

Order processing and packaging is carried out by our Order Dispatching Department. Our employees there will make sure that your order is securely and discreetly packed and shipped within the shortest timeframe. If something goes wrong with your delivery, they will identify the error and make up for it on the spot.

Our customer support representatives are personnel members trained to expertly offer help at every shopping stage, as well as provide post-purchase maintenance. In case you have questions concerning your past and future orders, it is our CS reps that will take those from you and guide you in an assistive but unobtrusive manner.

Security and privacy principles

Our pharmacy operates according to the standards of safety and security of personal information. Below you will find the principles, according to which we handle the confidential data you share with us.

Security and privacy principles

The principle of security. Our drugstore uses encryption technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt personal information, address and credit card number. With SSL, information can be safe on the Internet, and no unauthorized person can intercept and read the information.

The principle of informed consent. In connection with your registration and / or order, we will ask for your informed consent to use the personal data you share with us for purposes of order processing and delivery. The pharmacy will store and use your data in the drugstore’s operations to complete and provide the service that you can expect from us. The information you provide will be used for payment and delivery.

The principle of limited purposes and non-disclosure. Our drugstore will not use your personal information to send you information about the pharmacy, its products and services unless you specifically express your consent to receive such information. We will not use your personal details in order to send you emails containing spam or other unwanted information. The pharmacy will not sell your personal data further or disclose these to unauthorized third parties. You can always unsubscribe from receiving information about My Canadian Pharmacy and products by contacting the drugstore’s customer service.

The principle of accuracy. Out pharmacy is accountable for keeping all of your personal data and credit card information accurate and up-to-date, provided that the information you shared with us corresponds to these standards. We will not lose or alternate the details that you provided while setting up your account with My Canadian Pharmacy.

The principle of transparency. The drugstore will keep you informed about the purposes for which your personal information is collected and stored before asking you to provide it. Your personal data will be retained in our database for a limited period of time, and removed from it in case of your discontinuation of registration with My Canadian Pharmacy.