Introductory note

Dear Customer, welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy website, an online drugstore that is known and trusted internationally! My Canadian Pharmacy is a one-stop-drugstore-shop for every need, but it is much more than that. Our name is firmly associated with the best quality drugs and low prices, the excellence of services and high precision of security tools we use to ensure customers’ safety. Our code of high class working ethics, our enthusiasm to add more value to the shopping with free shipping, discounts and bonus pills and our genuine care for customer’s wellbeing have been proverbial since 2001. We are so very excited to tell us more about the way you can benefit from the services we offer, and tell you about the facts behind our phenomenal popularity that shows no sign of waning.

My Canadian Pharmacy Summed Up

Our drugstore was designed with the idea of meeting every customer need left unmet by the industry. We started back in the early aughts, and although the pharmacy world has moved on since that time, few things have really changed in a meaningful way: qualitatively, quantatively, economically and in the sphere of shopper security and services available for e-customers. All of the above determines the indispensible value of the work that we do and the change to the better that we embody.

Everywhere around the world, drugstore shoppers look for the same values: reliable quality, low cost, innovative range of products that reflects the progress made my medical and pharmacological science daily. Those are the basic demands, they are more than fair. Are they met in the modern world of pharmaceutical industry? Not quite. And while the third need, which is availability of the most recent developments in the field of pharmaceutical science, is more or less there, the combination of the first two, a good quality that equals a good price, is still very hard to come by. And this is how we are different: we make it happen, being the ultimate crossroads of better and cheaper. How do we manage to achieve this Holy Grail combo? Read on to discover the tools, methods and unique techniques of our own invention that help us make it real!

How You Win Choosing Mycanadianpharmacyrx

The Internet nowadays abounds in alluring offers for cheap drugs, generic drugs, mail-order drugs, prescription drugs without prescription, and the list grows longer with every passing day. Does it become any better for that? Hardly. First of all, each separately taken drugstore is not always what it claims to be. It takes certain experience in online shopping to be able to tell a rogue pharmacy from a trustworthy one. And even seasoned online shoppers can sometimes be gulled into mail-ordering drugs of doubtful quality.

The qualitatively new approach of our company is that we instill and live up to the reputation of a reliable, scrupulous and affordable online drugstore for customers around the world. It is true that trusting your provider of goods is important regardless of the nature of items purchased, but one cannot argue that this importance gains acute topicality when you are clicking home healthcare products. Years of experience on the market that entail choosing the best drugs by manufacturers ready to quote lower prices, finding logistic solutions to bring them still lower.

In the light of the above, we would like to sum up how you benefit as a customer of our e-pharmacy:

  • Feeling certain about proven quality of drugs and healthcare products
  • Enjoying much lower prices – as compared to both walk-in and other e-drugstores
  • Having first-row access to hottest deals on Viagra and other popular meds
  • Receiving discount coupons directly to your mail after subscribing
  • Benefitting from individually generated discount coupons
  • Feeling secured with our ultimate payment and personal info protection
  • Enjoying full confidentiality of shopping
  • Having access to systemized health-related information
  • Getting free online health consultations
  • Zero spam tolerance policy: only opt-in subscriptions!
  • Getting 4 bonus pills with every order (more on that later!)
  • Qualifying for free shipping and shipping insurance as of $100 spent

This list is impressive, and still not complete – let us ascertain you that you will find many more ways to benefit from using our services as you go. Some of them are referred to further on down this page, so keep on scrolling and reading!

How Canadian Online Pharmacies Are Different, In A Better Way!

The pharmacies north to the US border are a phenomenon in its own right. It is hardly surprising that online drugstores of Canada have gained so much hysterical popularity among American customers: while the quality of products here is as exquisite as in the US – and sometimes even surpasses it – the prices are fixed by the government institution. That’s right, unusual as it may sound to an American consumer: every drug invented and patented here, as well as every imported drug, is a subject to strict price revision by Canadian healthcare authorities. This keeps the prices here in check, and they can never go below a certain (rather low!) mark.

But this is not all. While in other parts of the world the job of a pharmacist is to sell medications, here pharmacists provide a full range of customer services. Their list of duties includes consultations, reviews, taking care about refills reminders and making sure that the drug is right for the patient by keeping in touch and collecting data about patient’s reactions towards a specific medication. Sounds incredible, but this is exactly what being a customer of a pharmacy based in Canada is about!

Meet Our Team: We Enjoy Being Of Assistance!

The staff rooms of our company are populated by professionals in their trade of all ages and backgrounds. They are united by several common features though: excellent education, exquisite working ethics and passion about augmenting health results in our patients. Our pharmacy technicians, IT specialists, logistics department, call center and customer support all share the philosophy practiced by our managerial team: making health-improving available throughout social strata, globally.

Our company prides itself in creating the atmosphere of friendliness and professional development that help us achieve our goals, grow and become increasingly popular among our customers, old-timers and newcomers alike. We are thankful to the people behind the company’s name who make it all happen day in, day out. And having all of our team members on the list of our own loyal customers speaks volumes about the quality of what we do here and the scrupulousness with which we are doing it!

Cheaper and Better? Generics Make It Possible!

Generic drugs are successor medicines that are essentially the same as the corresponding original medicines. They contain the same active ingredients in the same amount and dosage form, but can differ in terms of excipients and appearance. Generics are offered much cheaper, because the enormous effort for drug development is eliminated. Apart from a few exceptions, it is usually easy to switch from an original preparation to a generic one.

Newly introduced drugs are usually patented. Another company may not copy and distribute these drugs without the manufacturer’s consent. However, this protection expires after a few years. For example, the antidepressant escitalopram (Cipralex) was authorized in 2001 and patent protection was lifted in 2014. The legally granted patent protection is generally 20 years. With a supplementary protection certificate, the patent life can be extended by five years. After all, the patents are not registered at the time of market introduction, but much earlier during drug development, which shortens the effective useful life.

At our pharmacy, we make a point of providing generic versions of as many drugs as possible. Such all-time bestsellers in men’s health section of our site as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra are generically available in dozens of editions that provide much more assorted, impactful and made-to-measure possibilities to restore sexual health. Viagra Professional and Cialis Super Active, Kamagra Oral Jelly and Avanafil are but a few, though vivid, examples of that.

Aggregator For Internet’s Deals, Coupons and Promotions: Discount Drugs Online

The official website of our pharmacy is many things rolled in one: it is a great and constantly renewed source of the most up-t-date healthcare- and medicine-related information, it is a platform for ordering the best drugs online at highly competitive prices, it is a place where you can get free online consultations and get spoiled rotten by generous bonuses and compliments from the house. However, the one thing that makes us a Mecca for shoppers with a budget to consider is the amount of coupons, discount codes, promotion codes and special offers that we provide in a special section of our website dedicated to all things price-cutting.

Basically, you have two options of finding your discount code – by subscribing to the newsletters that we send to you regularly (those contain information about recent news in the world of medicine and healthcare, so you will win by becoming a more knowledgeable patient even before receiving those promotion codes) or by scanning our home page.

It is a more beneficial tactic to become a registered subscriber, since in this way, apart from the already mentioned chosen health-related news that will help you step up your healthcare game, you will receive alerts about the prices that are just too good to be true, and the heavily discounted products whose stocks last for minutes before they land in dozens of shopping carts around the globe. One of those carts will be yours if you are among the chosen insiders who are the first to learn about the best things that happen here.

Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy With Bonuses, Free Shipping and Best Deals

Our drugstore has a full arsenal of tools that bring the price of our products still lower, consistently increasing the value of your purchases. To exemplify that, let us mention that we include four free pills of either Viagra or Cialis as a shopping bonus, and it is up to you to choose whichever you see more fit!

You qualify for free shipping when you order products for $100,00 and above, and with every $50 spent above that sum, your shipping options become better – starting from free insurance and going all the way to VIP delivery method. Now, shipping insurance is something to seriously consider. Even if you do not qualify for one, we strongly recommend that you pay a little less than $5,00 and save on possible returns that could result from the need to have your drug packages damaged during delivery re-shipped to you. We ship at no extra charge to holders of shipping insurance.

We would also like to direct your attention to unique deals from Mycanadianpharmacyrx: combination sets of ED drugs that include two different but equally effective pills. It makes you save a great deal of money, but has a major added value of allowing you to either alternate between the two medications of slightly different qualities or figure out which one works best for you. If you are new to ED pills, you will be thrilled to avail from this offer. We also have combo packages of sexual health pills for both partners – and can you think of a better way to celebrate your love and desire than rediscover your sexuality together!

Our Specialty: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra And Other Men’s Health Drugs

When we started back in 2001, we had no particular focus on any specific group of drugs, since we transgressed smoothly from bricks to clicks, bringing our full repertoire of drugs with us. This large choice of high quality drugs is still there, but over the time we discovered that this sore spot to dedicate most of our professional attention to: men’s health drugs.

Unrightfully considered optional and therefore referred to as ‘lifestyle drugs’, medications for sexual health are almost never included in basic insurance plans, if ever. For that reason, patients are expected to pay from their pocket for erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs like Viagra. Needless to say, that those tablets cost an arm and a leg when bought off a regular pharmacy chain, whether private or state-owned, and getting more or less regular refills for those is a serious challenge for the majority of budgets.

We have worked out a system of locating the best offers from the internet for these specific medications and corralling them at our official website. Our experts make certain that the drug quality is worthy of our pharmacy’s name and reputation before quoting the price for either of the drugs by a specific manufacturer. Therefore, you can rest assured that any ED pill you find here is the best money can buy – and it is never big money riding on the issue, since we mostly distribute high quality generics by reputable suppliers, as described above.

The three long-time hits and absolute bestseller champions, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all belong to the same class of PDE5 inhibitors and share the same principle and mechanism of action. All the three pills are administered orally. They all are supposed to be taken prior to engaging in sexual activity, and help achieve erection in a natural way, which is upon relevant sexual stimulation. Neither of them affects sexual temperament. Either should not be consumed in combination with grapefruit or foods and drinks containing this ingredient. The main difference lies in specific characteristics of their respective active components.

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is the legendary ED drug, the first ever pill invented to treat this condition by oral administration. The drug is supposed to be taken 40 to 60 minutes prior to a planned sexual act. Its effect lasts for 4 hours on average and is reported to have success rate of 82%. Viagra works best taken in a fasted state and is poorly compatible with alcohol.

Cialis (tadalafil) restores erectile ability as of 30th minute into the intake and continues to remain active in the body for the following 36 hours. Cialis efficacy is estimated at 80%. The drug is compatible with any kinds of food and alcohol.

Levitra (vardenafil) is taken 60 minutes before it is needed, and continues to remain efficient during the ensuing 4 hours. Its efficacy is reported to reach 79%. Levitra is known to give minimal side effects, its adverse event profile being the lowest among ED pills available today. It is not compatible with alcohol and works best when taken in a fasted state.

Choosing the right ED pill is a matter that should be best discussed with your prescriber, who will examine you physically and laboratory, making the suggestion. In the majority of cases, you can have your say in choosing the ED therapy, seeing pharmacodynamic similarities between the three existing ED drugs. If you feel challenged and uncertain about your choice, our extensive materials and reviews of all the three of drugs, as well as comparative analysis you can find at our pages, will help you make an informed choice for the best health results.

Remember that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are prescription pills. Do not take any of those without prior consulting a licensed healthcare fractioned. None of the information presented at My Canadian Pharmacy website has the purpose of substituting a visit to a doctor and a professional consultation. Materials on drugs and health conditions we publish have educational nature, even if they contain advice. They are not incentives to action and should not be viewed as such. Make sure that you follow your prescriber’s instructions and the guidelines contained in drug package insert accurately to avoid doing harm to your health and achieve optimal therapeutic results. We are always happy to help you in case you have any questions regarding our products or their effects.

Our Spam Policy

In our company we believe in integrity of personal space. It is always the customer who determines what kind of emails they want to see in their inbox. In this connection, we practice something that we call zero spam tolerance policy. The information you receive from our drugstore is only that you subscribed for in form of newsletters containing information about discounts, promotions and alerts about hot deals of the moment.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of identity theft instances affecting the image of our brand. To avoid being taken advantage of, do not follow any links in emails that you did not give your consent to receiving. Check the website address and the domain from which the email was sent in case the name of our company is used, but you are not a registered subscriber. Forward the information about offense to our Customer Support department and we will check if you are on our mailing list as a result of either a technical error or your failure to opt out from receiving our newsletters. We will promptly fix the problem if it is on our side, but in case it is a spamming activity, we can only advise you to never respond to such letters or follow any links contained therein, mark them as junk and have them filtered by your email service provider.

Actual Customer Reviews For My Canadian Pharmacy

If customers return to our service, month after month, year after year, referring their near and dear to us, then we must be doing something of long-standing value. In this section, we are giving the floor to the most important people in our business: our customers.

Casey, Minneapolis

I would like to express my gratitude to this pharmacy, taking into consideration all the excellent work they have been doing so far. I have used their services since 2014, always getting my drugs on time and never having a reason to complain about their quality.

Sylvester, Oklahoma

My Canadian Pharmacyx is everything they promise to be, and in my book, this is pretty rare about e-commerce players. The pills I get from them cost much less than elsewhere, I get more of them, too, with their bonus program in place, and the quality of both drugs and service is great. Will order from them again and again!

Jerald, Winnipeg

Thank you for Cialis that costs so much less! Ever after I discovered My Canadian Pharmacy, I’ve been mail-ordering his hot stuff exclusively from them, saving what seems to be tons of money on generic version of Cialis. This is the only pill that works for me. Contact me if you have any questions about it, i am prepared to tell you all you need to know about using Cialis!

Dylan Jefferson, Ontario

I had tried more than a dozen of online drugstores before placing my first order here at My Canadian Pharmacy. There seemed to always be shortcomings of some kind, either with the drug quality, shipping or the prices were through the roof. As of recently, I’ve started ordering from Canadian Pharmacy, and everything has been operating smoothly. I am especially happy for the bonuses I get with my orders.

Ted H., Tennessee

This online pharmacy is good, but nothing is perfect. They could use a bit more speed getting back to customer emails. As for the quality to price ratio, it is the best I’ve encountered, so far.

You can find more customer feedback on this page.

My Canadian Pharmacy Advantages

  • Free shiping for every order above 150$

    Is there a way to make your shopping with us still more economical? We never stop amazing you! Whenever you are ready to place a bulkier order, we are there to express our gratitude by shipping your drugs for free! Spend $150,00 and enjoy this added value – and a free shipping insurance, for good measure!

  • Avaliable Coupone Codes

    Another great tool we unapologetically use over and over again in order to further low-ball the cost of high quality medications for you is discount coupons. In order to get your code for a 10% discount, subscribe to our newsletters and find it there as often as not, or check our home page!

  • 24/7 Customer Support Team

    We make a point of running efficient and responsible Customer Support services. Whenever you have any questions regarding your order, or products or services, discounts or promotions, or you have a suggestion or a complaint, we are there for you any time of the day. Drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

  • High Quality Canadian Meds

    The quality of medications available at Canadian Pharmacy has long become proverbial. As often as not, customers use this query to find the best products for their health. The drugs we quote on the pages of our website are all made up by top materials in licensed laboratories, with expiry dates respected to a letter.

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Anton Moran, DetroitI shifted to Viagra Professional nearly three months ago. Genuinely, no difference at all, except my monthly expenses on meds, of course. I’ve already managed to set back a pretty penny that I prefer to spend on some other stuff to impress my wife. Thanks a lot for on time delivery and the most considerate customer support I’ve ever come across.

Anton Moran, Detroit

Norma, Jersey CityI appreciate my privacy most of all and do appreciate your respect for it. Having got my parcel on time (which, in fact, I liked very much because I’m a kind of an order observer) I felt no embarrassment that usually occurred previously whenever I had to buy the meds I needed. Hope these will be potent and effective because I like the price and the services you provide.

Norma, Jersey City

Michal, WarsawI like the way you do business and really glad that there is an opportunity to buy not less quality, safe, and effective medicines at the prices like yours. I like the service you provide and like that you offer bonuses too. Thank you very much!

Michal, Warsaw

Robert, San JoseGot the package on time, just when I needed it. Superb! Meds are quality and effective and cheap what I like too, cause feel a kind of tired of overpaying. Like 4 bonus pills and overall service. Will definitely come back, when need another package.

Robert, San Jose

Rayner, BonnI’m not a newbie at ordering medications from Canadian pharmacies. Unfortunately, there had always been something that made me change the drugstore. I hope that would not happen to between-us-business because over the time I really got tired of shifting and re-shifting. As for my first order, I do have nothing to complain about but only be grateful for.

Rayner, Bonn

Alicia, TorontoMy husband has never felt quite comfortable to discuss the problem and change anything in some kind of routine established during the years of coping with it. That’s why I feel quite relieved that has finally managed to convince him to turn to your pharmacy. I’m really grateful for the medicines which are above praise, total privacy, and a caring customer service.

Alicia, Toronto