ExtenZe vs VigRX: Top Drugs For Male Enhancement

The industry of “male enhancement” – a common euphemism for penis enlargement – is growing ever faster. This growth is owed to the fact that a large percentage of men (up to 50%, according to some data) belive their penises to be a bit on the small side and would like to make them larger. In fact, in most cases this is an illusion: the average size of a penis is just 5.6 inches (less than 15 cm)! Those actors you see in porn films are a real rarity, and for most women the size is not that important (actually, a particularly large penis can cause pain during intercourse, unless the woman has a long vagina, which is also quite rare).

One of the more worrying sides of the male enhancement industry is the rise of penis enlargement surgeries, of which around 15 000 are performed annually in the West. However, most patients end up very disappointed: the penis is not a breast and cannot be enlarged by traditional means, so the effect is rather small, and the side effects can be very serious.


On the other hand, there are supplements (mostly herbal) that purport to make the penis bigger. There is a lot of confusion about how they work, and there have even been lawsuits against companies producing these supplements, launched by men who did not get the effect they desired. In this overview, we will compare two of the most popular male enhancement supplement pills: VigRX and ExtenZe.

We will confront their active ingredients, mechanism of action, side effects, and price to determine which of them (if any) is worth buying.

What do they actually do? Promised effects of VrgRX and ExtenZe

First of all, let’s be clear: if somebody promises you that a pill (no matter which herbs it contains) will permanently enlarge your penis, they are lying. There is absolutely no way that the length of a flaccid penis can be increased, unless you submit yourself to many months of wearing a special stretching device for the whole day. Such devices exert pressure (damage, actually) on cells, forcing them to divide – it is called cytokynesis – and thus the tissue does grow. Some people have reported permanent, or at least long-term, increases of up to 0.8 inches this way. If you would agree to such a gruelling regimen for the sake of less than an inch is up to you, but there is no pill that would produce this effect.

Any claims about penis enlargement mean enlargement in the erect state – that is, a stronger, fuller erection. Inside the penis, there are two symmetric parts known as corpora cavernosa (each of them is called corpus cavernosum) – it is tissue full of tiny hollow spaces, which are filled with blood during an erection. While the blood flow following an arousal can be stronger or weaker, resulting in erections of various sizes, the measurements of corpora cavernosa cannot be changed. Therefore, the maximum enlarged size of the penis will always remain the same. The thing is that most of the time, men do not reach their maximum erection size.

Yet another claim that penis enhancement supplements make is that they increase the libido, and this can very well be true in many cases. However, when a man’s low libido is caused by a hormonal disbalance, only a complex hormonal therapy can fix the issue. In those situations when a physical disorder is the culprit (such as diabetes), herbal pills can help the libido somewhat, as well as in the case of depression. In any case, one should first investigate the reason for a lower libido.

One more claim of penis enlargement pills is that they increase the sperm production and sperm counts, making it easier to conceive. Here research results are contradictory, and in any case, most men do not take penis enhancement supplements to have more kids.

Improved sexual performance is one claim that is more likely to be true. Which part of it should be attributed to the pill and which part to the placebo effect is difficult to say. But here at My Canadian Pharmacy mycanadianpharmacyrx.com, we do receive reports from customers who write that they can go on longer when using such herbal pills than without them.

Verdict: both ExtenZe and VigRX make the same promises: larger and stronger erections, better performance in bed, increased libido and sperm counts. However, any promises to increase the size of the penis on a permanent basiss are not (and cannot be) true.

What’s in a pill? Comparison of contents

Both ExtenZe and VigRX contain a wide range of natural and chemically synthesized substances, including extracts of berries, leaves, and roots. Most of these plants have been used for centuries in Asia, South America, and Africa to improve male performance, so such pills are a sort of a cocktail of traditional medicine from around the world.

Let’s first look at some of the ingredients found in both pills.

  1. Korean red ginsengKorean red ginseng – this is one of the most popular roots used in Asia to treat erectile dysfunction. Randomized trials show that it is indeed more efficient than placebo in men with ED. Most probably this effect is due to the ginseng’s ability to stimulate blood circulation. However, one should be careful with large quantities of this herb: unlike Viagra or Cialis, for example, it doesn’t target a particular part of the body: blood with circulate more intensely in the whole body, potentially inducing flushing (redness of the skin) and lower blood pressure.
  2. Tribulus terrestris – this wine is also known as devil’s thorn or goat’s head, and it’s widespread across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Chinese and Ayurvedhic medicine use it to treat male sexual problems, since it apparently helps balance testosterone levels in the body. A lack of testosterone is the most common cause of low libido. Actually, even bodybuilders often take Tribulus terrestris at the end of the bulking phase, when their natural testosterone production is suppressed due to all the steroids they take.
  3. Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) – this plant from Central and South America is used by native healers to increase sexual enjoyment in both men and women. Its action is somewhat akin to Viagra: it helps relax the smooth muscle of the penis, which allows blood to flow inside the corpora cavernosa, producing a stronger erection. Besides, as follows from the name, it is a potent aphrodisiac – it increases libido, also in women.
  4. Muira Puama – this Brazilian tree is known as an aphrodisiac and erection enhancer due to its ability to improve blood circulation and a vasodilating effect. However as with all vasodilators, you should be very careful if you have low blood pressure.

All these four ingredients are the same in VigRX and ExtenZe. Now let’s look at several active ingredients that differ.

Only in VigRX:

  • Saw Palmetto – this little palm tree is supposed to increase the level of testosterone and improve the sexual function (as well as help treat benign prostate hyperplasia). However, many men report negative side effects from using saw palmetto: sex drive increases for a few days but then becomes lower than before.
  • Catuaba – yet another Brazilian tree, used by Tupi Indians to increase erections.
  • Bioperine – this is a compound synthesized from black pepper, and its name is actually piperine. ExtenZe also contains black pepper extract, so perhaps it is not fully correct to say that this ingredient is only present in VigRX; however, Bioperine is a trademarked name that implies at least 95% piperine. The role of Bioperine is to increase the absorption of nutrients – that is, other ingredients in the pill. The idea is that under normal conditions, only 20% of the plant extracts contained in the supplement will be absorbed; with Bioperine, this amount increases to 60%.

Only in ExtenZe:

  • Yohimbe extract – this African tree bark is widely known for its effect on erection and sexual performance. It also increases the production of adrenaline. However, yohimbe can have serious side effects: it is known to make people agitated and unable to sleep, can produce nausea and dizziness, cause headaches and high blood pressure. In general, yohimbe is one of the more dangerous plants that help with erection, and you have to be very sure of your own good health before you use it.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, info from Wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehydroepiandrosterone) – this is actually a steroid, which can indeed improve performance, but you have to keep in mind that it is forbidden to all competing athletes and bodybuilders. The presence of DHEA in ExtenZe was the cause of some issues for the manufacturer. Of course, if you do not take part in athletic competions or bodybuilding, you don’t need to worry about DHEA, but remember – even when a supplement is marketed as “natural”, there may be many artificial compounds inside.

Verdict: apart from many harmless and potentially very efficient plants and herbs, ExtenZe contains the potentially dangerous yohimbe bark extract and the steroid DHEA. For this reason, VigRX wins in this category.

Side effects: can VigRX or ExtenZe hurt you?

Even when a supplement does contain only  natural ingredients, it doesn’t mean that if cannot hurt your health. Remember that the strongest poisons known to man are found in mushrooms and frogs. And even medicinal plants, when taken in large amounts or against contraindications, can present a real health risk.

Yet another frequent side effect is headache

The main problem with herbs that increase erections is their potential vasodilating effect. This is an issue even with Viagra and Cialis, and those drugs are designed to target a particular enzyme in the penile area, known as PDE5; their effect on the smooth muscle and blood vessels elsewhere in the body is very limited. Herbs, on the other hand, have a much more generalized mechanism of action: if they stiimulate blood flow, they do it everywhere; if they relax the smooth muscle, they do it all across the body. In order for more blood to flow to the penis, the blood vessels generally need to dilate; but when it happens in all other body parts, the result is reduced blood pressure. If your pressure is normally ok, this is not a problem (unless you drink a lot of alcohol, which has the same effect); however, if you are prone to hypotension, the combined effect can be quite dangerous.

Yet another frequent side effect is headache, and many men report it. Headaches usually stem from reduced (or increased, as in the case with yohimbe) blood pressure. Flushing (redness of the skin), nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea are encountered in circa 5% of users. Up to this point, the side effects of VigRX and Extenze are the same.

The problem with VigRX is that Bioperine – the ingredient that increases the absorption of the other herbs – can also make the side effects worse. Indeed, if you are sensitive to one compound, you will feel worse if you absorb more of it. This way, Bioperine can mean a better effect of the pill for some and a stronger adverse reaction for others. See more helpful information: consumerlab.com/answers/is-it-safe-to-take-bioperine.

On the other hand, ExtenZe contains the extract of yohimbe – a potential cause of numerous side effects, from insomnia to arrythmia and hypertension, all of which are quite frequently reported. Actually, it is not allowed to sell pure yohimbe supplements without a prescription. The presence of yohimbe (together with the extract of black pepper that increases absorption) makes Extenze more potentially dangerous.

Verdict: while a generally low percentage of users experience side effects, VigRX is safer.

What is more affordable – ExtenZe or VigRX?

Herbal supplements for male enhancement are not like ED drugs, which you take as you need them (an hour before having intercourse). Herbal pills are supposed to be taken every day (normally 2 capsules daily) to allow the concentrations of herbal extracts in the body to accumulate. This way,  you have to take 60 pills a month, and both ExtenZe and VigRX  are normally available as monthly or yearly supply packs. VigRX normally costs around 80 dollars per a monthly pack, while ExtenZe is much more affordable – it costs 50 dollars or less for a monthly supply.

Verdict: ExtenZe wins in the affordability competition.

Conclusion: which penis enlargement supplement should you choose?

Let us underline the key point once again: your penis as such will not become permanently bigger with any of these pills. Your penis will become larger in its erect state, and you will be able to sustain an erection for longer. If you suffer from low libido, both ExtenZe and VigRX can help, too. At the same time, you have to assess the potential health risks: you should not take any penis enlargement supplements if you suffer from chronically low or high blood pressure, prostate problems, and issues with blood vessels. If you are not sure, do consult with your physician.

Are penis enlargement pills worth the expense? Judging from the reviews sent by My Canadian Pharmacy Rx, yes: they do increase sexual performance and make erections stronger. However, don’t expect miracles: if you suffer from a real case of erectile dysfunction, turn to more potent drugs instead, such as Cialis or Viagra. Read our guides if you want know more about Viagra or Cialis, benefits and side effects:

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