Can Chronic Stress Cause Premature Ejaculation?

Possible Causes of Stress

Stress is a physical, psychic, emotional and chemical reaction of body on everything that frightens a man, irritates or endangers him. Stress is a disorder of the balance in organism, abrupt increase of the energy in order to use it in case of danger. Chronic stress is a constant impairment of internal balance.

Possible-Causes of Stress

The symptoms of chronic stress are the following:

  • memory and attention focusing impairment;
  • aggressiveness;
  • flashes of anger;
  • insomnia;
  • depression;
  • feeling of guilt;
  • suicidal thoughts.

Chronic Stress Consequences

Chronic stress may result in headache, backache, psoriasis, colitis, alopecia, hypertension, cardiac diseases, periods impairment among women, impotency and premature ejaculation among men.

Chronic stress is a result of permanent stay in the environment full of risks and constant repetition of traumatic situation. Human brain doesn’t distinguish a real threat from the seeming one. Each time the situation seems dangerous to us, everything happens as if it were a real hazard. The oftener environment seems us adverse, the more time our organism stays in condition of combat readiness under the influence of reaction called “hit or run” – in situation of chronic stress.

Psychogenic Form of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is explained by exclusively psychological factors along with absence of organic problems. Psychogenic form of PE may be connected with neurosis of failure expectation, sexual extra excitation, irregular sexual life and other causes. This form of erectile dysfunction causes various duration of coitus with different partners. A man may be afraid of sexual contacts and has a decreased self-esteem. Psychogenic form of premature ejaculation requires consultation of andrologist- sexologist or psychologist.

Psychogenic form of PE is a short sexual intercourse with fast emission of seminal fluid caused by internal or external psycho-traumatic factors. Psychogenic form of premature ejaculation is not connected with physiological (organic) causes, such as increased sensitivity of penis balanus, neurologic pathology, urological issues – prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc. Psychogenic components are present to a greater or lesser degree on the basis of its development. Psychogenic form of premature ejaculation may lead further to psychogenic impotency. Therefore, it is examined not only within the framework of sexology and psychotherapy, but also of urology and sexology.

Classification of Psychogenic Forms of Sexual Disorders

Around 80% of cases of various sexual disorders of men and women are connected to various extents with psychogenic factors. In women the impairment of sexual function of psychogenic character is manifested by absence (alibidemia) or decrease (sexual anaesthesia) of sexual excitement, absence of orgasm (anorgasmia), pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia or genitalgia), reflectory spasmodic muscular action of reproductive tract (vaginism).

Male sexual disorders include decreased libido or its absence, psychogenic erectile dysfunction or impotency, ejaculation impairment (premature ejaculation, anejaculation, asthenic ejaculation), weakening or absence of orgasm, fear of sexual failure. Psychogenic form of premature ejaculation may be constant and transient.

Causes of Psychogenic Form of Premature Ejaculation

Causes of Psychogenic Form of Premature EjaculationMore often the key factor of premature ejaculation of psychogenic character is strong sexual excitement. Usually sexual extra excitation is characteristic for young men who recently started sexual life. Nevertheless, it may also become a symptom among experienced men. Extremely strong sexual excitement is accompanied by impetuous acceleration of tension in corresponding cerebrum segments. After achievement of “threshold point” of sexual excitement, a man cannot control ejaculation process any longer. Therefore, ejaculation comes ahead of time.

Psychogenic form of PE may develop due to expectation of failure. Usually this condition is anteceded by not successful “sexual debut” which may be connected with inexperience of a young man, inebriation, fear of being rejected or mocked, dread of disability to satisfy the partner, etc. Anxious expectation of repetition of failure generally appears among hypochondriac personalities with a weak sexual constitution. Very often a problem of psychogenic form of PE centers on inter-individual relations between sexual partners. In this case, psychological factors of PE may be represented by absence of mutual understanding and trust between the partners, fear of cheating, absence of devotion to each other, dissatisfaction with relations, fear of sexually transmitted diseases infection, etc.

Men staying in condition of chronic stress and depression and experiencing the lack of sleep and rest may also get the developed form of premature ejaculation. Sometimes psychogenic from of PE is of strictly selective (situational) character. It is manifested in the case of sexual intercourse with particular woman or in particular situation.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Form of Premature Ejaculation

Man’s inability to provide sexual satisfaction of a partner ruins marital relations and very often leads to breakup. Bachelors suffering from psychogenic form of PE cannot take decision to start a family and try to avoid intimate communication with women. Men are very sensitive about their sexual “inferiority” which leads to decrease of self-esteem and quality of sexual life and aggravates to a greater extent the psychological aspect of PE.

The characteristic feature of psychogenic from of premature ejaculation is different duration of sexual intercourse with various partners. Improvement of situation is provided by thoughts of unrelated matters or small amounts of alcohol. Sometimes patients suffering from psychogenic form of PE focus their attention on imaginary somatopathies trying to find justification for sexual failures. Libido, erection and orgasm of psychogenic form of premature ejaculation may be normal or repeatedly weakened.

Diagnostics and Treatment of Premature Ejaculation Psychogenic Form

Generally the psychogenic form of PE is diagnosed in the absence of organic preconditions to premature emission of seminal fluid. Therefore, the examination of a patient suffering from PE starts in the room of andrologist or urologist. Within the framework of diagnostic maneuver, a complex urological examination is conducted (ultrasound investigation of prostatic gland, penis and scrotum organs; ultrasonic Doppler examination; functional tests; testing of prostatic fluid and urethral swab, etc.).

Psychogenic issues of premature ejaculation may occur regardless of age or acquisition of experience in sexual sphere. In many cases after 30-35 years of age, duration of sexual intercourse prolongs with the decrease of sexual excitement. If the problem remains unchanged, a man will need an assistance of psychologist or sexologist. The leading method of psychogenic form treatment belongs to psychotherapy (suggestive therapy, hypnotherapy, autogenic training). Also, explanatory work is conducted with a spouse or a constant partner of a patient.

In order to decrease anxiety, vibrational message of perineal organs, showers, general bathes, galvanization, and neodiathermy of spinal centers decreasing excitement of ejaculatory center and causing psychotherapeutic effect are conducted. In some cases antidepressants, tranquilizers and neuroleptics may be effective for treatment of this disease. In the majority of cases, psychogenic form of PE has a reversible character. Therefore, one shouldn’t be ashamed of this problem or avoid professional assistance of professionals. Understanding and tender partner is a formula for success.