Levitra Orodispersible: The Fastest-Acting ED Pill

Erectile dysfunction drugs are part of palliative remedies for the treatment of organic erection problems. It should be said immediately that, since they are palliative, they cannot definitively cure the actual cause of the erectile problem, but only in some cases of attenuating the symptoms or temporarily facilitating the penile erection mechanism.

Levitra-Orodispersible The Fastest-Acting Erectile Dysfunction Pill

Indeed, the introduction of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) and its follow-ups, Levitra (vardenafil citrate) and Cialis (tadalafil citrate) on the market was a major cultural change, so that the term ‘revolution’ seems absolutely appropriate. Today, patients is definitely more inclined to talk to the specialist but also to the basic practitioner, and ED is no longer seen as a taboo, but as a curable dysfunction. In this regard, the new formulation is an effective, convenient and discreet solution.

But unlike what people write on many blogs and forums, and unlike the metropolitan legends that circulate about these drugs for erectile dysfunction, there is no miracle pill that alone causes erection of the penis and resolves the problem forever and in a definitive way. In addition, the many possible side effects that may be involved in the administration of these medicines should be considered. In this regard, vardenafil used to build up Levitra, is the mildest and the safest ED solution, as will be seen from the article below. Its most winning form is arguably Levitra 10 mg orodispersible, and you will soon learn why.

Levitra online survey as a part of Canada Pharmacy ED drug range

Like most of the drugs for erectile dysfunction, Levitra is a part of the 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors category, whose active ingredients inhibit the production of 5-phosphodiesterase enzyme by the body, potentiate the effects and production of nitric oxide and favor relaxation of the smooth muscle, thus facilitating the inflow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis to facilitate erection.

The category of 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors are among the most famous drugs for erectile dysfunction:

They are medications in the form of tablets or tablets, which may vary from 10 mg to 200 mg. They should be administered before sexual intercourse, which should be timely planned with the partner, as the active ingredients of these drugs do not act immediately after the intake. In fact, each erectile dysfunction medication needs absorption times ranging from one to the other, from 15 minutes to 60 minutes or more, before the active ingredient performs its action on the genital apparatus.

In addition to 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors, there are other drugs for male impotence problems, which promote smooth muscle relaxation and act as vasodilators. These may be in pill, or even administered by intramuscular injection. We are talking about papaverine, phentolamine, yohinbina, prostaglandin PGE1, alprostadil, apomorphine, and the replacement therapies of testosterone. The onset time of the drugs from this category ranges between an hour and several weeks of therapy, and their posological pattern and application mode are very different, since their principle of action varies. None of them comes close to the speedy onset and simplicity of use offered by the orodispersible form of Levitra.

Any medication for erectile dysfunction should be prescribed by the specialist physician (andrologist or urologist) only after prior medical examination and patient survey. In addition, your intake should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully with regard to dosages and immediate and immediate side effects should be reported immediately.

In the case of a medication prescription you have to buy them at a trusted pharmacy, avoiding the purchase of the many online sites that offer copies of these drugs at a low cost, since they are copies that look similar to the original but not the substance of active ingredients. Levitra 10 mg orodispersible tablets purchased through My Canadian Pharmacy Rx reference are of dependable quality, regardless if they are brand-produced or generics.

What you can and cannot expect with Levitra 10 mg orodispensible tablet

Levitra 10 mg orodispensible tablet

The administration of these drugs for erectile dysfunction does not guarantee the ‘automatic’ achievement of erection, since for it it is in any case indispensable that the male is subject to the appropriate erotic stimulation and mental excitement. This cannot always be taken for granted and that is why, on many men, these drugs for erectile dysfunction do not prove effective.

This is particularly the case when you are anxious or insecure during sexual intercourse, or when you are in a state of stress or there are relational conflicts in your couple. Additionally, mental dynamics of unconscious self-sabotage by the male may also be added, or excessive self-monitoring and worries about the state of the erection. In addition, the efficacy of these drugs can be overwhelmed by the presence of other health problems or organic deficiencies, as well as from concomitant intake with medicinal products such as: anticoagulants, some medications to treat the prostate, antidepressants and psychopharmaceuticals, anxiolytics, and some blood pressure medications.

Medications for erection problems have – as mentioned above – important side effects and should not be taken in the event of heart disease, stroke, hypotension, hypertension, angina, uncontrolled diabetes or under the effect of alcohol or narcotics They can inhibit the effect, or create psychoses that prevent relaxation in humans during the relationships, preventing the onset of erection. From this list, Levitra features the fewest contraindications and the fewest / the mildest side effects. Apart from the rare cases where it is necessary to intervene with these medicines, their inappropriate, very fashionable use today among young people who use it even when they do not need it can often lead to a psychological addiction syndrome drug.

Insecurity and metropolitan legends based on sex misinformation often lead to young people wanting to take one of these drugs before sexual intercourse to feel more secure about gaining or maintaining erection. But the effect is more than a placebo because it is not the drug for erectile dysfunction that causes erection. And in fact it does not always get it, or you lose it before you even take some pill.

In fact, by continuously associating your successful performance to the drug, you will soon end up becoming psychologically dependent, as well as being more insecure in the absence of medication than, often, even taking it. Insecurity then causes those states of performance anxiety that impede the regular psycho-physical erective mechanism. Anxiety that in turn will cause further episodes of erectile problems and further insecurity, in an endless vicious circle. Levitra is prescribed by numerous experts in the field of andrology and sexology as the least addictive of the existing ED preparations. Here it should be remembered that we now talk of purely psychogenic dependence, since neither of ED drugs is labelled as addictive physiologically.

When episodes of hemorrhagic disorder occur, especially if frequent, it is always best to go to your own basic medical practitioner for consultation and clinical investigations such as blood and hormone tests. However, when it comes to no doubt that it is only a mental and non-physical problem, as in most cases, the use of erectile dysfunction drugs can only be more damaging than decisive.

Levitra orodispersible pills help to build your confidence and self-reliance that are the key for tuning in, relaxing and enjoying the pleasurable act of love. With a drug up your sleeve that you can depend on to act upon a fairly short notice, you will face any spontaneity of your sex life unafraid. Self-confidence in sexual intercourse with the partner has nothing to do with pharmacology, but with one’s mind and the management of one’s own emotions. That being said, you can work on yourself with a method of mental techniques coupled with physical techniques that allow man to relate to sex in a serene and satisfying way, without the use of erectile dysfunction pills and medications.

How Levitra orodispensible compares to other ED pills

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are the commercial names of the most commonly used drugs in the presence of erectile dysfunction, with very satisfactory results both in terms of efficacy and tolerability.

All of the aforementioned drugs belong to the category of PDE5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors and contain the active principles of sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis) respectively. Recently, in this category, a new active ingredient, avanafil (commercial name Spedra) has been added.

The mechanism of action of these medicines is very similar, however, taladafil (Cialis) has a significantly higher duration of action, while avanafil (Spendra) stands out for a rapid onset of action, about 15 min, which is still longer than 12 minutes required for Levitra orodispersible pills to produce its effects. This and other small differences can make a product more or less appropriate in relation to the health of the user; also for this reason it is advisable to have a preventive medical examination.

Taking a therapeutic pathway to address the underlying problems of impotence helps in many cases improve overall health and prevent a long series of illnesses, even very serious. Often, erection deficits are a symptom of atherosclerosis, or diabetes, excessive smoking, as well as too much alcohol or abuse of certain drugs, not to mention obesity and reduced exercise (greater susceptibility to cardiovascular problems, decreased plasma testosterone levels).

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis should be used with special caution if you are suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure), heart problems (prior myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, arrhythmias) and retinal disease called retinitis pigmentosa. The importance of a preventive medical examination is also linked to the evaluation of possible interactions with any, other, medication taken by the patient, including phytotherapy remedies.

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis should never be used together with nitrates, medicinal specialties for the treatment of chest pain associated with heart problems (angina). Both, in fact, act by dilating the vessels and this could cause a severe drop in blood pressure, resulting in a shock. Nitrates are contained in the following drugs: nitroglycerin (Adesitrin, Deponit, Dermatrans, Epinitrile, Keritrin, Minitran, Natispray, Nitrile, Nitrocor, Nitro-Dur, Nitrosylon, Nitroderm, Perganit, Top-Nitro, Triniplas, Trinitrine, Venitrin) Dinitrate (Carvasin, Dinike, Nitrosorbide), isosorbide mononitrate (Duronitrine, Elan, Ismo Diffutab, Ismo-20, Leicester, Monocinque, Monoket, Vasdilat), amyl nitrite and similar (poppers, used recreational drugs).

Care should be taken also in the simultaneous intake of alpha blockers (terazosin, doxazosin, tamsulosin), medicines used in the treatment of prostate hypertrophy and which, similarly to what has been seen in the previous case, can cause excessive pressure drops. In this case, your doctor will require you to comply with certain precautions, such as taking the two drugs at a time interval of not less than 4 hours or reducing doses. The only exception is the combination of Cialis and tamsulosin (Omnic, Pradif), which does not cause significant side effects.

The benefits of the unique Levitra orodispensible form

Levitra orodispensible formGiven that you carefully considered all the precautions mentioned above and consulted your prescriber who approved the use of vardenafil in your condition, it is time to consider the pros and cons of numerous forms of vardenafil available among brand and generics. Since orodispersible form of Levitra is a relatively new addition to this group of drugs, here is a detailed introduction of this revolutionary vardenafil form and its benefits.

By the term ‘orodispersible’ is meant a class of drugs formulated so that it can be dissolved in the mouth without the need to swallow the tablet and without the need for water. Once the tablet is dissolved, the active ingredient is released: partly swallowed and partly absorbed directly by the oral mucosa.

This type of formulation, as well as those under sublingual pharmaceuticals, relates to different medications and generally increases the effectiveness of the treatment and the rate at which the therapeutic effect occurs. The directly absorbed side of the mucous membrane of the mouth enters directly into the circle, excluding both the passage of the active ingredient into the stomach where it can be partially deactivated both the so-called first-pass metabolism in the liver, where generally the transformation and elimination of most of drugs.

In this way, the active ingredient reaches the bloodstream more rapidly and in higher concentrations. This means that the therapeutic effect at the systemic level is faster. In addition to taking orodispersible Levitra, it is not necessary to drink water, facilitating much intake and allowing greater freedom for the patient. It will also benefit the subjects, perhaps of a certain age who have difficulty swallowing. Generally, then, there are no particular constraints, as is the case for all the medications to be taken, such as the indication of taking them to empty or full stomachs, without constraints or unnatural rhythms.

Viagra orodispersible to follow the suit

The best proof of Levitra orodispensible being a winning pill form is that Viagra, the industry\s flagman, is scheduled to follow into vardenafil’s footsteps. At 15 years of the launch of Viagra, its developer announces a new formula that is easy to take in any situation: it melts in the mouth in seconds and begins to work within 12 minutes. ‘The new orodispersible pharmaceutical form can be defined as fast absorbing,’ say specialists, ‘absorption, in fact, occurs partly in the pre-gastric area (mouth, pharynx and esophagus), thus avoiding first-pass metabolism and ensuring greater bioavailability and improved clinical performance.’ The new Viagra tablet form should be placed in the mouth, under the tongue, and allowed to dissolve before ingesting it with or without water. It melts within 30 seconds leaving a pleasing aroma of lemon. Clinical studies show that the drug begins to work within 12 minutes of intake and that most patients (71%) get maximum efficacy within 30 minutes, allowing for a lasting and excellent erection as soon as sexual stimulation occurs. The effect of Viagra orodispersible tablets lasts 4-6 hours.

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