Amoxicillin: shocking facts that doctors commonly conceal from us

Penicillin-based antibiotics like Amoxicillin have long been worshiped as a universal panacea, capable of treating the gravest conditions like tuberculosis and splenic fever. Antibiotics are drugs that kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites. But they are useless against viruses since viruses are not microorganisms. Antibiotics like Amoxicillin work by blocking the function of life maintaining in pathogenic microbes, preventing the formation of cell walls or inhibiting a specific protein, vital for the survival of such a microorganism.

Amoxicillin shocking facts that doctors commonly conceal from us

We all adore antibiotics, we are obsessed with their “almightiness”, and we lustily take a magical white pill of Amoxicillin any time our noses are slightly running or throats are mildly itching. Actually, the humanity is on the point of a global antibiotic crisis. We all are mercilessly deceived by professors and doctors: modern antibiotics hardly can treat any more or less serious condition. More than that, there are fewer and fewer drugs that can cure newly emerging microbes, which all tend to be antibiotic-resistant!

How does immunity to antibiotics occur?

According to the latest researches, bacteria are able to transfer their particles to each other, thus, blocking the action of the most powerful antibiotics like Amoxicillin! When you put all your efforts on fighting bad bacteria in your body by swallowing a current portion of antibiotics, you do them only good! Indeed, you do because pathogenic microbes take any therapeutic intervention as a natural selection. Yes, some bacteria will die, but the fittest to survive will rapidly mutate and become a way more aggressive. Next time, these evolved organisms will breed a strong generation of bacteria that will hardly respond to an antibiotic. Your body is a perfect laboratory for the cultivation of antibiotic-resistant mutants.

Curiously, an increasing tolerance to Amoxicillin has not developed over hundreds of years, but occurred within some decades, when we erroneously started using antibiotics to treat not only bacterial but viral infections (viruses are not microorganisms, meaning they cannot be affected by penicillin).

A too frequent and an impropriate use of Amoxicillin is the culprit of appearing evolved, drug-resistant germs. For now, many doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics for the management of viral infections, such as flues and coughs. An American study has shown that by prescribing antibiotics to patients with viral diseases, physicians do not treat their conditions, but we do things much worse.

Antibiotics are also found in water and foods. On farms, animals are fed with antibiotics with a purpose of treating sick animals, preventing microbial infections, and ensuring a rapid mass growth in healthy animals. This produces a double effect, under which we consume antibiotics with water and food, promoting the resistance and aggressiveness of pathogenic germs. But this information is thoroughly concealed because the pharmaceutical market must thrive, surely at your own expense.

New side-effects of antibiotics

Scientists from Exeter University discovered a new adverse event of Amoxicillin. Researchers have established that this drug accelerates the growth of bacteria! The research results are published in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

The experts experimented with the intestinal bacterium and broad-spectrum antibiotics that inhibit biosynthesis of protein in bacterial cells. After treatment with antibiotics, intestinal bacillus developed a strong immunity to these medicines, but in addition, the bacteria began to grow faster, and, as a result, their colonies were three times larger than the colonies of bacteria that were not treated with antibiotics including Amoxicillin. A tendency to the rapid growth persisted in these microbes even after the antibiotic was discontinued!

This phenomenon is explained by the molecular genetic tricks, which the malignant organisms “invented” during the exposure to the penicillin invasion. These bacteria have acquired additional molecular pumps that drain the antibiotic out of the cell!

Amoxicillin is not longer efficacious against pneumonia

Amoxicillin is not longer efficacious against pneumonia

Doctors all over the world raise alarm: antibiotics including Amoxicillin are not longer helpful for pneumonia. Meanwhile, pulmonary fever is one of the main causes of death from infectious diseases on the planet.

The matter is pathogenic microbes simply are not afraid of such drugs. There are more and more so-called super microbes. They appear on animal farms where antibiotics are generally used to speed up the growth of the cattle. These super microbes are the main cause of increased episodes of incurable pneumonia in Canada.

Now, it is known that in 22 % of cases of the lung inflammation, antibiotics turn to be ineffective, what makes the patients take these drugs in much higher doses and for a significantly longer time. Needless to say, these subjects often get to a resuscitation department with life-threatening adverse infections.

It’s enough for creepy stories

Beneficial properties of antibiotics are not less shocking as their recently discovered disadvantages, which are mentioned above in this article. First, Amoxicillin tablets can really help you look gorgeous as the medication can destroy the pathogenic bacteria, guilty of acne outbreaks. The interesting point is that you even do not need to take a tablet in, but to grind it in powder and blend it with your day cream.

Acne manifestations are a result of a bacterial activity. Under some circumstances, your body starts producing an excess amount of sebum, which accumulates in your hair follicles. Hair follicles then get filled with a soft plug – an ideal environment for the bacterial thrift. When you apply your cream enhanced with Amoxicillin on your face (neck, shoulders or other affected body parts), the medication easily penetrates through the skin layers targeting the main cause of acne. We suppose, your doctor has never revealed you this simple method of being beautiful.

An occasional administration of penicillin-containing meds is probably one of the most affordable ways to…control your weight! You are clueless about this fact, but still, this is true. Amoxicillin-like remedies can somehow disrupt a healthy flora in the gut, triggering nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, which are typically followed by a decreased appetite and remarkable water loss (this is your body’s natural immune response to an invasion). These unpleasant symptoms result in a very desirable weight waste. Yes, it is hardly a healthy approach to slenderness, but in emergency cases, this is the only way out.