Independence Day Greetings: My Canadian Pharmacy Fighting For Customer Freedoms

Dear US customers, My Canadian Pharmacy team would like to congratulate you with the 4th of July. On this day, when you celebrate the hard earned freedom of your glorious country, we would like to wish you to always remember about your own freedoms: the freedom of choice, the freedom of opting for what is best for you and your family, the freedom of enjoying a healthier future!

Independence day

We hope that this Independence Day becomes filled with much joy, smiles and laughter of your family and friends, fireworks and patriotic spirit. Here is to unity, solidarity and liberty of thought, speech and action!

In our turn, we at My Canadian Pharmacy offer our dear neighbors and friends still better prices, bigger discounts, even more quality products than ever before – for you to not have a worry on your mind from this day and on to many many more days of lavish celebrations and calm and peaceful day-to-day activities. You can always count on our specialists – highly qualified pharmacists, talented pharmacy managers, amiable and attentive customer support representatives, skilled IT department staff – to see to it that your future becomes free of every sort of trouble associated with sickness, ill health or insurmountable drugstore bills.

At My Canadian Pharmacy, every day is the Independence Day – and independence from high costs and monopolistic drugstore chains that call the shots, narrowing your choices and curtailing your freedom to receive quality healthcare support. With our help, you invariably enjoy the freedom of being healthier for less money! Hooray to the country of the brave!