My Canadian Pharmacy Thanksgiving Greetings: The Blackest Friday Ever!

My Canadian Pharmacy celebrates Thanksgiving in a big way this year, and we would like to thank all of our customers, subscribers and guests alike for their attention on this heart-warming occasion. There are hundreds of small things you all do for us, often none the wiser, for which we feel thankful. Thus, choosing My Canadian Pharmacy for its benefits repeatedly on daily basis is one of such things.


My Canadian Pharmacy benefits customers thank us for

Customer feedback always makes us happy, whether it is the words of praise or your suggestions as for improving our services. Either way, we are thankful for your kindly concern.

On this special day, we would like to list the most essential things customers thank us for (information is entirely based on internal My Canadian Pharmacy polling and Customer Care statistics; given in the order of relevance):

  • Uncompromising quality of drugs;
  • Price tags that make you heave a sigh of relief;
  • Bonuses and compliments rolled in every order;
  • High fidelity customer services;
  • Confidentiality and security of personal and banking details;
  • Individual discounts and personalized approach, every time;
  • Informativity and effectiveness of published materials;
  • Free shipping and other perks for bulkier orders.

Shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy packs many more advantages; you can learn about them on our main page. Right here though, the talk will be about how valuable you as a customer are to us. And while we cannot possibly put a price on having all of you around, day in day out, one way of letting you know how appreciative we are is to pour a miscellany of price reduction tools over you. This autumn, let it rain discounts!

Black Friday deals, offers, discounts and coupons from My Canadian Pharmacy

To honor this year’s Thanksgiving, we have arranged to have the biggest, the baddest and the blackest Friday ever to happen to your calendar. The celebration kicks off with a bunch of special offers from our partners for 80 to 120 packs. In essence, any bulkier edition of your favorite drug makes it onto our holiday specials list: it can be Black Friday Viagra Pro pack at My Canadian Pharmacy, or Viagra + Cialis Powerpack, Super Active ED Pack or Classic ED Pack or a dozen of other combination of standout hit drugs in Men’s Health category, you name it, are eligible for this limited time offer to make this holiday season feel truly special.

Black Friday discount prices on ALL ED packs at My Canadian Pharmacy

The ED packs are a long-standing hit at My Canadian Pharmacy, and for a good reason: you get more value for your money, and the unprecedented chance to have your ED therapy diversified. The treatment thus gets more flex to it: alternating between the pills according to the needs of the moment, you can adjust your response to ED in a made-to-measure way. Thus, the Classic ED Pack that contains all the three legendary sex pills – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra – gives you the opportunity to choose between the impactful action of Viagra lasting for 4 hours for when you are pressed for time, or Cialis to have you covered for the entire weekend on another occasion – and go really low profile on side effects for when you are feeling especially sensitive.

If you find that the pills working best for you is anything with an empowered formula, you will find yourself happy with our Super Active Pack or, alternatively, Viagra Pro pack. For Cialis fans, we have our unmatched offer of Ultimate Cialis Pack, and if you are really into quick-acting pills, Viagra + Cialis Soft Pills Pack is what doctor ordered for you – well, you get the drift.

Overall, such drug combinations give you the opportunity to compare the effects of different ED treatments in your body, for none of the patients were created equal, and there is no universally perfect solution fitting everyone’s bill. Even the same person could show better response to other types of drugs on different occasions, depending on a long list of factors. It is for this reason that we’ve prepped a variety of packs for you to pick as you see fit.

Generic Viagra and other medications: shaving 90% off the price!


The common denominator for all of our ED packs is that they contain high quality generics produced by reliable manufacturers, which allows us to cut down the cost of highly effective generic pills by almost 9/10th. Way to go! With our Black Friday specials, you can low-ball the cost of your favorite drugs further by up to 20% – if you sum up the discount offered by our partners with My Canadian Pharmacy 10% off coupon. The deal is on the table for five more days.

Generic Viagra, a term popularized by Canadian Pharmacy, is nothing other but the genuine sildenafil citrate containing pill sold for a fraction of the original Viagra price, while in essence both pills are identical when stripped of their credentials and appearances.

A generic medication is a medicine similar to an already authorized drug (the so-called reference medicine). A generic drug contains the same amount of active principle (or active ingredients) of the reference medicine. Generic and reference drugs are used to the same dosage to treat the same illness and are equally safe and effective. The designation, appearance (such as color or form) and the packaging of the generic drug are different from those of the reference medicine. In addition, the generic drug may contain different inactive ingredients. As with all medicines, if special precautions are necessary for any of the inactive ingredients, these precautions should be noted on the label and on the medicine leaflet.

For medicinal products, a period of data protection is provided for in the legislation on medicines. At the expiry of this period, the pharmaceutical company may apply for a marketing authorization for the generic drug, as it happened with Viagra. Since the reference medicinal product has been authorized for several years, information is already available in this regard and therefore no need to submit new ones. Legislation sets out which examinations should be conducted to demonstrate that generic medication is as safe and effective as the reference medicine. In most cases, the information provided by a bioequivalence study is sufficient. The bioequivalence study is a study to show that the amount of active substance present in the human body is the same regardless of whether the generic drug or the reference drug is taken.

Generic Viagra offered at My Canadian Pharmacy is produced following the same qualitative standards used for all other medicines. Regulatory authorities also, as with all other medicines, periodically inspect the site or production sites. Thus we ensure the ultimate safety of generic Viagra and other generics offered at our service.

Value ED packs: limited offer from My Canadian Pharmacy

And just to gild the lily, we have come up with another great offer: for a limited period of time, jumbo value packs will be available at My Canadian Pharmacy. Find our 80 and 120 pills packs, giving you even more chances to save as this long weekend is getting near! With every step, the per-pill price drops by 5%. Generic Viagra, Cialis and their generics have made it to our holiday specials list. And whatever your choice is for the pill, our service provides the quality you can fall back on, any time.