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Claritin (Loratadin) Overview

Claritin reviewClaritin (loratadine) is an allergy preparation used for the symptomatic treatment (that is, to alleviate symptoms but not heal the causes) of allergic rhinitis, hay fever, chronic urticaria (hives) and other skin conditions with significant itching. Claritin temporrily removes the symptoms of allergic, seasonal and perennial rhinitis such as sneezing, nasal leakage, swelling, and burning and burning eyes.

Let’s start Claritin review by saying that allergy is a pathological, somehow transformed tissue response to allergens, manifested in the immune response of the body associated with the production of certain antibodies, which are linked to the so-called antigens brought about the release of various factors.

The action of Claritin is drawn to blocking the action of primary histamine, the agent causing an allergic reaction in man. Under the influence of loratadine action the sensitivity of the tissues to histamine decreases, in consequence with which the allergic reaction may be less violent. Claritin counters the formation of allergic swelling, urticaria and allergic reactions mucous membranes and has a pronounced anti-pruritus effect. Loratadine is a strong and long-acting tricyclic antihistamine with selective antagonistic action on the receptor H1, devoid of sedative and anticholinergic effects. Loratadine does not prevents the release of histamine, but competes with free histamine in connecting to the H1 receptor.

The onset of loratadine occurs 1-3 hours after administration, with a peak effect between 8-12 hours and duration of action for more than 24 hours. Taking the drug while consuming the meal weakens the effect of the drug.

Claritin is taken by mouth Usually adults and children of over 60 lbs of weight 1 tablet of Claritin 10 mg once a day, in the morning before the first meal. Children weighing less than 60 lbs should take 1/2 tablet (5 mg) once daily. The preparation should be discontinued one week before anticipated allergic skin tests.

Claritin allergies effectiveness

A few sentences about allergies should naturally follow Claritin discussion. The main allergens in  cosmetics are most often fragrances, and those are second only to miscellaneous preservatives, creams and some resins. Those are some cosmetic ingredients such as mixtures of aromatic chemicals, some essential oils, Peruvian lotion, rosin, creams (lanolin, eucerin), some cosmetic preservatives, eg nipagin. Perfume perfume (sometimes deodorant) contains usually about 50 ingredients in the form of synthetic fragrances, essential oils, lotions, preservatives, and each of these ingredients can cause contact allergy. Mostly patients are sensitive to synthetic fragrances (some alcohols – benzoin, cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, geraniol), Peruvian lotion, and natural essential oils – bergamot, cinnamon, peppermint, pine, orange, geranium, etc. Fragrances should also cause photoallergic reactions. The best known for this property is bergamot oil, although it only provokes minor erythema, also photoallergic discoloration is maintained over many months on the skin. Consequently, many popular perfumes were excluded or reduced to a minimum.

How can we help the allergy sufferer? Asthma can be a disease in which the constantly developing inflammation leads to a reduction in airflow in the bronchial pathways. This is due to bronchospasm and accumulation of dense mucus in them. Attacks occur primarily in the morning and at night, causing soreness, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. In 50% of cases of asthma in adults cause this ailment may be we are allergic. And here is where Claritin steps in, relieving the symptoms of allergies, without curing the cause, which is idiopathic reactions towards histamine.

Eye allergies cause the same factors as hay fever: pollen, grass and flowers, pet hair, mite feces and dust. Typically, the protective barrier is a tear that rinses all the particles and impurities from the eye. However, since tears do not cope, all these pollen and particles get deeper into the mucous membranes of the eye and cause inflammation. In the event of contact with an allergen, the eye tries to defend. This also involves the formation of antibodies that fight eye irritants. Symptoms of this fight are: itching, burning and tearing. The longer the contact with the allergen, the stronger it is and the more difficult it is to control. Claritin is a go-to drug that successfully eliminates all of the above symptoms, preventing graver conditions from stemming from trivial allergies.

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