Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Thyroid Problems

Thyroid troubles in men

Many scientist feel that male hypothyroidism is rare and shows a prevalence of 1:15 in comparison with women, but the epidemiological reality is probably different: men undergo checkups less often, which incorrectly applies the principle that thyroid diseases are only female relevance, although the argument holds that male hypothyroidism is less symptomatic.

The symptoms in men manifests themselves at generally higher levels of TSH with mental and physical fatigue, chilliness, sleep disturbance and mood, sometimes even erectile dysfunction, long-term major cardiovascular risk.

The main cause of thyroid trouble and the symptoms that men find the most disturbing, which are sexual function symptoms, is autoimmune thyroiditis (so-called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). The large increase in the number of autoimmune diseases that has occurred in recent decades could have many contributing factors in addition to those genetic-constitutional, in particular the radioactivity suffered for the various nuclear explosions, the abuse of toxic in agriculture, the mode of production of some raw materials for the food are a few of the causes taking their toll. Not least the fact that we are the first generation where the vaccine which resulted in the disappearance of certain diseases, but obviously has made us all pay a different price.

In general, it is recommended that replacement therapy for TSH> 6 mIU/L is appointed when clearly established an autoimmune thyroid disease, in other cases (such as hypothyroidism frequently amiodarone, anti-arrhythmic drug, generally used in advanced average age) only for TSH> 10.8 mIU/L.

The link between underperforming male thyroid and Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and low libido

That there is a relationship between a thyroid disorder and a sexual discomfort is well known, but some of the underlying mechanisms still remain to be clarified. In men, premature ejaculation, lack of desire and the erection deficits are common symptoms of an underperforming thyroid gland, and even fertility may be involved with the reduction in seminal volume, as well as the number and motility of sperm.

Even on women the effects on the menstrual cycle and infertility are known, although those are less studied in terms of sexual implications. The hypothyroid – both male and female – are almost always fatigued and depressed, and sexual appetite relapse can be heavy.

A new scientific paper, just published in the International Journal of Andrology, has involved thousands of people and has made it clear that more than 60% of patients with hyperthyroidism also have an erection deficit. Hypothyroidism seems to have nothing to do with these cases. The curious thing, so to speak, is that only 1% of the population of males with uncertain erection problem is suffering from hyperthyroidism.

This suggests that clinicians who deal with thyroid should pay more attention to the impact on male sexuality to expose the problem. The situation resembles vaguely neglect of many diabetologists that despite being informed on the high percentage of negative sexual effects of this disease, doctors neglect to ask their patients how are things in the intimate life.

It can’t be overstated that there is an important connection between male sexual dysfunctions and disorders related to the thyroid. Typically though, the patient may feel a little embarrassed about this subject to bring it up with the doctor to ask the question whether there is a link, and that is an important drawback in recognizing the epidemic. At the same time, the clinician thinks that if the patient for this aspect is important and experiences a certain discomfort if he himself is to ask that question.

A correlation between the two types of thyroid disorders and sexual function follow their own rules, and a deepening of understanding in this area becomes necessary. The thyroid is an endocrine gland present height of the neck which has the function of producing thyroid hormones, which ensure the control of body metabolism. When the immune system undergoes severe stress, it is mainly this organ that suffers. Consequently, if the thyroid begins to produce an excessive number of hormones, it develops a hyperthyroidism; if, on the contrary, it produces less, there arises a condition called hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism and Erectile Dysfunction/Premature Ejaculation

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are nervousness, muscle weakness, weight loss, hair loss, and accelerated heart rate. The symptoms of this condition, however, are manifested by a reduced heart rate, a constant feeling of fatigue and cold, memory loss, weight gain and depression. Hyperthyroidism in men can generate loss of libido and premature ejaculation. These disorders, in fact, can be brought on by continuous anxiety which generally produces excess thyroid hormones.

Hypothyroidism, however, could lead to impotence and infertility. Actually, both of them are caused by an increase in the production of prolactin, which generally is highlighted when the level of thyroid hormones plummets. It would seem, therefore, necessary to receive assiduous attention from experts to take into consideration the person’s general health condition, and not just a single organ or a system in which the doctor specifies. For patients, the best strategy is therefore to seek attention of several specialists apart from endocrinologist, such as andrologist, urologist and/or sexologist, as well as keep regular appointments with the general practitioner and have blood counts screened periodically or as appointed by a healthcare provider.

We are not divided internally and our body expresses states of imbalance in ways that are not disconnected from each other. For this reason, it is important to ask patients if they experience all the possible effects that are known to emerge from a particular dysfunction. Similarly, even those who consult a specialist would do well by acquainting the doctor with all the ailments that plague them to see if there may be a correspondence between the various symptoms. A more complex look at the system of symptoms certainly helps to increase the knowledge as well as the quality of life.

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