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My Canadian Pharmacy Rx may contain information on drugs, medicines, and possibly texts or parts of the texts of drug labels, the summary of product characteristics and general drug summaries and advice. Those outline the conditions under which the medicinal product should be used and summarize the current known safety profile.

In particular:

  • Drug label that comes alongside the drug you buy from a trusted pharmacy is a document intended for the patient / user. It contains all the information you need for a safe and proper use of the drug.

  • Product characteristics summary is a document intended primarily for healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) and is a ‘medical identity card’ of the medicine, constantly updated over the years. It provides all the essential information regarding the drug’s efficacy and safety. My Canadian Pharmacy Rx does not deal with this kind of information; to find it, you will need to consult specific sources that deal with this type of data Information obtained from My Canadian Pharmacy Rx product pages cannot be used as product characteristics summary in full sense of the term.

  • For practical information on the use of drugs, patients should read the package leaflet and consult their doctor or pharmacist.

  • For practical information on the use of parapharmacological products, users must read the information contained in the package leaflet and / or the labels on the packaging; it is also advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Data used and published are also obtained from manufacturer’s product descriptions, which guarantees the utmost commitment to make the database and updates accurate, timely and up to date. The prescription and use of the products to which the data relates are always under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. My Canadian Pharmacy Rx assumes no responsibility for the use of published data.

The term parapharmacological refers to cosmetic products, dietary foods and dietary supplements which, while not being medicines, may have implications for the user’s health as they contain concentrated nutrient sources or other substances with nutritional effects (e.g. vitamins, minerals, etc.) or physiological (e.g. plant extracts), alone or in combination.

Food supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. While having a healthy value, dietary supplements cannot have therapeutic value; can therefore contribute specifically to the well-being of the body, but without any care goals. The directions on the use and properties of the medicines published on the site must always and in any case be compared with the opinion of your health care practitioner or pharmacist.

The information contained on the site may be updated and modified several times during the period of validity of the medicinal product, so there may be differences between the information provided on the site and other public domain information. The information on the site once it is published can be no longer up-to-date, so they can appear outdated. The same goes for prices quoted in relation to the products. Those are provided by chosen pharmacies and are not in any way governed or monitored by My Canadian Pharmacy Rx. The prices you can find on our pages are provided for educational and comparative purposes only.

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx handles the information about drugs and health conditions responsibly: our specialist do their best to present the facts accurately and in a digestible mannet. As for the content published on pages dedicated to drugs, their characteristics, uses and properties, they should not be relied on as valid substitution for drug leaflets. We also reiterate the necessity of getting examined and consulted by a doctor. If you have any questions concerning the articles contained on our website, please contact us with notes and suggestionis at e-mail:

It is important to remember that:

  • If you have any doubts or questions about the use of a medicine or parapharmaceutical product, you should always contact your doctor, pharmacist or pharmacist.

  • Any responses to comments or forums provided by professionals who manage / collaborate with the site cannot and should NEVER replace the direct medical-patient relationship that allows the practitioner to evaluate the patient’s overall situation through knowledge clinical history, health status, allergies, and other useful elements in defining appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

  • Patients should never stop taking or changing the posology (use) of a parapharmaceutical product or a medicine prescribed by them without first consulting the doctor and / or the specialist.

  • The information contained on the site and in any responses to the comments, must in no way replace the direct relationship between a physician and a patient or between a pharmacist and a patient. For any doubt or information of any kind, you should consult your healthcare professional and / or specialist.

  • Any form of diagnosis or prescription of medication is in no way possible through comments responses.

  • Information on medicines, parapharmaceuticals, and possibly texts or parts of the texts of the user’s instructions do not suggest or even indirectly promote the consumption of a specific product, for the choice of which it is always necessary to contact your doctor or a specialist or pharmacist.

  • The information on the site, including prices, is published for educational purposes only.

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