ExtenZe Male Enhancement Pills – Are They Really Dangerous?

It is most men’s natural desire to see their penis become bigger. Statistics show that over 50% of men are not quite happy with the size of their penis, and this has given rise to a huge industry of “male enhancement” – which is just a nice way to say “penis enlargement”. Pills, exercises, and even risky surgeries have gained great popularity. Among male enhancement pills, one of the most popular products is ExtenZe – an affordable supplement that promises to make one’s penis temporarily larger. However, in spite of its popularity, you may have read very negative articles and reviews online, reporting that ExtenZe doesn’t work anywhere near as good as promised. What is the truth? And what does ExtenZe really do to your penis? In this overview, we will try to figure out.

Can you really make a penis larger?

Sometimes ads of male enhancement pills make it appear as if they make your penis larger on a permanent basis, but be attentive: ExtenZe doesn’t promise this and never has. Any ExtenZe  commercial will clearly state that the enlargement is temporary. This is very important: no pill can make your penis grow and remain that way. Even enlargement surgery (the popularity of which is growing at a disturbingly high speed) rarely produces a satisfying effect – to say nothing of the consequences and side effects. You see, a penis is not like a female breast: it doesn’t consist of fat tissue that can easily be enlarged using implantates. A male penis is an extremely complex organ, full of thousands of tiny cavities and capillaries that fill with blood when an erection occurs. In fact, the size of a man’s flaccid member has nothing to with (and cannot predict) the size of the same penis when erect: blood flow increases sixfold during an erection, and the effect can be dramatic. Therefore, trying to increase the size of a non-erect penis is, in any case, quite useless – what you need is a larger erection.

The search for larger erections

For those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, such wonder drugs as Viagra and Cialis have mostly solve the problem: they provide a strong, reliable erection every time. Would Viagra help a man without ED achieve a larger erection, though? Well, not necessarily. The problem is that Viagra and other ED pills solve a very particular issue. Indeed, in those men who have ED, a particular enzyme – known as PDE5 – is too active and suppresses the chemical called cGMP, responsible for increasing the blood flow to the penis. In this case, something is needed to counteract the PDE5 and ensure proper blood flow – and that’s what the active ingredients in ED drugs do, be it sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, etc.

However, if you do not suffer from ED and your PDE5 levels are normal, there is not much that Viagra can do for you – it cannot solve a problem that you don’t have! So what about all those men who have a normal erection that is just not as large as they would like? Here is where male enhancement pills come in.

A wealth of natural ExtenZe components

So what is ExtenZe? It is not a drug – rather, ExtenZe pills  are a supplement, based mostly on herbs, roots, tree bark, and berries. There is nothing surprising about it: for thousands of years before Viagra was created, men searched for ways to have a stronger erection, and eventually cultures in different parts of the world discovered various potent plants and natural remedies. Most of these tropical and come from Africa, Asia, and South America.A wealth of natural components

While our ancestors had to make do with whichever herb grew near them, nowadays the best male enhancement pills – such as ExtenZe – can combine over a dozen such ingredients. Most of them are very safe and have almost no side effects, but some other – particularly the stronger ones – can lead to adverse reactions in some people.

Let’s look at some of the key ingredients in ExtenZe.

  1. Yohimbe tree – the bark of this West African tree bark was traditionally used to improve sexual performance. Apparently, the bark extract can block some receptors that inhibit erection. In controlled studies, 35% of men with erectile dysfunction reported improved erection when they took yohimbe extract. In addition, it can promote weight loss and is appreciated by bodybuilders. However, yohimbe is a very potent ingredient that can provoke side effects in men with heart or vascular problems. Among the reported side effects are high blood pressure, increased heart rate, agitation, and anxiety. For this reason, many supplements that contain only yohimbe in large doses have even been banned in some countries. However, ExtenZe contains only a medium amount of yohimbe in combination with many other ingredients. Therefore, unless you already suffer from hypertension, you don’t need to worry.
  2. Korean red ginseng – there are different species of ginseng, including Siberian and American, and they all have their uses, but it’s the Korean (or Chinese) ginseng that is used to increase male potency. Red ginseng simply means steamed and processed root as opposed to white (raw) ginseng. Studies demonstrate that ginseng works much better than placebo in terms of improving erection. This root stimulates blood circulation to the penis and generally in the body, including brain (thus, it also helps memory and cognitive function), it is great for the heart, and can even help prevent cancer. There are almost no side effects associated with Korean ginseng.
  3. Damiana – this plant with small yellow flowers, originally from Mexico, is a common ingredient in male enhancement pills. It works by providing better blood circulation to the penis, helping fill its corpora cavernosa (two symmetrical parts full of tiny cavities) with blood, ensuring a larger erection. Damiana is also known to strengthen the immune system and even help against depression. However, one should note that it mimics the effect of the female sexual hormone progesterone, so it should not be taken by people with hormone-sensitive forms of cancer. Diabetics should not use damiana, either, since it can interfere with the medications they take. Otherwise, it is very safe.
  4. Tribulus terrestris – this vine, common in China and India, is traditionally used as a tonic and aphrodisiac. It influences the production of male hormones in the body, especially dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which the body then uses to make testosterone. Low testosterone levels are often the cause of weak erections and decreased libido, so the aphrodisiac effect of Tribulus will be most welcome to men who suffer from testosterone deficiency. This plant is also taken by bodybuilders at the end of their bulking cycle, when their body stops producing testosterone due to all the steroids they are taking. Another effect of Tribulus is to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which is necessary to relax the smooth muscle in the penis and produce an erection.
  5. Horny goat weed – this Chinese plant owes its name to a curious legend: apparently, goatherders discovered its aphrodisiac qualities after seeing their goats constantly copulating after munching on the plant’s leaves. The plant, known scientifically as Epimedium, increases the levels of the nitric oxide in the blood, which helps the muscles in the penis relax. Strong sexual arousal produces the same effect, so one can say that horny goat weed is great for men with a low libido. This extract can lower the blood pressure, so generally men suffering from hypotension should be cautious’; however, the fact that in Extenze it is combine with yohimbe – which has an opposite effect – prevents any risk.
  6. Muira Puama – this large shrub from the Brazilian jungle has served Amazonian indians for centuries as an aphrodisiac and general stimulant. It improves blood flow and may even boost testosterone levels. It doesn’t just help men to have larger erections – it is great for women, too, providing stronger orgasms. Muira Puama has an effect similar to yohimbe but without its side effects.
  7. Black pepper – this ingredient is often found in penis enlargement pills, since it plays a very important function: it helps the body absorb the rest of the extracts. Normally, your digestive system would only absorb 15-20% of the useful compounds, while in the presence of black pepper this figure can double.

Apart from the plants we have already listed, the ExtenZe original formula contains many others – astragalus, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, ginger, zinc, and folic acid. There are, of course, also some harmless inactive ingredients, such as stearic acid and cellulose.

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ExtenZe instructions – how should you take the magic pill?

The key fact to remember about all the potent herbal extracts is that they really work when they accumulate in the body. ExtenZe is not an ED pill that you pop as you need it. Its effect is gradual and increases with time – the longer you take ExtenZe, the stronger and larger your erections become. You should take one ExtenZe pill a day, preferably at the same time, with a glass of water. Since the effect is accumulative, it doesn’t really matter if you take Extenze before, after, or with food and drink. When you use ExtenZe for the first time, take it after a meal in order to slow down the absorbtion and test for possible side effects.

You will see best effects after using ExtenZe for one month, though many men report great results even after one pill. It usually takes about an hour to feel the effect. You can drink alcohol when you use ExtenZe; however, keep in mind that alcohol is the worst enemy of libido!

A note for athletes: if you compete professionally, you should not take ExtenZe, since it contains the steroid DHEA. The steroid itself is naturally produced by the human body and is completely safe, but it is forbidden for athletes to use it.

Possible ExtenZe side effects

Unlike ED drugs, such as Viagra or Cialis, ExtenZe produces very little (if any) side effects. Only circa 3% of men who use ExtenZe develop any adverse reaction, and only 1% have to stop taking the supplement because of these reactions. The common culprit is yohimbe: as we have mentioned above, the original Extenze formula is designed in such a way as to counterbalance yohimbe’s tendency to increase blood pressure by the opposite effect from other ingredients. Still, those suffering from hypertension should be careful, otherwise the use of ExtenZe can result in headaches and dizziness. Diabetics should be careful when taking ExtenZe, too, because some of the extracts can interfere with drugs used to control blood sugar levels.

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We have receive occasional reports of indigestion and stomach cramps after taking ExtenZe (though it is hard to say if the reaction was caused by the pill or by some food eaten at the same time). In any case, there is no study that would link the use of ExtenZe to any dangerous adverse reactions – this supplement can be considered very safe.

A note on ExtenZe Plus and Extended Release versions – plus a drink

If you have already researched the market, you  may have noticed that apart from classic ExtenZe, there is also ExtenZe Plus. Is it worth buying? The fact is that the formula of ExtenZe has been significantly reworked to create the Plus version and features an important difference. The pill itself is now gelatinous, which ensures much faster absorption and effect onset (circa 30 minutes) and a generally better absorption rate (over 60% of the active ingredients reach the blood stream). The price difference between the two versions of ExtenZe is not very significant, so if you find that the classic version works well for you, it is definitely worth trying the Plus version.

Yet another innovation is ExtenZe Extended Release gel caps. The major difference this time is that the ingredients that metabolize slowly (including yohimbe, Tribulus terrestris, and DHEA) are contained in tiny time-release capsules, which allow for a more balanced and prolonged action.

Many ExtenZe reviews rave about the Extended Release formula – including this one, sent to us by Rick T.:

“I’ve been a fan of ExtenZe for months now – it has completely turned my sexual life around, and my erections are so much larger. However, there was just one little problem: after taking a pill, I would get very hard after circa 40 minutes and remain hard for an hour and a half or so. This effect is shorter than that of Viagra, for example, but I cannot take Viagra due to side effects, and I still wanted to have longer sex sessions with my girlfriend. So the Extended Release formula was a godgiven: I’ve read that 5 or 6 ingredients are released slowly from tiny gel beads, and the effect is amazing – now I can go on for three hours, and my penis remains very long throughout!”

However, that is still not the last of ExtenZe brand projects! While shopping around, you may have seen a drink (often with cherry flavor) under the ExtenZe name, looking much like an energy drink. Indeed, it fulfills two functions: it both prepares you for longer, more intense sexual sessions if you take it regularly and gives you an instant energy boost when you need it most (with such ingredients as ginkgo and ginseng improving your bloodflow and acting as general tonics and stimulators).

Top 5 reasons to buy ExtenZe

1) Longer, harder, enduring erections. By taking ExtenZe regularly, you will ensure the accumulation of its active ingredients in your system and a much better sexual performance every time. The erect penis will be up to 2 inches longer, and its girth can increase by 1 inch or more (which is actually more important to ladies). You will be able to last for over two hours, and even your sperm count can increase.

2) Better blood circulation. The natural extracts in ExtenZe act not only on your reproductive system, but on the whole body – which is to be expected, since they have been used in traditional medicine of Africa, Latin America, and Asia for centuries. Improved blood flow in all parts of your body will help solve problems with memory and chronic stress, relieve many chronic health conditions, and help your heart.

3) High energy levels. Many of the ingredients in ExtenZe (such as ginkgo and ginseng) also act as general tonics, stimulating all the physiological processes. After taking ExtenZe for a month, you will feel like a new, much healthier man – rising each morning feeling rested and energetic, moving easily through the day, and arriving at the more romantic part of the evening full of strength.

4) Great price. ExtenZe is very affordable, so even if you take it every day (as you should, for best results), it definitely won’t break the bank. The reason why ExtenZe costs less than Viagra, for example, is that the herb extracts contained in it are already so widely used in traditional medicine and are grown and produced in large quantities. Besides, they have already proven as safe, so the creation of ExtenZe did not require costly trials on animals and battles for permissions and licenses.

5) Safety. We have listed those groups of men who should exercise some caution when taking ExtenZe; still, overall it is an extremely safe supplement, each ingredient of which has been used by many generations in India, China, and Africa. Side effects affect only a few per cent of users and usually very slight. As long as you stick to the prescribed dose, you  have nothing to worry about.

ExtenZe Reviews

Jamie T. “I have suffered from a mild form of erectile dysfunction for years, and I have tried Viagra, but I had to stop taking it due to side effects (I got very bad headaches and nausea) and also because I simply could not afford it. So I decided to switch to ExteZe and I never regretted it. At first the effect was not very pronounced, but after a few weeks I started to have tremendous erections, and my libido went through the roof!”

Thomas “I was never happy with my erection, but I also have low blood pressure, so a lot of ED drugs and supplements are not an option for me. Luckily, ExtenZe does not contain any ingredients that lower blood pressure; quite the contrary, I found that yohimbe is a great stimulant for me and that I generally feel much better now. Plus, the DHEA steroid in the formula is really great for my masculinity – I feel like a real macho now.”

Anonym: “It is great that the traditions of Ayurvedhic medicine are finding modern use in ExtenZe. I am a great fan of Ayurvedha myself, and I am strongly opposed to chemical artificial drugs. I only use traditional herbal medicines and have never been ill or had any medical problems. ExtenZe is a great gift – it has over 20 natural ingredients, all of them in a balanced formula, so that you know exactly what you are putting in your body. It works just as well as any drug produced by a gigantic pharma company, but it has all the advantages of centuries of tradition”.

Xi Hu: “I am a doctor of Chinese medicine myself, so I can certify that the formula of ExtenZe is very well designed. At first I was a bit worried about all the American and African herbs, but after I tried ExtenZe and saw the effect, I am convinced. My sexual life has been transformed – before I felt that my penis was really small, but now I can see that my erection is much, much larger and stronger. I can also have sex several times in a row. The price is also simply great”.

Alexander48: “My first experience with ExtenZe was not great: I did get a great erection, but my heart was pounding, and I felt agitated and restless, as if under a strong stress. Still, I decided to persevere and kept taking the pills every day. After a couple of days, the side effects went away completely, and I could fully enjoy the dramatic effect of ExtenZe – for the first time in my life, I felt like a real stalliion! I had an erection every morning, and I could easily get up in the evening after a long day of work. Now my wife and I have sex almost every day, sometimes for hours.”

ExtenZe: The verdict

Coming back to our original question – is ExtenZe dangerous? – we can conclude that it is not. Yes, it does contain yohimbe (which is often presented as a very harmful ingredient), but its dose is not large and is counterbalanced by other natural herbs with the opposite effect on the cardiovascular system.

But does ExtenZe really work – that is, will it make your penis larger? Not on a permanent basis. No pill in the world can do that. However, most reviews on ExtenZe agree – it will ensure stronger, longer-lasting erections, better libido and sexual performance. All you have to do is take it daily – and in a month you will be delighted with the results.

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