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Modern pharmacology has developed a huge number of different methods and medicines aimed at treating erectile problems in different ways. To tell the truth, some of them turned to be either inefficient or difficult to conduct, or dangerous to the man’s health. However, this is the case of the methods and medical drugs of the previous generation.

The latest generation of medicines has opened a new era in treatment of erectile dysfunction. ED treatment has become less dangerous and, what is more important, available for the majority of patients. Of course, we are talking about PDE5 inhibitors which appeared at the market more than 20 years ago. Among them one can mention Forzest, the medication created on the basis of Tadalafil and turned to be effective and very popular with customers.

Forzest description

As we have already said Forzest refers to the group of PDE5 inhibitors designed for decreasing the degradation of cCMP, relaxing muscles and widening blood vessels in the cavernous body of the penis. Wider vessels transport larger volume of the blood that causes stronger and longer erection.

Forzest – 20 contains Tadalafil, the PDE5 inhibitor that has already proved its worth. The major difference and its advantage lie in its quick response and long duration of action. It starts working within 40 minutes and stays active during 36 hours! If you compare Tadalafil action with average duration of other ED treatment drugs (4-6 hours) you can easily understand its popularity. A man can feel relaxed as he will have time to build up romantic atmosphere and to pay attention both to his partner’s and his own needs and wishes.

The other point about Forzest we would like to stress you attention at is it is a generic drug produced after the successful invention of Tadalafil and its original brand – Cialis. Thus, the fact that the given medication has passed all the necessary tests and is approved by the World Health Organization just adds value to Forzest.

Forzest advantages

The drug has a lot of advantages comparing to the similar products. As we have already said its action lasts 36 hours that is 5-6 times longer than that of other PDE5 inhibitors such as Sildenafil (Viagra and its generics like Kamagra, Suhagra and others) and Vardenafil (branded Levitra and its generic products). Because of the long duration there is no need for the man to strictly plan his sexual activity.

The producer of Forzest declares that the drug has fewer side effects than Viagra and they are milder. Besides, the product is effective independently of patient’s age as well as the duration and state of his problem.

Forzest production

Forzest is a generic drug. As many other generics Forzest is manufactured in India. Indian production possibilities and legislation norms are not very severe (as they are in developed countries) help manufacturers of various goods and pharmaceutical products, in particular. That is why mainly all the popular generic products are issued by Indian companies which understand their benefit in the current circumstances and do their best to produce high quality goods and to maintain favorable market reputation.

Apart from good legislative and production conditions Indian producers bear low marketing and R&D costs as they use already invented and approved formulas. They do not need to invent the product from the very beginning, to incur expenses for testing and examination, to wait until the product is approved and so on. They do not need to carry out large-scale promotion campaign in order to launch the product and persuade customers to buy the drug. Everything is done before them so they just get the license and start the production process.

All the above – mentioned factors influence the finished product price that is very attractive for the buyers as it is several times less than the price of the branded medications. Low price and high quality are the main reasons why generics and, as we talk here about it, Forzest are so popular with patients suffering from ED problems all over the world.

Pharmacologic content

Pharmacologic contentEach pill of Forzest contains 20 mg of the active substance (Tadalafil). The medication also contains auxiliary substances that do not influence the effectiveness of the active element.

Forzest is produced in the form of oval blue pill. Each standard pack contains 4 tablets. However you can find economy packs offering even 500 pieces where the price of every pill is several times less than that of the standard pack.

Storage conditions

In order to keep high efficiency of the medication you store it in proper storage conditions: clean and dry places without light. Room temperature is the most appropriate. Forzest should be kept away from heat and moisture as they affect its active substance and therapeutic effectiveness, as a consequence. Forzest should also be kept away from children; outdated drugs should not be used.

Therapeutic action

To understand the therapeutic action of Forzest it is necessary to understand the mechanism of erection in the male body. When the man becomes sexually excited plain muscles of the cavernous body of the penis get relaxed and filled with blood together with the spongy body of penis. The penis becomes harder and larger. At the same time the contraction of ischiocavernous muscles leads to the squeeze of penis base and prevention of venous blood outflow and arterial blood inflow. When this mechanism does not work properly erectile dysfunction occurs.

Erectile dysfunction connected with the inability of the man to conduct full sexual intercourse occurs due to some reasons of physiological or psychological etiology. Psychological reasons may include stresses at work or depressive states as well as unsuccessful sexual experience in the past or early childhood traumas connected with sexual abuse, for example.

Erectile dysfunction of physiological etiology can be connected with congenital anomaly or with the consequences of the heath – detrimental behavior. It includes alcohol drinking, smoking, absence of physical activity and harmful working conditions. Among the factors of ED one can also name old age and the related problems with blood vessels.

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Psychological ED can be treated with the therapeutic help; in this case ED treatment drug can be the helpful support which of course will act very effectively. Physiological ED problems can be treated in most cases except for very difficult cases.

Being a PDE5 inhibitor Forzest suppresses the action of phosphodiesterase that blocks the inflow of blood to the penis. PDE5 inhibitor helps relax muscles and provide sufficient blood inflow to the cavernous body of the penis.

The distinctive feature of Forzest (Tadalafil) as PDE5 inhibitor is its ability to work only if the man is sexually excited. Sexual excitement triggers the erectile processes in the man’s body so Forzest helps in case of ED problems.

Target audience

The modern term used in marketing can also be applied in case of ED treatment drugs. These medications can be taken only by men at the age of not less than 18 who suffer from the erectile problems. Men over 65 should take the medication with care. Male patients with severe diseases (See below) are not recommended to start treating ED with Forzest either.

Forzest is not designed for women and children as Tadalafil causes harm for their heath. This is extremely important if the woman is pregnant or lactating as well as in case of little kids and babies.

Who must not take Forzest?

Forzest helps widen the blood vessels and provide larger blood inflow. So, cardio – vascular and blood systems are two human body systems that are directly involved in the process and are under the most pressure during the intake of the drug. That is why health care experts recommend that the patients who suffered or are suffering from cardio – vascular diseases must consult their doctors and refrain from taking the medication all alone anyway. Among the high risk diseases we can name heart stroke (especially during the first six months after the case), heart rhythm problems, coronary diseases, high or unstable blood pressure and others.

As far as the blood system is concerned haemophilia is another risky disease that can cause the restriction of Forzest intake. In case of any unusual situation larger blood volume produced with the help of Forzest must quickly coagulate for the patient not to bleed to death. In case of haemophilia this risk increases substantially. Apart from cardio – vascular and blood systems urinoexcretory and gastrointestinal systems are also involved in the process as Forzest is indigested and removed from the body via the above-mentioned systems. So, people with the kidney disorders or liver problems as well as stomach ulcers should refrain from applying Forzest therapy before they consult the doctor. Patients with diabetes are not recommended to take Forzest either.

As Forzest influence blood vessels organs of senses that are connected with vascular system may be under the excessive pressure. People with eye and ear disorders (like retinitis pigmentosa or nasal problems) are not advised to take Forzest. We would also like to stress your attention that psychological disorders are also the reason to postpone the treatment with Forzest. If the patient suffers from depression, nightmares or insomnia, anxiety or aggressive states he should apply to the therapist first and solve his problem with the nervous system and only after that start ED treatment with Forzest.

In any case, if you are suffering from any of the mentioned or other diseases you should inform your doctor before you take the decision to treat with any PDE5 inhibitor.

How to take Forzest?

How to take Forzest

  • The pill should be swallowed with sufficient amount of water. Forzest should be taken only once a day; the daily dosage should not exceed 20 mg of Tadalafil. The proper dose of Tadalafil should be defined only by your doctor and only after the examination of your health state. The doctor will regulate the prescribed dosage referring to the reaction of your body to Forzest, your health condition, suffered diseases in the past and medications you are taking at the present moment, if any.
  • You are not recommended to change the prescribed dosage and to take more than one pill per day under any circumstances. If you see no effect of Forzest please apply to the health care specialist first.
  • There are no restrictions concerning taking the medication on empty stomach or after the meal. Moreover, some patients notice the increase of efficiency when Forzest is taken on empty stomach.
  • There is no need to keep to a non-fatty or non-oily diet. However it is better to refrain from fat or oily food before taking Forzest as such food prevent Tadalafil from acting. We should stress your attention that grapefruit juice also decreases the effectiveness of PDE5 inhibitor and results can be delayed or not as strong as you desire.
  • The last, but not the least rule refers to smoking and alcohol. The developer of Forzest and doctors highly recommend that the patient should refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking before or just after the intake of the pill. Both alcohol and smoking add stress to the human cardio – vascular system that undertakes the tension during the sexual intercourse and additional tension after taking the pill. You can guess that the consequences may be quite gloomy.

Forzest: Side effects and Precautions

We have already told above that patients with some diseases should not use Forzest as a method of ED treatment. There are two reasons for the given recommendation: the first one relates to the human health itself; the second reason lies in the drug interaction. Let’s look at both of them.

Despite the fact that producer declare Forzest to have less side effects than other medicines of the group it may have certain side effects in some cases, as any other drug does. If the patient has already had the related health disorder the negative effect may be much stronger. Strong side effects may also occur when the dosage is defined improperly or if the patient took more than the recommended daily dose of 20 mg of Tadalafil.

Headaches and hot flashes as well as reddening of the face and dizziness are among the most frequently experienced side effects of the medication. Some patients say that these headaches are quite small and disappear in the course of treatment (when the man takes them several times in a row); however some decided to stop taking Forzest because of strong headaches.

If you feel pain in chest, symptoms of the heart attack or notice sharp increase or fall of blood pressure, if it is difficult for you to breathe please urgently inform your doctor or apply to the emergency aid.

As far as the organs of senses is concerned men may experience temporary loss of vision or blurred vision, hearing loss and color blindness. These side effects are very rare and met in less than 0.01% cases. Nevertheless we should mention them here. No treatment is needed for them besides the strong cases.

From the side of gastrointestinal system the patient may suffer from nausea and vomiting, stomach disorders, diarrhea or defecation problems.

Pains in back or muscles can be experienced by the patients in very rare cases.

Sometimes the patient may suffer from the side effects related to the nervous system. He may feel depressed or aggressive; some problems with sleeping may occur.

You should also take into account such a phenomenon as priapism. It is a longstanding and painful erection that may occur after the intake of PDE5 inhibitors and last within several hours. This is the case when urgent medical assistance is required.

Forzest interaction with other drugs

Most diseases we mentioned here presuppose the drug therapy. So, when deciding to take Forzest you should remember about the drug interaction.

First of all, Forzest must not be taken together with the drugs aimed at the decrease of blood pressure. Among them nitrate containing drugs (such as nitroglycerin) top the list of dangerous drugs. The combination of nitrates and PDE5 inhibitors may lead to the sharp decrease of blood pressure. Everybody knows that the low blood pressure is even more dangerous than the high one as the latter can be decreased and the first condition is very difficult to cure.

Different antibiotics and antifungal drugs such as itraconazole, erythromycin and others are also in the list of drugs that are not co-administered with Forzest and the intake of which should be discussed with the doctor.

Ritonavir and other medications desired for HIV / AIDS therapy (view all list) should be avoided; herb supplements and over-the-counter drugs should be taken with care if you decide to start the intake of Forzest.

Please remember that any violation of the doctor’s recommendations, medication instruction and absence of the necessary information may lead to the problems that will never occur if everything is done properly.

Forzest (Tadalafil) At My Canadian Pharmacy And Offers In Other Online Pharmacies

Forzest is available either in regular (“offline”) drug stores or in online pharmacies. The advantages of regular drug stores are inevitable: people are accustomed to buy medications in the drug stores, there they can look at the package and the medication itself, ask the pharmacist necessary questions, read the medical instruction and so on. Among the disadvantages of the offline pharmaceutical shop is the necessity to go out of the house (regardless of weather) and absence of some drugs which should be ordered.

Various online pharmaceutical shops and services are the growing alternative of the regular drug stores. Huge range of goods, availability 24 hours per day, possibility to make the order at any time and place you need and fast delivery are among the advantages of the online drug stores. Everything you need is the Internet connection.

Of course, there are some disadvantages of online shopping either. You are not able to look at the pack and hold it until you get it by post. Often people are afraid of fraud and they are true. There are a lot of unreliable shops that are not recommended to work with. However if you find the reliable online pharmaceutical service you will visit regular drug stores only in cases you will need something very urgently.

“How can I find reliable online service?” you ask. It not very easy however you should visit the website, study the provided information and pay special attention to the services provided. For example, My Canadian Pharmacy is available for visitors and clients without any break. Whenever you apply to us our call operator will answer you and will do his best to solve your problem. Our managers of Customer support service can answer any question regarding our product assortment as well as terms and methods of payment, choices and terms of delivery, order placing and tracking and so on.

Moreover, our expert can consult you about the possible application of the medications, their intake, dosages, contraindications and precautions. Certainly, this information is not a full medical consultation you can obtain at the doctor’s. However, it will surely help you when you come to the doctor and discuss the chance to start treating with Forzest, for example, as you will be equipped with the facts and will ask questions that will allow taking the right decision.

Besides high quality services My Canadian Pharmacy maintain high quality of products it offers. That is why we prefer to cooperate only with the reliable suppliers who care about their market reputation, keep high standards of pharmaceutical production and thoroughly monitor the quality of drugs they produce.

Just visit our website and leave your contact information. We will get in touch with and help you wit your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forzest

If I take Forzest two hours before the sexual intercourse will it work?

Yes, Forzest works within 36 hours that is why in two hours you will be able to conduct coitus. However, you should remember that Forzest does not cause sexual excitement, but it works only if you are sexually excited already.

I am 18. Can I use Forzest?

The medication is prescribed for the adult patients from 18 years old. Nevertheless, please consult your doctor before taking the drug as in your age there should be quite serious reasons to start ED treatment.

Why can women not use Forzest?

The producer of the given ED treatment drug recommends that women and children not take the medication as it is harmful for their health (especially in case of pregnancy (for women) and very small age (for children).

Why does my physician insist on thorough medical examination before I take Forzest?

Forzesr refers to the group of PDE5 inhibitors that are very effective drugs. The strength and high effectiveness of the drugs has the reverse side: they cause strong influence on human body systems especially cardio – vascular one. Thus, if you have any health problem you may face the disease recurrence if you take Forzest. So, you should follow your physician’s advice and undergo the heath examination.

Can I improve my sexual life by taking Forzest?

Of course, you can. ED problems influence human relations and sexual life, in particular, quite negatively as frustration and nervousness grow. When starting the intake of Forzest the patient becomes more relaxed, calm and the level of frustration decreases. This situation has very favorable effect on the relations in the couple.

Will my sexual desire be stronger?

No, the strength of your sexual excitement does not depend upon Forzest as the drug does not cause the excitement. However, sexual stimulation is the required condition for the medication to start working.

Can I take two pills of Forzest to have stronger effect?

No. increasing the dosage of Tadalafil is quite dangerous for the human health. Moreover, larger dosage will not increase the effect and you will bear all the negative consequences. The approved daily dosage of Tadalafil makes up 20 mg.

What will happen if a miss the dose?

Nothing will happen as Forzest is taken only whenever necessary. No regular intake is needed.

If Forzest does not work on the first try should I change the medication?

Sometimes the medication does not work when taken for the first time. If you do not have side effects either you can take one more try. In some cases the pill starts working after several attempts.

Can I take two pills per day?

No, only one pill of Forzest should be taken within the period of 24 hours.

Can I eat before taking Forzest?

Yes, you can eat as there are no requirements concerning taking the medication on empty stomach. However, refrain from taking the medical drug after very fatty or oily food, grapefruit or grapefruit juice as these products may decrease the effect of Tadalafil.

What are the common side effects of Forzest?

Headaches, hot flashes, nausea and dizziness refer to the most common side effects of every PDE5 inhibitor.

Can I smoke after the coitus if I take Forzest?

No, smoking is not recommended either before or after taking the medication.

In what cases should I avoid taking Forzest?

You should avoid treating with Forzest if you suffer from serious cardio – vascular diseases, diabetes or problems with kidneys or liver. You should consult your doctor before taking the drug.

I take nitroglycerin. Can I start taking Forzest?

No, simultaneous intake of Forzest and all the drugs containing nitrates are strictly prohibited as this combination can cause serious deterioration of the human health.

I take herb supplements. Is it dangerous to take Forzest together with them?

Herb supplements are not medicines and do not have strong effect. However it is better to inform your doctor which herbs you take in order to avoid undesired consequences.

Can I buy Forzest in regular store?

Forzest is available only in drug stores or in online pharmacies like My Canadian Pharmacy. Please visit our site to get more information.

Customers’ feedbacks

Below My Canadian Pharmacy has collected some feedbacks from customers who have tried Forzest once or who buy it on regular basis.

Ian, age unknown

“Serious problems at work dramatically influenced my psychological condition. I got depressed as I could find the way out. I was thinking about my working problems and stopped any communication with my family, my kids and wife. No wonder that our sex life got into pieces. We didn’t make love as at first I just didn’t feel any desire for that. Then I tried to improve the situation it turned out that I could not do anything! I was very disappointed and this fact triggered my depression further. When my wife pronounced the word “divorce” I was shocked and decided to get my family back to me. I read a lot about ED treatment drugs. Of course, I heard about Viagra, but I was not satisfied with the duration of its action. My physician recommended that I try Forzest. I do not have any serious health problems so I started visiting psychotherapist and taking Forzest. The result is outstanding! I’ve got my relationship with wife back on track and coped with my problems at work. Thanks to Forzest!”

A man, age unknown

“Slight headache and dizziness then nothing bad. 36 hours, it is a miracle! Full coitus, able to make love several times during the weekend. Will buy more”.

Cleeve, 64

“I was young and stupid… so I drank and smoked a lot. As a result, problems with lungs and very bad condition of blood vessels, I don’t mention other problems. ER problems began much earlier, up to 20 years ago. Nothing of the kind was available in drug stores, I mean erectile medications. Now everything is great. I can take the pill and have great sex with my girlfriend whenever I want. Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by beautiful young ladies”.

Greg, 53

“I hesitated quite long to buy Forzest online as I knew only Viagra and Cialis. However when I read about Forzest and understood that it is old good Cialis I decided to try. And yet it is quite cheap if compared with the original medication. Just had hot flashes and headache several time at the very beginning. Now everything is fine!”

A man, 51

“My recommendation is… Buy Forzest! Effective and rather cheap! I was told about side effects and other chilling stories about terrible headaches and bla-bla-bla… I take Forzest every weekend and my wife and I have fabulous sex. My recommendation!”