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MaxMan is a biologically active substance for men boosting potency and struggling against erectile dysfunction. This remedy’s action is aimed at erectile enhancement and prolongation of sexual activity. The manufacturer recommends taking MaxMan during the process of the initial stages of sexual disorders therapy, as well as for impotency prophylaxis. The medication contains organic substances taking active impact on the entire sexual function. It enhances libido, restores the work of reproductive system, increases endurance and energizes. Also, MaxMan is effective for application in therapeutic course. Positive effect of the therapy preserves within three-five months. This biologically active substance doesn’t require doctor’s prescription.

MaxMan and Chinese Manufacturers: Pros and Cons

Chinese preparations for male potency boost become quite popular in recent times. It is well explained by not only increased interest to everything new and exotic, but also by high effectiveness of these remedies and amazing impacts on human organism. The medications for elimination of erectile problems and boosting of male strength are first of all biologically active supplements. In comparison with common biologically active dietary supplements that take overall stimulating and revitalizing effect on organism, the remedies falling into this group improve reproductive capacities of a man and ameliorate the overall health condition (auxiliary impact). Chinese ED pills are mainly composed of natural ingredients produced of herbal or animal material. The components of these preparations are produced in Eastern countries, since they include exotic constituents.

Typically, stimulators for potency contain the following additives:

  1. Llingzhi mushroomLlingzhi mushroom
    This is a unique remedy traditionally applied in Chinese medicine. This component promotes enrichment of blood with oxygen, improves cardiac condition and removes the occurrence of neuroses. The mushroom is widely used for diseases prophylaxis in elderly people and inhibition of the process of senescence. It has immunomodulating, anti-oxidant, and anti-allergic action due to general strengthening impact on organism. Llingzhi mushroom is also efficient in case of reproductive male system disorders.
  2. Goji berry
    These products contain vitamins of the groups B and C. They are rich in amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6, antioxidants, minerals (such as potassium, ferrum, cupric, calcium, manganese, selenium, zinc, etc.). The afore-mentioned ingredients clear salts of heavy metal from organism, decrease the level of bad cholesterol, and promote clarification of liver. Besides, goji berries enhance vascular elasticity, normalize the work of gastro-intestinal tract and relieve the depression symptoms. It is well known that goji berries decrease appetite and are good for weight loss. They are applied for overall improvement of human health.
  3. Rose root stonecrop
    This plant improves the condition of nervous system, boosts working capacity, takes anti-bacterial action, and reduces the anxiety level. This is a well-known natural stimulant improving the state of immunity and taking beneficial action on functioning of reproductive function.

Besides, Chinese ED remedies may contain a number of other ingredients either of herbal or animal origin, as well as mineral additives. Very often Chinese saffron, ginseng root, field dodder seeds, and epimedium are applied.

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Biologically Active Substances for ED

Problems in intimate life may occur in any man regardless of age. Causes of failures in sexual life are very diverse, ranging from psychological diseases and stresses up to serious vascular pathologies. To help men, biologically active substances for potency boost were developed. These are special natural preparations for men, which raise the level of testosterone. What are dietary supplements for potency? Biologically active substances are produced on the basis of plant substances, animal and insect products. Therefore, it is wrong to say that dietary supplements for potency are medical preparations. These are biologically active additives that due to the unique properties of plant components are able to positively influence the work of the body, including testosterone (primary male hormone). Depending on the manufacturer, the composition of food additives that increase the potency in men may be different. As a rule, both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies produce biologically active supplements that contain the most important agents for the proper functioning of the male body.

The constituents of these remedies for potency boost are:

  • Vitamin E – improves potency;
  • Selenium – strengthens the walls of blood vessels, makes them more elastic;
  • Fatty unsaturated acids – beneficially affect the quality of sperm and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Moreover, dietary supplements help not only to increase testosterone levels in men, but also to promote the activation of other processes in body. Vegetables containing many useful vitamins and elements help to normalize pressure, get rid of joint pains, relieve fatigue and increase vitality. Therefore, biologically active substances for potency are taken by those men who are against the intake of medicinal products and have the problems in sexual sphere.

MaxMan: Efficacy of Dietary Supplements for Men

The main advantage of biologically active additives is the lack of synthetic agents in their composition. Taking medications can have a negative impact on health: pills and injections for testosterone levels increase have contraindications, and, therefore, they are not suitable for all men.

Efficacy of Dietary Supplements for Men

Several undisputable advantages of biologically active supplements, such as MaxMan:

  • Regular administration even for a short time will allow a man to feel more confident in bed with his beloved woman;
  • There are no strict contraindications, and side-effects occur in very rarely;
  • More affordable price compared with pharmaceutical treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • A person can buy biologically active supplements at any pharmacy without a prescription;
  • These remedies have a lot of positive feedback.

The use of dietary supplements for potency can accelerate the erection rate and prolong sexual intercourse. However, it should be remembered that it is better to take biologically active additives to increase testosterone and eliminate erectile dysfunction for at least 3-4 months. Very often a man takes dietary supplements for a few days and feels the restoration of potency. Thus, he decides to stop the drug’s application. This will likely give a temporary effect and the problem will return again.

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How to Take Dietary Supplements for Potency, such as MaxMan?

Drugs for potency boost in men are not a panacea. They only contribute to the normal functioning of genitourinary system. In addition, it should be noted that biologically active supplements for potency are useless if applied for less than 3-4 months. And it is best to get used to biologically active additives administration the same way as brushing teeth or shaving in the morning. Improvement from taking dietary supplements comes only with the regular use.

Biologically active substances have almost no contraindications; they do not cause side-effects and overdose. However, supplement manufacturers warn that recommended daily dose should not be exceeded for false expectations that additional dosage will increase testosterone levels and restore sexual function faster. Moreover, before deciding which dietary supplement to choose, it is better to consult a specialist.

Despite the fact that advertising campaigns market dietary supplements as a drug after the application of which any man feels improvements in sexual life, there is something that is often overlooked.

  • Biologically active supplements are not subjected to thorough testing, like medicines.
  • To increase the shelf life of dietary supplements, chemicals (formaldehyde, ethers and other carcinogens) can be used.
  • Counterfeit additives can get into both online stores and offline pharmacy chain.
  • Sellers of drugs are not specialists and cannot adequately advise which dietary supplements to choose, and which additive will be effective to improve potency.

The risk of buying a fake which is not only useless in rising of testosterone levels and relieving erectile dysfunction, but also harmful for body is rather high. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist before the beginning dietary supplements usage in regards to their composition and possible contraindications and side-effects. Besides, there is no guarantee that potency improves by using dietary supplements. It should be remembered that regular treatment of impotency regardless of the origin of the latter also requires professional help from urologists, andrologists, psychologists and other professionals.

MaxMan Dossier: First Things First

MaxMan is one of the strongest and most effective medications in the world that is designed for improvement and reinforcement of male potency capacities. This remedy enhances libido rather efficiently, renders help to patients suffering from impotency and premature ejaculation, elongates and enlarges penis and is generally applied for prophylaxis of prostatitis. This is absolutely safe and natural product that guarantees up to 30% of penis growth. Since 2006, this drug is considered to be a bestseller in the U.S. due to its warranty of perfect results. MaxMan is a remedy for potency boost that solves the problems that are not accepted to be discussed in society aloud. Also, MaxMan producers guarantee its effectiveness in 99,98%. The supplement is produced of exclusively qualitative herbal, animal and sea materials in accordance with ancient Tibetan technologies.

MaxMan: Impacts of Chinese ED Remedies on Male Organism

Chinese potency stimulants have a wide range of useful features:

  • Eliminate the inflammatory processes in the tissues of prostatic gland;
  • Prolong the time of sexual intercourse preventing from premature ejaculation;
  • Boost the level of sexual desire;
  • Improve the quality of semen and increase the probability of conceiving;
  • Normalize the urination processes;
  • Provoke the enhancement of erection during sexual intercourse.

The main difference of Chinese preparations from the traditional drugs for ED is the fact that they act softer and have a less number of contraindications; therefore, they are able to be taken even by sound men. Thus, male orgasm occurs a bit earlier than the female one – and this is quite natural. In order to remove the imbalance and shift the time of orgasm occurrence, special remedies of Eastern medicine that prolong the time of sexual activity are applied. They allow men and women to get as much pleasure with sex as possible.

The uniqueness of the Eastern medications for potency lies in the fact that they take double effect on man’s organism. First, they cause noticeable erection from the first application, i.e. they provide a normal sexual intercourse. Second, regular administration of these drugs takes a perfect therapeutic effect that restores natural potency in 90% of patients.

MaxMan Action Method

The action of this organic medication causes enhanced blood stream to penis which results in increase of erogenous zones’ sensitivity and more solid and prolonged erection. Activation of blood circulation after MaxMan administration occurs due to relaxation of smooth muscle cells in pelvis. MaxMan natural components improve the quality of semen, increase germ cells’ motility, and prevent from occurrence of premature ejaculation.

MaxMan Magic Ingredients

MaxMan Magic Ingredients

This ED medication includes the following components:

  1. Ginseng – increases organism tonus, boosts sexual drive and attraction to a partner, improves the condition of soft tissues, and enhances sensitivity of erogenous zones.
  2. Morinda extract – restores sound production of hormones, strengthens intracellular membranes, and renders prophylaxis of inflammatory diseases of sexual system.
  3. Chinese cordyceps – activates blood supply, boosts libido, and normalizes ejaculation process.
  4. Astragal root – enhances sensitivity of nerve endings of organs, stimulates production of seminal fluid, and promotes orgasm achievement.
  5. Epimedium – relieves painful feelings in case of chronic prostatitis and takes strong antibacterial action.

All these components are well absorbed by organism, do not get accumulated in blood plasma and are fast cleared.

Characteristics of MaxMan Main Components


Ginseng is known as an excellent libido stimulant. The root of the plant affects the organs of the endocrine system, awakens sexual desire and enhances sensations of sexual pleasure greatly.  An experiment was conducted proving that the root of ginseng increases sexual activity. Moreover, erectile function is improved by vasodilation of blood vessels ensuring a good blood circulation. Ginseng root contains all necessary substances, the action of which not only affects the potency, but also improves the quality of semen. Generally, various herbs and medicinal plants are used to restore body only in folk medicine, but the root of ginseng is used even in modern pharmaceutical preparations. It should be noted that taking any substances including the ones for potency boost in increased doses can adversely affect health. Therefore, despite the safety of ginseng, it is recommended to follow the instructions thoroughly and consult a doctor. As for contraindications to the use of the drugs based on ginseng root, they include hypertensive disease of the third degree, diseases of infectious etiology, as well as the age above 16 years.  If taken simultaneously with ED drugs, adverse reactions may occur. Thus, it is necessary to carefully study the description and contraindications to ginseng usage. Besides, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. Taking into account the patients’ opinions about such preparations, negative reactions appeared extremely rarely, and their main cause was the excess of the dosage.

Morinda Extract

Morinda drug has a wide range of applications. Medicinal morinda medicinal is applied for hypertensive disease of I and II degree, as well as a tonic for asthenic syndrome. Besides all these properties, morinda root stimulates reproductive capacity in men. Traditional medicine uses the plant as a toning remedy for impotency, anti-inflammatory agent for rheumatism, arthritis, and radiculitis. Morinda root contains anthraquinone, compounds of flavonoids containing tannins, amine acid, polysaccharides, minerals and trace elements: zinc, manganese, ferrum, chromium and other elements. The action of the morinda root is as follows: according to the results of pharmacological research study, it is proved that the root of morinda contains a large amount of zinc (385 ug/g), tones and improves the endocrine system, kidneys, regulates the secretory functions of the gonads, and increases the secretion of semen.


Astragal is a shrub about 30-40 centimeters high that belongs to the family of legumes. This plant is long popular among people for its amazing healing properties. Therapeutic features of astragal belong to top blooming stems only. Astragal is able to provide immune-stimulating, restorative, antiviral, anti-cancer, tonic, sedative action. Also, this plant is able to protect liver tissues, regulate metabolism disturbed by atherosclerosis and diabetes, stimulate blood formation, make blood pressure lower or vasodilate coronary vessels, and increase male potency. In short, a whole bunch of useful properties are in one plant. Astragal is very effective in case of heart failure, hypertension. It can be used for chronic circulatory failure, which is accompanied by different degrees of cardiac blockade. It is most effective when the arms and legs are cramped and unbearably painful. For men, astragal is recommended for impotency and prostatitis. It affects male power. Astragal is used in folk medicine of all Oriental peoples (Japan, China, and Mongolia) for the renewal of body forces. Under its action, the number of germ cells increases, and sexual function gets restored. Astragal affects the work of sexual glands, nervous and immune systems.


Epimedium root is a natural stimulant of libido and potency. Horny goat weed (epimedium) was used as an effective enhancer of male potency in Ancient China. In fact, this product contains a whole complex of vitally important medicinal substances due to which epimedium exerts a general health-improving influence on the human body, helps to get rid of a number of diseases and problems.

Epimedium root is a proven remedy for treatment of the following conditions:  

  • menopause. In the period of women’s menopause, the root of epimedium normalizes blood pressure and stimulates the release of endorphins, as a result, the mood rises and the well-being improves;
  • impotency, low libido in men. Epimedium is a plant most often used to normalize sexual function of men. The use of this remedy stimulates sensory nerves, thereby increasing sexual activity, increasing the production of healthy and productive sperm. Also this plant normalizes the secretion of the male sex hormone – testosterone;
  • infertility (male, female). Beneficial features epimedium have the following effects on the human body: immunomodulating; choleretic; diuretic; exciting.

The root increases libido, improves erectile function, has anti-inflammatory effect, it is an excellent vasodilator, antibacterial and cleansing agent. Regular intake of epimedium-based drugs helps to remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body; stimulate reproductive function, accelerate mental activity, improve memory, increase mindfulness. As in other parts of the plant, the root of epimedium contains a complex of useful substances:  steroids; alkaloids; glycosides; saponins; Icaria – flavonoid, which promotes muscle growth and bone tissue strengthening, and also has a Viagra-like effect.

MaxMan Indications to Use

The medicine is effective for therapeutic course. Here is the list of applications of this organic additive:

  • Weak potency;
  • Short-term erection;
  • Low quality of seminal fluid;
  • Impairment of hormonal profile;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Prostatic adenoma;
  • Chronic fatigue.

MaxMan may be used in case of absence of any disorders in sexual and urinary systems, namely for orgasm enhancement and overall strengthening of organism. This biologically active substance is suitable for men above 65 years. It is not harmful for liver and has no toxic components.

MaxMan Posology and Administration

The supplement is recommended before meals. Maximal daily dosage is one-two capsules a day. The product is to be taken during the period of sixty days. After therapeutic course is it important to make a pause lasting at least fourteen days. The product is advised to be drunk with water. During MaxMan usage, it is recommended refusing the intake of the drugs the action of which is aimed at enhancement of blood supply to penis. This is quite dangerous because of possible occurrence of adverse effects, including allergic reactions.

MaxMan Contraindications

The remedy doesn’t take any adverse impact on liver and contains no toxic components.

But as any medicinal product, MaxMan has a number of contraindications that are to be taken into account:

  • Allergy to active substances;
  • Diseases of nervous system (neurosis, regular sleep disorders; anxiety);
  • Severe cardiac diseases, impairment of heart rhythm;
  • Rehabilitation period after surgeries, heart attack or apoplectic attack;
  • Age under 18 years;
  • The remedy is prohibited for use by children and women.

MaxMan Side-Effects

The side-effects caused by the supplement’s administration may occur after Maxman intake but they are not dangerous for health and organism though. They may provoke short-term impairment of man’s condition.

The negligence of the instruction and rules of MaxMan application or presence of hypersensitivity to active components causes:

  • general discomfort;
  • drowsiness, lack of energy;
  • vertigo;
  • gastric disorder;
  • blushing of face and neck.

Occurrence of intensive side-effects is possible in case of combination of active supplement, MaxMan, with large doses of alcoholic beverages.

MaxMan Overdose

A man may experience particular symptoms of the drug’s overdose, such as nausea, vomit, headache, shiver, elevation of temperature, pain in the joints. In case a man experiences the afore-mentioned symptoms, gastric lavage is required. If an overdose causes considerable aggravation of health condition, immediate medical attendance is required. MaxMan is not to be taken more than two times a day (two capsules). For the initial intake, it is recommended taking one pill per 24 hours.

MaxMan: Storage Requirements and Expiration Period

The conditions and terms of storage of this biologically active supplement do not differ from those that are characteristic for analogous spectrum of action. It is better to keep ManMan in a dry dark place in aired room. Do not store above 15-20°C. The medicine is to be preserved for the period of three years. It is essential to study the instruction and storage conditions. A patient needs to pay attention to the manufacture date (on the package). The remedy must be kept away from children and pets. In case a child swallows at least one pill, immediate gastric lavage is required. Preliminary consultation by a specialist is strongly recommended; do not self-medicate.

MaxMan Summary

One of the most common problems affecting men only is impotency. Such impairments can occur for many reasons. Certainly, bad habits and infectious diseases affect negatively, but in addition, the psycho-emotional state of a person is also important. At the same time, any fiasco in bed causes a response in the form of experiences and even depression. In some cases it is enough to normalize the psychological mood and problems with potency will go away. Thus, it turns out a vicious circle, when experiences cause problems with erection, which, in turn, worsen the psycho-emotional state of a man.  The drug MaxMan is recommended for men who suffer from psycho-emotional disorder in the background of the problems with potency. To normalize the condition and increase potency, it is important to use a complex drug, the action of which will be directed not only to blood flow to the genital organs, but also have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state.

MaxMan is a 100% natural preparation used for potency disorders in men of all ages. An important advantage is that it will also be effective in the treatment of prostatitis and enlargement in size of penis. The remedy is created by Chinese scientists. The composition of the drug includes natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times to treat men with erectile problems. Active components of MaxMan contribute to the formation of semen, increase the desire and improve sensitivity.

The drug is often prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction. Also, it will be effective for increased physical exertion and frequent stress, when there is a possibility of a decrease in potency at the most crucial moment.

Maxman has a lot of advantages, among which it is especially important to distinguish the following:

• natural composition;
• absence of addiction to the components;
• withdrawal symptom is excluded;
• does not affect the work of other organs and systems;
• the drug has no contraindications.

In other words, MaxMan can be accepted by all men without exception. It does not lose its properties if combined with alcohol. Also, this combination does not increase the probability of side-effects occurrence. It can be combined with all medicines used to treat existing physical illnesses.  The drug is safe and does not adversely affect the organs. It is important to emphasize that MaxMan keeps its efficiency throughout the day. Therefore, if several sexual contacts are planned during this time, there is no need to re-administer the remedy. Moreover, active components exclude the appearance of infectious diseases.