My Canadian Pharmacy can be generous to a fault. It is our own little way of saying ‘thank you’ for every customer, no matter if you are just casually dropping buy or become a registered subscriber. With the help of carefully tailored discounts for every drug you might need, our service makes the prices even more wallet-friendly than they already are. For a warm-up, we will shake 10% off any drug straight off the bat – for that you can find a code on the home page of our service. Alternatively, subscribe to My Canadian Pharmacy news and receive your promo code with our next newsletter.

10% Off Generic Viagra Discount Code

If you wonder if things can get more shoppable than those offered at our platform, they do, as a matter of fact. For those of you who are aware of benefits of bulk shopping we are proud to present our novel idea in the history of discounts – an individual discount plant. Prepare your shopping list with a subtotal of $400 or more, sent the names of the items you plan to send to your shopping cart, and wait for us to get back with the most generous proposition we have. The code will be generated for you individually and will be valid for your next bulk order as referred to above. Chunk discounts up to 30% are to be expected! All you have to do for this is contacting our office at, providing such details as names of products and quantities you plan on buying, and we will work out the most generous of our discounts for you exclusively. Talk about individual approach to customer care!



Drugs In More Than A Dozen Categories, Including Generic Viagra Customers Trust

At My Canadian Pharmacy, we have a little something for everyone, albeit men´s health drugs is what we are universally recognized for. So apart from ED drugs at very down-to-earth prices we have meds of reliable quality in such categories as antidepressants, antibiotics, anxiety and sleep aid, women´s health, anti-fungal drugs, cholesterol, weight loss, eye-care, stomach meds, and more. Each drug we have in store is cherry-picked by professional pharmacy technicians and assured for quality so that our customers only get reliable quality, safe medicines that are as effective as they are inexpensive.

The rationale behind unparalleled availability of our drugs is a simple fact that most of them are generics. Generic drugs are bioequivalents of brand medicines that are produced by non-developer pharmaceutical companies. One common question about generics is whether they are as efficient as their more expensive counterparts. Think acetylsalicylic acid and Aspirin. Are both drugs equally effective? Yep. They are completely interchangeable for the simple fact that their composition is identical. All drugs we retail are produced by trusted pharmacies and positively reviewed by scores of our customers.

My Canadian Pharmacy Online Saving Tips

Are you still with us? Do you remember us saying that there are more ways to saving money at our store? A few insider tips will get you there in no time. First off, consider buying a monthly supply of meds you need at one order. This will spare you shipping fees and considerably bring down the per-pill cost of drugs in your shopping cart. Secondly, placing an order for $150 and above will get you a free shipping, while for $200 and above orders we will throw in a free shipping insurance for good measure. My Canadian Pharmacy is a genuinely democratic drugstore with a little something for anyone!

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