How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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Impotence is what all men are afraid of because man’s sexual strength is a matter of pride of any representative of a stronger sex. My Canadian Pharmacy specialists have developed a number of recommendations on how to avoid impotence and enjoy sharing them with you. But if you follow them, but still feel that you need a professional help, we invite you to read more about ED and the medications offered at My Canadian Pharmacy

How many men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

According to official data, about 10 million of men in the world suffer from impotence. This term is applicable in cases where a man cannot perform a penile penetration (the introduction of a penis into a vagina) and reach the climax.

Many experts believe that most all erection problems in one way or another are connected with nerves. But today, a proven medicine that almost every second man is suffering from impotence, have physical ailments or structural changes that cause weak erections.

Erectile problems can occur for different reasons in men of all ages. And if in the middle age and adulthood erectile problems are often caused by sexual problems due to small blood vessels. The main cause of adolescent problems with erectile dysfunction are the psychological characteristics of men. Among twenty men with ED who were surveyed, four admitted that they faced psychological erectile dysfunction in adolescence.

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Common misconceptions about erectile dysfunction

Myth №1. The deterioration of erection can be found only in old age. The statistics show that there is the variety of ED cases in all ages:

  • 53% of cases of erectile dysfunction occur in men who are over 50 years old;
  • 20-30-year-old men – 21% of all ED cases;
  • 30-40-year-old men – 27%;
  • In 40-50-year-old men – 48%.

Myth №2. Dysfunction of sexual desire is a rare disorder. It was revealed that more than half of men 38-50 years of age cannot always achieve a strong erection and sufficient hardness of the penis. And one-third of those cases are results of chronic ED condition.

Myth №3. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is commonly a sort of psychological factor. The studies have shown that such reasons remain the cause of only 20% of weak erections. Other clinical cases are associated with organic (physical) pathology.

Myth №4. Insufficient hardness of a penis is not dangerous for man’s health. Because of erectile dysfunction a man rarely has sexual intercourses that is why getting sex becomes psychologically traumatic. As a result, prostatic congestion can easily develop and it can be characterized by urethral disorders with the absence of orgasmic sensations, pain and similar symptoms.

Recommendations on how to avoid problems with erection

problems with erection

Do not rush

If young people with a strong physical attraction have an erection that occurs most instantly, then with age it needs more time. It will take a long-term stimulation of genitals. The interval between ejaculation and the next erection are also lengthened. The men after 60-70 years of age may need a whole day to recuperate. This is a normal process, as a consequence to sexual aging. So do not expect that in retirement, you will be as active as an eighteen-year-old guy.

Remember: what is good for arteries, is also good for erectile function

Penis is a vascular organ. High cholesterol can cause poor erections. It is important to monitor your diet, that’s why do not abuse “harmful products” and avoid fatty, fried and smoked foods.

Do not abuse tobacco products

Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which prevents the achievement of a full erection and an ability to maintain it. The studies have shown that inhalation of smoke blocks erection and prevents smooth muscles from relaxation.

Beware using too much ED drugs

Read out experts reviews to know when to use Viagra pills and its analogues in order to help treating ED and know when to avoid them to stay healthy and safe.

Be careful with alcohol

Remember the lines of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that go like this: alcohol excites the desire but takes away the opportunity. This is only so true! Alcohol inhibits reflexes, promoting the state opposite to sexual arousal.

Make sure that any medications you are taking do not affect your sexual function

Erectile problems can cause medication. For example, sedatives, diuretics, antihistamines may cause similar problems. If you notice that a prescribed medication affects potency negatively, tell your doctor to change the dose or offer another drug instead.

Watch your weight

Excessive weight can also be an obstacle to achieving a normal erection. In addition, the better you feel in your own body, the easier it is to control its sexual actions.

Avoid excessive exercises

Intense stress contribute to the formation of endorphins. The action of these hormones are not yet fully understood, but it is proved that their excessive production can cause erectile problems. Jogging, swimming, moderate training in a gym can help solving this problem with stress. It is important that such activities are scheduled in your life.

Do not wear too tight clothes

The modern society is strongly attracted to the open manifestations of sexuality, including clothing. Testicles operate correctly at the temperature near 35 degrees and much narrower underwear pants press them to your body making them overheated.

Keep in mind that some diseases can temporarily affect erection

If you feel unwell, a body tries to give all its power to cure a disease and such body mechanisms can “turn off” sexual functions for some time. Wait off this period and everything will become normal in a few days. If it is not happening, then please hurry up visit a doctor.

Learn to relax and dot not be afraid of failure

The ability to relax is an important capability every man has to have. We recommend that from time to time you should meditate and “unload” your nervous system. In addition, men who have had problems in a bed, have a fear of yet another defeat, fear causes the formation of a large amount of the hormone called  norepinephrine triggering negative erections. So, you come into a vicious circle – you are afraid of the lack of an erection, which is why there is no erection happening at all.

Avoid stimulants

During sex it is important to be relaxed, but other stimulants like recreational drugs should be avoided. They tend to produce the excessive low-libido effect.

Do not focus on getting an erection

During sex concentrate on your partner, on how to please both of you. Remember that skin is also an important sexual organ, pay more attention to gentle touches and kisses, and you are most likely to find your penis hardening. Bring your sensuality on and let it fuel your sexuality.

Do not keep your sexual problems to yourself

Talk with your sexual partner, discuss the possible causes of failure. However, it is easier to overcome any difficulties if your partner is understanding and willing to help you.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is the key to the body’s health. Lack of sleep leads to nerve irritation and causes chronic fatigue.

Complying with the above guidelines is not too difficult, so if you want a long time to maintain good health and virility, be sure to listen to Canadian Pharmacy tips.

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In addition, My Canadian Pharmacy experts  recommend men to relax completely and spend more time outdoors, to correctly choose underwear and eat healthy according to a strict nutritious diet plan.