Nizagara at My Canadian Pharmacy: What is it, How does it Work, How to take, Price comparison and Client Reviews

Millions of men all over the world rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief when generic ED drugs hit the market several years ago. While ED drugs were essential for many to maintain their quality of life, having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on pills was taxing on many users’ budget. Luckily, this problem is a thing of the past now. Thanks to the healthy competition between manufacturers, you can enjoy very affordable, safe, top-quality erectile dysfunction treatment. And while there are many great generic ED drugs available (all of which you can find at My Canadian Pharmacy, Nizagara might be one of the best


What is Nizagara for?

Nizagara and its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, are used to treat erectile dysfunction. This condition is characterized by the recurrent or chronic inability to have an erection. It occurs most frequently in men over 50 years old, but unfortunately ED is becoming ever more widespread among younger people. Nizagara provides a safe, quick and reliable way to have a strong and long-lasting erection, regardless of the age and fitness level.

How does Nizagara work?

Q.: I have read many times that sildenafil is an PDE5 inhibitor, but I can’t find a good explanation of what it means – it is all chemical mumbo-jumbo to me. Can you explain in simple words?

A.: Here at My Canadian Pharmacy, we believe that any complex thing can be made easy to understand. You see, when a man gets sexually aroused, his brain (indeed, all processes in our body are ultimately controlled by the brain) sends a signal to his penis (or, rather, to the tissues in the corpus cavernosum, which is a part of the penis) to start producing nitric oxide. This chemical triggers an enzyme – that is, a protein that has a particular job in the body – called cGMP. The function of cGMP is to relax the smooth muscles in the penis, which allows blood to circulate better through the thousands of capillaries. Blood fills the now-relaxed muscular tissue – that is erection. However, there is an issue: another enzyme, called PDE5, normally keeps cGMP in check (otherwise you would walk around with an erection all day long). And when PDE5 is a bit too prevalent, it does not let cGMP function even when a man is sexually aroused. The whole process is thus aborted, and no erection occurs. This, in essence, is erectile dysfunction.

Where does Nizagara come into this? Well, as you see, it is the PDE5 that is the culprit, and it has to be inhibited – that is, blocked. Sildenafil does just that: for a few hours, PDE5 stops working.

Q.: I have been taking ED drugs for a while, but I am not sure they are working for me – I don’t seem to have a higher sex drive, and when I don’t take a pill, I can’t get an erection.

A.: Everything is ok, don’t worry. One thing that many websites fail to mention is that Nizagara and other ED drugs do not increase your libido. My Canadian Pharmacy is always honest with its customers, so let us make this point again: sildenafil and other PDE5 inhibitors will not increase your sex drive. Libido is a tremendously complex psychological phenomenon, it is controlled by the brain and is unique for every person. While different methods have been tried for increasing libido, from hypnosis to magic herbs, it remains an unresolved issue. While it is true that you need to take a pill like Nizagara to have an erection if you suffer from ED, you have to be aroused first! Remember the chemical mechanism we have just described? Brain gives the signal to produce nitric oxide once you are sexually excited.

As for the second part of your question, please understand that ED drugs like Nizagara, great and efficient as they are, provide a treatment for ED, but not a cure. You will get a good and long erection every time you take a pill (if you are aroused), but you don’t get a cumulative healing effect, as with, say, antibiotics. Symptoms of ED go away, but the underlying causes don’t. This means that you will have to take Nizagara every time you want to have a satisfying intercourse on a long-term basis.

Is Nizagara the same as Viagra?

Q.: I cannot afford Viagra anymore, and Nizagara seems interesting, but I am worried about the whole generic thing. Does it mean it is an approximation of poorer quality?

A.: Among all the questions we receive from our customers here at My Canadian Pharmacy, the one about generic vs brand drugs must be the most frequent. Customers see that a generic drug costs 5-6 times less than a brand drug and get suspicious, thinking that perhaps different ingredients are used, or that production standards are lower. Let us put it this way. How much do you think it costs to develop and release a new drug on the market? According to a recent study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, a manufacturer needs to spend… 2.558 billion dollars! Add to that advertising and marketing expenses, and the fact that the R&D stage takes years; plus, many drugs never actually get approved, so the manufacturer has to count in money spent on failed drugs, too. As you can see, a brand drug has to be very expensive even to earn the company a small profit.


Of course, pharmaceutical companies have to retain an exclusive right to sell the drug in order to avoid financial losses – that is what patents are for. Patents are issued in different countries separately for different periods of time. After a patent expires, the manufacturer of a brand drug loses their exclusive rights, and other companies can enter the market, offering identical drugs under different names. You see, it is usually no secret how to make a specific drug: the active ingredients are known and can be easily replicated. Other companies simply don’t have the right to sell these generic medications in a given country.

Now that Viagra patent has expired in a lot of countries, including Canada, drugs with the same active component – sildenafil – can be sold freely in our country.

Why are generics cheaper? Because the active ingredient has already been developed and approved. There is almost no R&D cost for the manufacturer of generics. And advertising costs are much lower, too, since – as in the case of Nizagara – people already know what sildenafil is.

What can you expect from Nizagara

Nizagara comes in two types of doses – 50mg and 100mg. They are both very effective, and you may want to try the 50 mg version first to make sure you have no side effects.

Sildenafil guarantees:

  • A quick onset of erection – after only 30 minutes you are ready to act;
  • A long-lasting effect – up to 4 hours
  • A reliably strong erection every time;
  • A possibility to have more than one intercourse with short recovery periods between them;
  • Greater stamina and energy;
  • Shorter half-life (4 hours) compared to chemicals like tadalafil prevents the accumulation of the drug in your body and the development of any long-term side effects.

How much Nizagara should you take?

When you first come to a doctor to get a prescription for an ED drug, you will usually be recommended a smaller dose of sildenafil. A 50mg pill is fine if you have never used similar drugs before. You should take one pill a day, ideally 1 hour before the planned intercourse to get sildenafil time to absorb into the bloodstream. If you are happy with the 50mg dose, stick with it. If you feel that your case of ED is more severe, try the 100 mg dosage, but consult your doctor first! And in any case, do not take two 100mg pills on the same day.

Taking Nizagara correctly

Q.: I often see ED drugs offered in clubs together with cocktails. Plus, I have read that you can take it with food. So I can drink and eat whatever I want when I take a pill?

A.: We have to give you warning here. Sildenafil may temporarily lower your blood pressure, and so does alcohol. This combined effect, especially if you already suffer from hypotension, can be dangerous. Since you may have hypotension and not know about it, it is better not to drink alcohol when you take Nizagara and after.

As for food, yes, you can eat  a light meal before or after taking a pill, but you should not eat heavy and fatty meals before you take Nizagara. If you do, your body will give precedence to the digestion of food (which can take hours), and sildenafil will not be absorbed properly.

One more thing to avoid is grapefruits. Grapefruit juice prevents sildenafil from being properly absorbed; besides, studies have shown that it increases the risk of side effects.

Why see a doctor before buying Nizagara? My Canadian Pharmacy explains

Q.: I don’t feel comfortable talking to my physician about my ED problem. If ED drugs like Nizagara are so safe, why do I need to see a doctor a first?

A.: You need to know the cause for your erectile dysfunction. Causes come in two main groups:

  1. Physical causes

  • Circulation problems (atherosclerosis, high or low blood pressure, etc.)
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate diseases
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Smoking
  • Drinking and drug usage
  • Side effects of a surgery

… and others. If you have any of those and do not know about it, ED may turn out to be the least of your problems. If you have a chronic disease that causes your ED, an early diagnosis may save your life! In fact, one of the positive consequences of the appearance of ED drugs like Nizagara on the market was that men finally had to defeat their fear of going to a doctor. Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved as a result.

  1. Psychological causes

While most users of Nizagara and similar drugs are in their 50s, there are more and more young men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The reason often lies in the modern pace of life and the burden that the modern society lays on men, especially at work. Here are some risk factors:

  • Stress (at the office, in the family, etc.)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Poor body image
  • Communication issues.

Remember: while Nizagara will solve the erection problem, you still need need to see a professional if you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. These conditions can result from biochemical changes in the brain and may require treatment with medications. We know how much sexual confidence means to men – that is why we offer ED drugs like Nizagara – but your health is a whole is important to us, too!


Nizagara contraindications

Q.: I have heart issues. Can I still take Nizagara?

A.: You need to speak to your doctor about this. Heart problems come in various forms, and unless you have had a heart attack in the last 6 months, it may be ok for you to take Nizagara.

In general, you should not take it if you have:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Severe liver disease
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Recent stroke

You should consult your physician before taking Nizagara if you suffer from:

  • Heart disease
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Leukaemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • HIV
  • Sickle cell anemia

A warning on recreational use of Nizagara

Q.: I don’t have ED, and my erection is generally ok, but sometimes I’d like to impress women with my performance. Can I take Nizagara just to have a better erection?

A.: While many sellers will tell you that it is totally alright to use ED drugs recreationally, here at My Canadian Pharmacy we consider your health our top priority. For this reason, we advise you not to use sildenafil-containing drugs if you do not have erectile dysfunction. We understand that it may be tempting to show off before your girlfriend, but there are risks. You may get used to the strong erection that results from taking Nizagara and start taking it every time you have sex. Next you will feel a lack of confidence without a pill, and before you know it, you can actually develop erectile dysfunction. Only use ED drugs if your physician tells you to do so!

Side effects of Nizagara

ED drugs containing sildenafil are just as safe as those you take to treat flu or stomach ache, for example. There is no medication without side effects, but in case of Nizagara, they are rare (less than 1 user in 10 develops any) and usually slight, going away after a couple of hours. However, there are a few that should get you concerned. Here is a helpful table:

Not dangerous Rush to the doctor
Headache Swellin
Flushing Rash
Slight dizziness Hives
Upset stomach Vision loss
Diarrhea Hearing loss
Slightly blurred vision Erection that lasts over 4 hours
Congested or running nose Painful erection
Changes in color perception Chest pain (angina)

Q.: I have heard that you can go blind after taking ED drugs. It got me concerned, because I wear glasses.Is Nizagara that dangerous?

A.: Vision loss is a very rare side effect that affects people suffering from a very particular genetic disorder. As we have already explained, Nizagara acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme PDE5. There are several related enzymes in our body, called PDE1, PDE2, and so on, which can all potentially interact with sildenafil. One of them – PDE6 – is present in the eye. The PDE6 gene can mutate, resulting in the condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Most people who carry the mutant gene have normal vision, but their body does not produce enough PDE6. Studies found that sildenafil, which inhibits PDE6, causes temporary vision problems in mice with retinitis. All mice in the experiment later recovered, but it remains possible that carriers of retinitis pigmentosa could experience retina cell damage when taking sildenafil. Ask your ophthalmologist to do a special test next time. However, if you have no history of retinitis in your family, you probably have no reason to worry: it is an inherited disorder.

Nizagara and other drugs

There are several types of drugs that should never be taken together with Nizagara:

  • nitrates used to treat chest pain, such as nitroglycerin;
  • hypotension medication, such as riociguat;
  • alkyl nitrates, known as “poppers” (in general, do not use Nizagara together with recreational drugs).

Consult your doctor before taking Nizagara if you are taking antibiotics or antacids to treat heartburn.

How to store Nizagara

Make sure to keep Nizagara pills in a cool dark place. It does not have to be kept in a fridge; it can be a dark drawer. Temperature should not exceed 25 degrees centigrade.

Nizagara Offers at My Canadian Pharmacy

Q.: I am used to buying ED drugs in my local pharmacy. I trust the pharmacist there, but it is expensive. Is it safe to buy ED medications online?

A.: There are many advantages to buying ED pills in a large online pharmacy. Price is one; wider choice is another. While you will generally find just one or two brand ED drugs in a local pharmacy, it may be difficult to buy generics there. An online pharmacy such as My Canadian Pharmacy, on the other hand, offers dozens of efficient and safe drugs.

Another advantage is that we specialize in ED drugs, so we know everything about them. Our customer support specialist will be happy to answer all your questions in details. You will not find such a level of expertise in your local pharmacy.

Yet another benefit is that you can enjoy the best prices on the market. We economize on scale and work directly with the supplier, reducing our costs to the minimum – that is the secret to our great prices.

Nizagara prices in comparison

Here is a short price comparison between Nizagara and other popular drugs with the same efficacy:

Drug Price per pack, $ Price per pill, $ You save, $
Nizagara 100mg, 30 pills 57.38 1.91   —–
Viagra Professional 100mg, 30 pills 82.16 2.74 24.78
Cialis Professional 20 mg, 32 pills 134.64 4.21 77.26
Generic Levitra 100mg, 30 pills 138.85 4.63 81.47

As you can see, Nizagara is more affordable than many other generic ED drugs. It is just as efficient and safe; the reason for its lower price is that the manufacturer of Nizagara chooses to save on advertising and allow the product quality to speak for itself. During the years that Nizagara has been on the market, it has gained a faithful following. The pharmaceutical company works with only a few chosen distributors, such as My Canadian Pharmacy, and you can be sure that we offer you the original product.

Don’t miss a discount

Q.: What is the difference between coupons and discounts?

Discounts that we post on our website are available to all our customers. Take a look at the top of the main page – there may be a fresh discount code waiting for you. Copy it or write it down and insert it in your order form. Our discounts change regularly and cover all the medications we offer, including the most expensive ones.

Coupons, on the other hand, are available to our registered users. Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive new coupons regularly; once again, we offer coupon discounts on the most popular and expensive medications, so that you can maximize your savings.

Finally, with each order, regardless of its sum total, you get 4 pills of the chosen drug for free! No other large pharmacy on the market offers such a bonus.

Reviews of Nizagara by My Canadian Pharmacy clients

Marwin, Edmonton: “It was my first time buying ED drugs, and I had a lot of questions. I was very pleased by the quick and thorough answers I received from the customer support of My Canadian Pharmacy. They were open and honest. I bought Nizagara and am very impressed with it.”

Jorge, Victoria: “I have tried over a dozen brand-name and generic ED drugs, but I have finally settled on Nizagara as my pill of choice. It works perfectly for me, just as advertised. I am sure of my good performance, and I’ve never had any side effects.”

Ali, Kitchener: “The first time I took Nizagara, I saw everything as slightly blue for a couple of hours. I was concerned, but now I know that it happens. It never happened again, though. What I like about ordering from My Canadian Pharmacy is that they never write on the package what’s inside. So I don’t have to worry that someone might read it and learn that I have ED.”

Andrej, Winnipeg: “Nizagara kind of saved my life, actually. I went to see a doctor before buying it, because I didn’t know the reason for my ED. I felt uncomfortable talking about it, but it is great that I did, because the doctor did some tests and found that I had atherosclerosis and needed an urgent treatment. After a course of medication, I got the doc’s permission to take Nizagara. Without that visit for ED, the consequences could have been very grave.”