Why Men don’t like to talk about Erectile Dysfunction

Most often erectile dysfunctions are accompanied by the heavy emotional stress. Any sexual inabilities result in severe deterioration of the man’s self-esteem. Thus, he usually sinks into a depression without any wish to get over the situation. In most cases the problem can be solved much easier and faster than men dramatize. Canadian Pharmacy tries to find out what the reasons of such behaviour are and what the possible way out can be.

Why erectile dysfunctions occur

Why erectile dysfunctions occur

Sexologists say that the most cases of erectile dysfunction occur due to the fact that the sexual excitement is very vulnerable and dependable upon several factors. We will specify some of the typical factors that influence the men’s sexual power:

  • Infections, somatic diseases of different nature;
  • Hormone disorders;
  • Stresses, neuroses, depression, fatigue;
  • Emotional problems in family (especially in relations with a spouse) or at work;
  • Perfectionism which is the desire to make sexual relations with a wife or partner ideal (in most cases it results in the excessive emotional tension);
  • Regular use of some medical drugs;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, obsessive habits.

One should mention that men often fear about their sex partner reaction to his problem. As the given situation is also painful for a woman she sometimes can behave inadequately. If the man cannot reach and maintain erection and refuses to have sex with his partner (which is mainly due to his depressed state and nothing more) the woman starts thinking about the possible adultery or starts accusing herself of becoming unattractive for her partner or guilty that their relations got worse. To think like that is totally incorrect as it causes the increased tension and problems in the relations. Most significantly, it doesn’t solve the problem of the erectile dysfunction at all. The only proper behaviour in that case is the complete trust to each other and openness.

What our natural instincts tell us

We have just define major reasons of the erectile dysfunction and found out that all of them are not connected with the man personally. Nevertheless, the man treats the erectile dysfunction as his personal failure. To understand why the problem of the erectile dysfunction is so painful we will look at the Nature and recollect some facts from the history of the mankind development.

Why Men don’t like to talk about Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s take a look at the subhuman primates. In their band the right to have sex with female primates and to procreate are given only to the most resourceful and strong males. In fact, only 10% of male primates have the right to have sex with the females. At early stages of the mankind development people were very inconsiderable in their number and thus vulnerable. So, the major goal of people was to procreate and increase their number in order to survive. The Nature gave a kind of gift to a man who was strong, resourceful and successful – a baby. The more babies the man could father, the more successful he was considered to be among the other males and in the eyes of the females. Thus, from the ancient times sex and success are considered to go hand-in-hand with each other.

No doubt, that our civilization has changed a lot since that times and there is no threat of the extinction of our species. However, ancient natural instincts are still alive and try to rule our lives.

They are the major reason why men do not want to share their intimate problems with their friends, wives or girlfriends and even doctors.

How the situation can be changed

At first, the man needs psychological support both at home and professional. Experts underline that certain sexual breakdowns are possible even if a man has a good health and his relations with a girlfriend or a spouse are quite favourable. If the erectile breakdowns are not regular there is nothing to worry about. There is no necessity in fuelling tensions and start rushing from one doctor to another after one or two erectile breakdowns. Everything what man needs is his wife’s or girlfriend’s support, relaxation and introduction of new accents and emotions in the couple’s sexual life.

If the man has more frequent erectile problems and greatly worries about his sexual inability as well as cannot cope with his emotional state alone he should definitely visit the psychotherapist. The professional expert will explain the real situation, help the patient find the real reason of his emotional stress and erectile breakdowns as well as make the patient believe that this problem has no relation to the man’s personality or professional achievements and success. If the erectile dysfunction is purely psychological the problem will be solved after a course of consultations.

If psychotherapy doesn’t work it is necessary to apply to the physician and describe the problem in detail. The doctor will decide upon the proper treatment and possibility for the patient to take Generic Viarga (if there are no precautions for him). Generic Viagra will help the man get rid of the erectile dysfunction and improve his sex life, if no other diseases influencing man’s sex vigour are diagnosed. If there are other serious disorders the man will be recommended to apply to an urologist or andrologist.

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In any case in order to avoid the sexual problems one should follow certain instructions and lifestyle:

  1. One should have sexual intercourse only if there is a proper mood and physical condition.
  2. It is better to avoid casual sex. A man will feel more confident having trustful and stable relations.
  3. If the erection appears and then fades it is no use in treating it as a catastrophe. One should remember that a man is a living being rather than a robot; erection is a very vulnerable thing depending upon a lot of factors. With an adequate attitude toward this question and proper partner’s support both psychological and physiologic (oral stimulation, exciting role plays, changes in positions etc.) the problem will be solved.
  4. Healthy nutrition including fish, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables as well as excluding food containing transfats and fast digestible carbohydrates is very important for the men’s sex power. Sports and lifestyle without any bad habits are also the best friends of the strong men’s health.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be easily solved nowadays as there is a great variety of methods of treating the given disorder. Awareness of the problem and its reasons will also add to the man’s confidence in his sexual power and relationship.