Premature ejaculation – explained! The origin and solutions!

Men suffering from this common issue frequently ruin their relationships in a multitude of ways. Not only erotic dissatisfaction makes communication in relationships weaker and less productive, but the loss of esteem alongside sex-related anxiety start making relationships tenser. With pride and health under attack, men should be informed of specific treatment methods and diagnose procedures helpful in successfully curing the untimely “finishing”.

Premature Ejaculation in Essence

The Symptoms, Causes, and Typical Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

The Nature of PE-related Discussions

Sperm expulsion is an obvious culmination of sex. This happens due to sufficient stimulation of the penis, but not necessarily only penile tissues. The term “premature” means that sperm expulsion occurs quicker than desirable. Due to this fact, the very issue has individuality since each man describes “normal and average” differently based on strictly personal experience and not factual statistics. PE is a fairly frequent phenomenon that occurs due to overexcitement and inexperience. The condition can be characterized as bothersome when this phenomenon is regular making sexual experience way less satisfying for both sides.

PE can have a mental origin, a physical origin or be the result of both. The mechanism of the condition is far from being thoroughly studied. We still have much to learn. Statistics report over 30% of males in North America only are victims to premature ejaculation.

Ejaculation Explained!

Ejaculation is expelling semen in response to direct stimulation of sexual organs or other sensitive body parts. Obviously, this never happens without at any reason and needs some kind of provocative activities. The process is completely controlled by the central nervous system which forces men to release semen by sending appropriate signals to body parts responsible for reproduction. The whole procedure can be described in two stages:

Emission. The semen is not a substance that is made in one place. It is a mix of substances. One is sperm created in testicles. The second substance is usually referred to as seminal fluid. Both compounds combine together and form sperm in the prostate gland.

Expulsion. The semen is now ready to be expelled. The expulsion is caused by strong convulsion of the muscles forming the foundation of the phallus. Orgasm and expulsion are interconnected and happen simultaneously, but the former can be reached without semen expelling.

Are PE and ED connected to each other?

Is premature ejaculation connected to the erectile dysfunction?

The overall dissatisfaction with one’s performance in bed is often backed up by a collection of ED and PE related issues. While there is no direct connection between two issues, they often “complement” each other.

When a man suffers from both problems, it is hard to truly vivisect the whole problem. However, it is imperative to determine which issue was dominant. In the overwhelming majority of scenarios, treating issues with erection should be prioritized. It is easier to localize the problem and address it correctly by using time-tested methods and drugs.

Difficulties with erection may have completely different origins. Knowing what factors made erection weaker is detrimental to the success of treatment. The unbelievably lengthy lineup of health conditions causing difficulties with achieving erection includes diabetes, abnormal levels of cholesterol, excess weight, etc. Canadian Pharmacy can assist in searching the best combination of drugs capable of targeting specific ED sources.

However, treating the original problem may not be sufficient. Patients should focus on treating ED itself by using highly effective drugs like generic Viagra or Cialis which you can choose at My Canadian Pharmacy.

What are factors often causing PE?

Premature Ejaculation is a very broad term. Psychological factors like insecurity or low self-esteem may cause it. Physiological factors like unhealthy lifestyle or prostate-related diseases may cause it. Often holes in mentality contribute enough to distress and disrupt the psychological condition which also can lead to PE issues. Such mental problems are:

  • Doubting your relationship;
  • Constant stresses;
  • Shame, guilt, and other negative feelings;
  • Sexual anxiety and anxiety in general;
  • Being in a depression;
  • Feeling insecure or unconfident.

The way the organism behaves is always heavily impacted by our emotional state. In a way, every single physical activity is a manifestation of our mentality to a certain degree. For example, scientists believe that PE is dependent on the quantity of serotonin produced by the organism. If your brain generates enough serotonin, you will less likely experience shameful untimely semen expulsion moments. In order to fix mental disorders that may inhibit the serotonin generation, we recommend talking with a doctor about adding antidepressants to your treatment plan. Supplements that contain tryptophan also help.

Age and PE. Are they connected?

Premature ejaculation is far from being an exclusively distributed disorder. The condition haunts millions of males all over the world. However, younger men may experience problems with PE strictly due to overexcitement and having less experience. This issue is less notable when they grow up and mature. The vast majority of older man struggle with their erection way more than with PE. Note that treating both ED and issues that may cause PE effectively prevent you from having issues with uncontrollable sperm expelling later in your life.

Romantic distress and how it affects your sexual life

Erotic experiences that leave both partners not fully satisfied often leads to problems related to confidence and can often ruin perfectly normal otherwise relationships. When both partners struggle to find excitement in sex, the gap between them grows wider. On the emotional level, the feelings of guilt, shame, and insecurity start entangling together and often cause depression and severe loss of confidence.

Maintaining communication on a healthy level is vital. All intimate matters need thorough discussion with your partner. Without communication you won’t be able to fix issues connected to PE. Being relaxed and enjoying stress-free erotic moments with SO can change your perception of sex and its purpose. Complemented by properly picked drugs, such an approach can yield impressive results in a timely manner!

The Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

If you feel that you come to the finish line too early frequently, it may be the time to talk to a medic. It is completely normal to receive a list of procedures that you may have to go through in order to determine whether you have issues with PE or not. At the same time, you will have to answer a plethora of questions related to your sexual life. Get ready to answer even if some questions feel too intimate.

Here’s a typical list of possible questions:

  • When did the issue occurred initially?
  • Is untimely ejaculation frequent? How often does it happen?
  • Does the issue occur each time you have sex?
  • Does the issue occur with a specific partner or with all partners?
  • Do you feel that there are factors that worsen your intimate experience?
  • How frequently do you engage in erotic activities?
  • Do you think that there are problems in your relationship with your partner?

Treating Premature Ejaculation

The origins of the problem vary greatly depending on the individual. The right approach equals a balanced combination of methods and techniques described below. It is imperative to assemble the medical regimen that is based on consultations and thorough examinations.

One of medication-based methods is using Dapoxetine or Priligy. Learn more at

Behavioral approach

This commonly used therapy method is based on combining together various behavior adjustment methods. Incorporating specific exercises and physiological procedures like massaging targets the issue on the physiological level and helps men to learn how to last longer in bed. Specific techniques were developed and suggested over the course of decades.

The stop-start. A famous technique that involves a complete halt of touching the penis right at the moment when climax is about to happen. After the climactic feeling wears off, continue frictions and wait for the next climactic moment. This technique can be used both alone or together with another person. However, the latter is highly preferable. The recommended exercise method is to do the stop-start routine 3-4 times for at least 3 attempts per week.

Squeeze. This is a less conventional method that requires you to squeeze the penis as hard as possible right before the climax and continue squeezing until the erection slightly wear off. Then, you can continue.

Both methods are purposed to teach you when the climax moment is close and how to postpone it.

Conventional Medical Approach

Behavioral methods are staple techniques in treating premature ejaculation, but without additional medications all efforts may prove to be futile. Combining drugs and exercises in balance brings notable improvements to your condition.

Drugs. PE is often accompanied by difficulties with achieving erection. At the same time, performing some behavioral techniques with weak erection is simply impossible. The easiest way out is to use effective drugs that contain PDE5-inhibitors like Generic Viagra which you can search at My Canadian Pharmacy web guide. These drugs make erection stronger while allowing for longer persistent erection.

Additionally, the control over ejaculation can be further improved by using antidepressants improving the production of happiness hormone – serotonin. With enough serotonin being produced by your brain, you will have easier times postponing the climactic feeling and enjoying the intimate side of your life. Being happy and getting rid of stress sources – these are your best medications against a variety of mental disorders including PE.

Note that any type of PE treatment drugs should be used strictly according to the instruction provided by the manufacturer. Your prescription will often describe in details how you should use medications in order to effectively treat your issues and avoid side effects. While some drugs will take effect immediately after consumption, some may need a long treatment course before showing results.

Preparations for outer usage. Special sprays and other substances are used to anesthetize the nerves on your penis in order to make it numb and produce less sensation during sexual stimulation. It is generally recommended to use such preparations at least a half an hour prior to the intercourse. The substance must be removed from the penis completely immediately after the intercourse. Use the cream with condom to prevent affecting sexual organs of your partner. Note that such sprays and creams negatively affect erection.

Psychological Approach

As mentioned above, psychological aspects may harm your self-confidence and lead to PE. It is highly important to deal with all stress-generating factors and make your sexual experiences free of negativity. Psychological methods of treating PE focus mainly on removing unwanted emotions from your sexual life. While such an approach can be effective, it is generally recommended to combine psychological measures with both medical and behavioral techniques.

Couples that respect psychological approach and participate in activities and communication sessions that improve the mental side of their sexuality usually experience improvements to their relationships and consequently sex.

What is the rate of success of a PE treatment?

95% of men that use proper combinations of various methods and stick to exercise routines while using effective drugs report at least partial improvement to their ability to last longer in bed. Consistently avoiding negativity, implementing the right drugs into your treatment course, and ensuring that both you and your partner are on the same page will bring comfort to your sexual life.

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