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Hello and welcome to our drugstore service! On this page you will find a brief presentation of who we are and what we do, as well as some weighty benefits of becoming our customer and Canadian Pharmacy reviews shared by already existing customers.


Let us start by saying that this e-store was destined to become a fast favorite with people, for it is their best interests that we had at our heart when the project was still on paper. Looking back at what we wished for this place to be and what we managed to achieve, we are pretty proud of our accomplishments. The idea was to retail high quality generic drugs analogous to their brand equivalents – for only a fraction of their price off big pharmacy chains! We nailed it. Currently, you will find no other e-pharmacy with so much value for the price and so much care for customer’s interests.

Shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy means:

  • Budget-friendly prices;
  • Top quality of products;
  • Effective shipping and speedy delivery;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Complete confidentiality;
  • Secure payments;
  • Bonuses and discounts on demand;
  • Convenience and reliability.

Why Buy Medications Online

It’s cheaper. It’s anonymous. It’s time-saving. Do we need say anything else? If the above feels insufficient, we could dish out a dozen of minor perks that come with transition from bricks to clicks. But how about this one: we bring together thousands of offers from the Internet in all of its entirety, and skim for the best deals on drugs in each category. Your part is then to choose a price that looks the most attractive to you, knowing that we’ve already checked the quality behind it.

When shopping for drugs online, you take your time making a well-informed choice, you enjoy confidentiality and comfort of your home. One should exercise extreme caution when dealing with health-related matters. There is evidence that shoppers who buy drugs online familiarize themselves with drug guidelines more responsibly and less hastily prior to finalizing  When you study effects, application mode and safety information before actually buying the drug, you minimize the risks of mishandling the medicine and developing side effects. Arbitrary, you may discover better alternatives for your condition. Shopping online is all about being better informed, which in pharmacy world means staying safer and healthier.

Top Canadian Pharmacy Drug Buys By Categories

My Canadian Pharmacy offers drugs in 27 categories. The list of drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy is elaborately structured and organized by alphabet. There is also an embedded search tool which is extremely easy to use, just type in your query in the corresponding field. But should you wish to unearth some painstakingly detailed information about a cluster of drugs collected in one spot and to figure out how they stack up, by-category structure is what doctor ordered.

Men’s Health

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx has a strong focus on men’s health drugs, since such products are considered lifestyles drugs and are very infrequently covered by health insurance, while their cost is out of this world extravagant. To restore the balance, we provide generics for such legendary drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and an assorted choice of their respective generics. Generic equivalents for ED drugs, as well as drugs against other sexual dysfunctions like PE and men’s health problems cost 1/10th of their original price.

Pain Relief

Celebrex and Toradol are among all-time favorits with our customers, but the list of analgesics available at My Canadian Pharmacies goes on infinitely. We have a robust quality generic equivalent to every painkiller. There is no call to splurge on brand drugs with all of the biggest pharmacy assortment at your fingertips, and for a highly attractive price.


There is always an ample choice of antibacterial drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy. Popular antibiotics like Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Bactrim, Vibramycin and other drugs – total of 67 positions – are more affordable than anywhere else. The quality of antibiotics at our store is second-to-none.

Women’s Health

At My Canadian Pharmacy you can find almost every drug that has been ever designed for addressing female health issues. We are stockpiled on drugs for ladies ranging between sexuality troubles, including the famous Female Viagra and Female Cialis pills, yeast infections (drugs like Diflucan and analogues), fertility problems (Clomid and equivalents) and Nolvadex which is used to fight off breast cancer. Avail from 28 different women’s health products available at bargain prices at My Canadian Pharmacy.

Anxiety/Sleep Aid

Getting enough of night’s sleep is essential to keep your other body’s systems up and running, we couldn’t stress this more. Stock on sleep aid tabs and anxiety solutions to ward off insomnia and the feeling of inexplicable disquiet with drugs like Buspar, Melatonin, Anexil and others – and worry not for the price, since My Canadian Pharmacy has got you covered there!

Blood Pressure/Heart

There are more than 55 drugs in this category, and you are certain to find something right up your alley. Heavy-duty meds for your cardiovascular health are available in My Canadian Pharmacy at the best prices: Lipitor, Aldactone, Benicar and more. All of the drugs have been subjected to our pharmaceutical teams’ expertise so that you could be sure that your heart is in the right hands.


My Canadian Pharmacy bestsellers like Zocor, Crestor, Aggrenox, Vytorin or Niaspan help to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Those are the meds you can rely on; customers keep on refilling on them and leaving positive reviews, order after order. The prices for our cholesterol-fighting products are the best you can come by, and with the high quality they provide you can be certain that your Holy Grail product is somewhere on this list.


People suffering from allergies and their near and dear know very well, that trivial as it may sound to many, allergy is not to be fooled around with. Almost unfathomable when kept at bay with correctly chosen medicating, allergy can spin out of control very fast causing damages that are sometimes irreversible. As for asthma, everyone knows just how dangerous this condition may be when not stopped. Both of conditions need continued use of medical products. Ventolin, Xopinex, Medrol, Phenergan and Nasonex are but a few reliable solutions that My Canadian Pharmacy has to offer in this category.

Weight Loss

My Canadian Pharmacy helps warding off obesity with a range of highly effective drugs. Choose from Xenical, Mega Hoodia, Lean Tea, Shuddha Guggulu and 10 other revolutionary weight-loss tabs that have helped thousand of people to get in shape fast and with limited efforts. Investing in your body’s fitness means minimizing risks associated with obesity. Get the best price quotes for slimming drugs with My Canadian Pharmacy platform.

Skin Care

Skin is the biggest organ in our body… no, that sounds anything but sexy. Taking care of your skin is sexy! Silky-smooth, radiant and well hydrated – tick, tick, tick! Drugs like Accutane, Temovate Cream, Differin and other products in this category have solid science behind them. My Canadian Pharmacy products will get you on track with a skincare routine that’ll help you reach your beauty goals. Choose from impressively assorted 72 skincare products to really crackdown on your skin troubles.

Eye Care

In this category you will only find medicaments approved by leading ophthalmologists. As for the prices for our eye care, you will not believe your eyes. The most often purchased drugs in this category are Xalatan, Ophthacare Eye Drops, Zadiator, Acular and Combigan. Is there anything we have missed? Log on to the website at My Canadian Pharmacy and pick the items you need to give the best care for your eyes from the range we’ve got.


Your tummy deserves the best. It is therefore that we at Canadian Pharmacy have hand-picked the most reputable GIT tabs to offer to our customers. You are most welcome to check out what we have in stock. Other customers return for their respective refills on Protonyx, Bentyl, Prevacid and Prilosec – or do you need anything else? You will find it on our extended list of more than 30 products for stomach health.

Top Canadian Pharmacy Drug Buys By Categories

My Canadian Pharmacy Ratings By Customers

My Canadian Pharmacy keeps me satisfied with their services. In my book, a company that fulfils each of its promises these days deserves an award. My award is giving them the top rating. I have been a customer since 2014. No major issues but for a damaged pack on one occastion, but delivery service took responsibility for that; products I get through the service are of good quality; prices is perhaps the best part of the entire experience. I don’t see no reasons to change my drug supplier.

Christophe5 stars

Gotta love MCP! But if they asked me to give my reasons for shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy, I’d say – the stuff I buy here performs as it should in 100% of cases. Another point would be genuine care for customers that I experience. It is important to me to feel like there’s someone there for me on the other side, you know. I get order confirmations nearly instantaneously, with a stipulated delivery time that is always met. All in all, they managed to win my trust over the few months that I’ve been ordering from them.

Axel5 stars

I rated My Canadian Pharmacy at 4 stars because I firmly believe that top ratings should go for services that consistently outperform. This drugstore is very good, but they don’t provide anything that I might call outstanding services. Good product quality, yes. Good prices, there. No shipping probs. This is exactly what any store should do. But it’s getting increasingly harder to come by, sigh.

Martyn4 stars

In general, I find my experience with Canadian Pharmacy very satisfactory, but for a few instances when my orders were delayed and I was not duly notified. One thing I would really wish to improve about this service is customer support. Sometimes I would wait for their response for days on end, and sometimes they would get back to me stat. Save for that, a pretty well organized store with lotta perks.

TomTom4 stars

I ain’t a big one to leave reviews, but since they asked me in the follow-up to rate them, there it goes, I suppose. The only thing that I am satisfied with is the passable quality of drugs here at My Canadian Pharmacy. The rest is, alas, promises they don’t live up to. I ordered from them on two occasions, one order was delayed for five days, and the other came in a damaged package. When I asked for a refund, the manager said that they can only do it in part since most of the order was made up by personal hygiene products that are not returnable, according to their policy. I will order again, but only because of the prices being so attractive. I guess the shortcomings in service just come with the territory.

Zach3 stars

I feel said that I have to rate My Canadian Pharmacy as low as 3 stars, but they screwed up on my last order so much that I feel this is as many points as I can currently give them. Up to the last order, everything was very smooth. But this incident really pissed me. I placed an order before leaving on a vaccey, and I didn’t check for confirmation. I figured I’d get my allergy meds upon return. Didn’t check my mailbox until a week or so later, and found out that the payment did not go through and the order was cancelled, and then they were out of stock on Accutane! I relied on them so heavily that I had no alternative drug suppliers. It was a major inconvenience for me, and when I asked for a rebate or discount they gave me a 5% promo code for… Viagra! Do I come off as someone in an immediate need for that? Ridiculous!

Melinda3 stars

The reason for a low rating that I give to My Canadian Pharmacy is their complete failure to meet deadlines they fix themselves. I paid for Express Courier delivery and didn’t see my order within 7 days. It took almost twice as long for the goodies to ship in. Stupid enough of me, I did that again with another order placed a week ago. Guess what, it is still not here and it’s Friday, so no chance of the envelope to come in over the course of the next two days. Why even claim any shipping accuracy?

Nat 3 stars

The only order I got from Canadian Pharmacy a few months ago came only in part. I could never find out what happened to the other part, no matter how many emails I sent to their support. My guess would be that they just screwed up on updating shop info and made me pay for a heavily discounted product that must have sold out by the time I proceeded to check out. I got reimbursed, but I won’t be ordering from them again.

Andrew 2 stars

I am extremely underwhelmed with the quality of services I got from My Canadian Pharmacies. I guess my expectations had hit the ceiling when I read through all of their write-ups here. In any event, the good things with My Canadian Pharmacy were limited to decent quality meds and low prices. Had to wait outrageously long for my order to ship in. The package was dirty and torn. One item was not what I wanted it to be. And now I cannot seem to unsubscribe from their mailing list.  2 stars seems to be a lot for this kinda attitude.

Jonas2 stars

Oh well, were do I begin! I placed my order in March and I got it in May, that’s for starters. I ordered Metformine and got something called Zopiclone with an excuse email that said they’re the same thing sitting in my inbox. I could not get hold of any living soul at Canadian Pharmacy during the entire wait for the order to show up, and the tracking system didn’t work with the number they’d given me (turned out, because of some majoy f*** up with the shipping number the order got lost). Prices are very attractive, but the rest of it plain sucks. Not re-ordering, ever.

Mathew 1 star

I used to be a regular at My Canadian Pharmacy. Not anymore. They should revise their hiring policy. I spoke to someone who introduced herself as Holly, saying she was my personal assistant. Whenever I had a question concerning my orders it would take her days to respond. And then there came a day when I had to cancel what I’d ordered because of budget issues and she said it wasn’t possible, though I checked with their returns policy and it seemed OK! But that’s not the worst part. The worst part was the way she spoke to me on the phone. She was plain rude. I filed a complaint against her with a suggestion to sack her. But as far as I know, she is still on team. Well, this is them losing me as a customer!

Iris 1 star

Safety Note From My Canadian Pharmacy

We hope that unbiased reviews shared by your fellow customers will help you in your future dealings with us. We encourage you to leave your own feedback so that we could improve our services over time.

Meanwhile, Online Canadian Pharmacy would like to stress the necessity of responsible approach to pharmacy shopping that should be exercised at all times. Remember that nothing can replace a visit to a licensed therapist; drugs should only be used by individuals to whom they are appointed; dosing and other instructions should be observed. And the last but not the least piece of our advice to you goes like this: choose your pharmacy supplier like you choose a healthcare specialist. Do not get misguided by generous promises and unbelievably low prices. Use your common sense – and stay healthy!

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