Tadalia Oral Strips at Canada Pharmacy: Definition, Advantages,  Action Time, Dosage, Contraindications and Side Effects



Tadalia (tadalafil) Definition

Tadalia is represented by a new medicinal form. Instead of traditional tablets each package includes 10 stripes. Each stripe contains 20mg of active substance, tadalafil. Tadalia advantage lies in fast action. The pastille is put on tongue and starts dissolving. It takes around 1-2 minutes for its active substance, tadalafil to get absorbed into the walls of mouth cavity vessels. The fast-absorbed stripes do not cause gastric irritation and the overall effect comes in 15 minutes and lasts 36 hours.

Tadalia is a specialty of the pharmaceutical market. The first results of sales show that tomorrow is with Tadalia. Men all over the world appreciate the advantages of this new form of generic Cialis. The full name of this medicine Tadalafil Oral Strips. Its main difference from time-honored Cialis lies in a faster effect and near-complete absence of side-effects. Tadalia is produced in the form of pastilles dissolved in mouth cavity. It combines the advantages of various presentation forms. The stripes are as comfortable as gelatinous Cialis, whereas the dosage accuracy of them is as high as in the tableted form. Oral pastilles are dissolved in mouth within 10 seconds and get into blood. Therefore, Tadalia action occurs fully in 15 minutes. Tadalafil, its active substance penetrates in blood plasma from mouth which means that it doesn’t cause gastric irritation.

Besides Tadalia active substance, tadalafil it also contains auxiliary agents, such as:

  • locust bean gum;
  • water;
  • amylum;
  • sweetening agents;
  • aromatizing agents;
  • pH-adjusting agent (menthol);
  • emulgators.

The afore-mentioned components are allowed for application in medical remedies. They do not have an adverse impact on organism and do not cause allergy.


Tadalia Advantages

Tadalia has a number of advantages over traditional tablets and gelatinous form, such as:

  • Thickness if each stripe is not more than 140 µm;
  • Tadalia in pastilles may be taken even in crowded public spaces without attracting unwanted attention;
  • Due to its low thickness and fast absorption, Tadalia’s active substance is transferred into blood within 30 seconds;
  • Stripes take their action in 15 minutes;
  • Tadalia pastilles have a savory flavor.

This medication is ideal for men who want to restore quickly their erectile function completely for a long time.

How does Tadalia Work?

Over the years tadalafil has been one of the most efficient components for erectile dysfunction. Experts’ reviews indicate the high safety level of the drug containing it. It helps forget about sexual issues for long. The term ‘erectile dysfunction’ denotes a male sexual condition which makes erection achievement impossible. Erectile dysfunction includes the cases when penis is erected but the erection is too weak to perform coitus. Tadalia active component, tadalafil is PDE5 inhibitor. Under the impact of tactile or visual stimulation in penis cavernous bodies, nitrogen oxide is produced. Nitrogen oxide is important for production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate responsible for erection mechanism. Patients suffering from sexual issues have decreased level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate due to PDE5 inhibition. As a result, erection is weak or does not occur. Tadalia blocks cyclic guanosine monophosphate’s action and causes steady natural erection.

Tadalia Action Time

High efficiency of Tadalia in its struggle against erectile dysfunction lies in its smooth effect on organism. Selectivity of tadalafil to PDE5 is as tem times higher as to other PDE types. Therefore, side-effects are quite rare. Active substance gets into blood avoiding gastro-intestinal tract. Thus, the pastilles may be taken by people who are prohibited to use tableted form.

Tadalia action in male organism starts in 15 minutes after the intake. It lasts 24-48 hours (in average 36 hours). Due to such long period of action, the medicine acquired popular name ‘medicine for the whole weekend”. In majority of cases, one pastille of Tadalia is enough for the period of two days. Moreover, the period of restoration between coituses reduces two-fold.

Indications for Use

It’s no secret that one of the most high-performance active substances for erectile dysfunction treatment is tadalafil. It is mainly used for ED therapy for men over 18 years of age. The arterial pulmonary hypertension is treated by means of other forms of this medicine.

Tadalia is not to be used by women and persons under 18 years of age. Men reviews demonstrate that very often Tadalia is ascribed to have uncharacteristic features. Therefore, it doesn’t prevent from various forms of sexually-transmitted infections. Tadalia doesn’t protect from unwanted pregnancy as well.

Can Women Take Tadalia?

Women often ask whether they are able to use Tadalia or not. Female variant does not officially exist. Up to the present moment there is no company which tried to use Tadalia for female libido boost. The majority of medical experts state that Tadalia doesn’t work in female organism. Nevertheless women’s reviews testify to the contrary. Many women assert that the medicine enhances their sexual excitement and helps achieve stronger orgasm. Therefore, it should be underlined that no tests to prove the impact of tadalafil on female organism were held. It is not proved what effect tadalafil takes on conceiving, birth and lactation either.

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Tadalia Application Instruction

Here is a step-by-step instruction for Tadalia use:

  1. 15-20 minutes before planned sexual intercourse take a package with Tadalia; pull upper edges of a bag every each way in order to unlock it.
  2. Lift off the seal of plastic package upwards.
  3. Each package contains 10 rapidly dissolving pastilles with 20mg of tadalafil. Take only one stripe and put it on your tongue.
  4. Wait until the stripe is completely dissolved within 20-30 seconds.
  5. Shut the plastic box, put it back in package and fasten it.

Tadalia in the form of stripes shouldn’t be swallowed, whereas the plastic package is water-resistant. It fits perfectly in a pocket or purse.

Tadalia Dosage

tadalia_sTadalia’s minimal daily dosage is one stripe per day. Each pastille contains 20mg of tadalafil. Between the intakes 24 hours should pass. Tadalia stripe is to be taken only in whole. Customer reviews indicate that fatness and quantity of food do not influence adversely efficiency of the drug. During clinical trials volunteers took up to 500mg of active substance perorally. Research has shown that Tadalia effectiveness did not increase, as well as toxic influence. Anyway, medical experts warn that the overdose of Tadalia may lead to considerable increase and enhancement of side-effects. Tadalia overviews demonstrate that in case of instruction observation undesirable reactions do not occur.

Tadalia Counter-Indications

Before use of the medicine, you should examine the list of drugs prohibited for combined usage with Tadalia’s active substance, tadalafil. Consequences of combination of various medicines may be very serious. For instance, combined usage of Tadalia with organic nitrates may cause life-threatening arterial blood pressure drop.

Therefore, the medicine cannot be taken along with the following medications:

  • Cytochrome P50 inductors;
  • CYP3 A4 inhibitors;
  • Anti-hypertensive medicines;
  • Antihistaminic agents;
  • Nitrates-containing medicines;
  • Alpha-adrenergic blocking agents
  • PDE5 inhibitors.

Organic nitrates are possible to be taken 48 hours before or after application of Tadalia stripes. Patients with underlying risk of syncope and heart attacks should take Tadalia with care.

Men suffering from the following diseases are prohibited to take Tadalia:

  • Cardiac failure of II class and higher;
  • Uncontrolled arrhythmia;
  • Unstable hypertension or hypotension;
  • Acute type of hepatic decompensation;
  • Unstable cardiac angina;
  • Underlying risk of priapism;
  • Heart or apoplectic attack in history during the last 9 months.

In case you are going to take any medication along with Tadalia, you have to consult a doctor first of all.

Tadalia Side-Effects

Before you purchase Tadalia, you are required to examine counter-indications list. The medicine is produced in accordance with modern technologies and has a maximal degree of safety.

In some cases it may be a cause of undesired reactions, such as:

  • Headache;
  • Blushing;
  • Vomit;
  • Nausea;
  • Dyspepsia;
  • Vertigo.

Tadalia reviews show that the afore-mentioned side-effects do not cause toxic influence and disappear within several hours.