Clomid (Clomiphene): When Treating Female Infertility Does Bring Results

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Millions of women all around the world suffer from inability to conceive a child. This dysfunction may be caused by different problems, yet most often the underlying cause is a hormonal imbalance involving estrogen (polycystic ovary syndrome) which are produced by hypophysis and plays a key role in the process of ovulation.

Among all available medicines Clomid (Clomiphene) is one of the most effective and mostly prescribed non-steroidal drugs that help to treat female infertility. It stimulates the pituitary to produce hormones that are responsible for the process of ovulation.

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Pharmacological Action

This medical preparation has a non-steroidal anti-estrogen structure.  The action of this specific inhibitor is connected with estrogenic receptors of the ovaries and the pituitary gland. In infertility, the levels of estrogen in the organism are decreased; there appears a moderate estrogenic effect. Under this condition, the levels of the hormone are overly high, and there takes place an anti-estrogenic effect. When implementing small doses, there occurs the increase of the gonadotropin secretion. This increase is utterly essential, because it reinforces ovulation. In case the doses are high the secretion slows down. There are no progestogenic and androgenic activities.

This medication is utterly efficacious for the curing of female infertility and it is advised by multiple experts. Approximately 80% of all female examines were capable to resume ovulation and half of this number were capable to conceive. The prevailing amount of successful pregnancies took place after three menstrual cycles.

Clomiphene Active Elements

This medicine is released in the form of tablets. Usually one package contains 10 tablets. As it has been mentioned above, its principal medicinal ingredient is Clomiphene. One tablet of this remedy has 50 mg of this special inhibitor, yet its amount may vary.

It also includes other constituents. These are as follows:

  • clomiphene
  • corn starch;
  • sucrose;
  • yellow iron oxide;
  • magnesium stearate.

This remedy has a powerful impact upon the entire organism and has multiple positive effects. Its major properties are:

  • blocking of the receptors of the ovaries and the hypothalamus;
  • promotion of estrogen production and reinforcement of the maturation of follicles;
  • thanks to resourceful influence, the treatment is capable to induce ovulation even in fully anovulatory women;
  • in addition, it enhances the amount of the presence of estradiol in the plasma of blood.

Mark that this drug is efficacious when there are normal levels of estrogens. Nonetheless, it is useless while decreased presence of the class of gonadotropic hormones. In such case, it has no effects, or they are unnecessary.

What Precautions One should Know before Taking Clomid

You have to remember that this preparation may be dangerous for you. Under definite health conditions and other impediments it can lead to adverse reactions which can negatively impact your health.

You may have to undergo certain medical tests to identify whether this treatment is safe for you. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to get consulted by a qualified healthcare specialist. The doctor will rule out contraindications. Your prescriber will also instruct you on how to use the drug responsibly for the best health outcomes. Alternative treatments can be appointed in case of conflicting health conditions prohibitive of Clomid use.

Clomid contraindications are as follows:

  • enhanced sensuousness to the components of the preparation;
  • simultaneous treatment with the products that contain nitrates;
  • liver and/or kidney ailments;
  • metrorrhagia of unidentified origin;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • neoplasms of the genitals;
  • tumor or hyper function of the hypophysis;
  • endometriosis;
  • ovarian dysfunction induced by hyperprolactinemia.

Please, take into consideration that there is no sufficient information concerning the interaction of this drug and the fetus as there have been conducted not enough amounts of tests and trials. Therefore, you must obligatory ask an expert about the safe dosing regimen. Probably, taking the drug may be completely disallowed for you during the periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding. An expert should precisely watch your health state while the course of the treatment lasts. The medicine is commonly taken if the use is higher than the potential risks.

Precaution Related to Pregnancy

Different researches show that taking Clomid during a pregnancy may cause harmful effects to a baby and a mother as well. You should also remember that Clomiphene may also be absorbed to breast milk and harm your child this way too. Taking the medicine before getting pregnant also increases the risk of having twins or even triplets. Inform your doctor about the fact of pregnancy.

Taking Clomid for more than three cycles also may cause the development of ovarian tumor.

Here is the table that shows the results of the clinical research where 2369 pregnant women took a part while taking Clomid:

Results Number of Pregnancies
Wastage of pregnancy
Spontaneous Abortions 483
Stillbirth 24
Successful Births
One baby 1697
Multiple Births 165

Here will be the list of most common anomalies that Clomid may cause in an unborn child:

  • wrong skeleton development;
  • problems with cardio vascular system and heart diseases;
  • down syndrome;
  • partial or full deafness;
  • cataract;
  • tumors;
  • mental retardation.

Basic Tips about How to Take Clomid

Read the prescription carefully. After a health examination your doctor will determine the most safe and effective dosages for your case. It can be changed during the cycle. Never decide to increase dosages or prolong the treatment by yourself, it may lead to harmful side effects.

Woman taking Clomiphene

Patients usually start to take Clomid on the fifth day of menstrual period for five days. You should always have a pelvic examination before each new cycle. Ovulation usually starts in 5-10 days after starting a cycle. Have a sex during this period will raise your chances of getting pregnant.

Doctors always recommend to measure the body temperature and write down daily readings on a chart. Such statistics will help to find out the exact date of ovulation. If after three treating cycles one still cannot get pregnant, the treatment is immediately stopped, as further continuation may cause the development of a tumor.

Take Clomid with or without food. Abstain from alcohol when on Clomid therapy.

Additional Instructions

You have to learn all indications and properties of this preparation. Be sure that you know all possible outcomes of the treatment with Clomid. It is of great importance, because even the slightest details may induce hazardous effects. In addition, you should be prepared to such unexpected events as multifetal pregnancy.

As it has been already stated, this drug has the best effect when sufficient levels of estrogen and does not have any affection while low levels of gonadotropic hormones.

While the treatment lasts, it is necessary to have regular observations at the gynecologist. It is vital to provide the control of ovarian functions, vaginal examinations and observation of the so-called phenomenon as a “pupil”.

Memorize that this remedy also has a sedative effect, it delays some psychomotor reactions. The professionals advise avoiding the manipulations, which require concentration and attention. While curing with Clomid, you will lack them and will be a bit drowsy. Please, do not drive any kind of vehicles and do not operate any sort of machinery. Skip any actions that involve quick reaction. Thus, you will escape high percentage for the occurrence of accidents. These accidents may become a serious threat to you and your occupation.

Commonly Recommended Dosages

Doctor Writing Prescription

In most of cases it is recommended to start from the minimum dose, which is 50 mg (one pill) per day, the cycle lasts for five days. If the planned or spontaneous uterine bleeding starts, the cycle should be started after five days after it, if a patient does not have it at all, than the treatment may be initiated at any time.

If after the first cycle ovulation doesn’t occur doctors usually prescribe the second one, with the dose increased up to 100 mg (two pills) daily for five days. The exception is only made for patients who have an increased sensitivity for pituitary gonadotropin; they continue receiving clomiphene 50 mg.

Most of the patients are able to get pregnant after the first course, yet if after the third one they still cannot achieve ovulation and pregnancy, the treatment has to be stopped for a long period. Maximum number of courses is six, two times and three cycles in each.

What if You Miss Dose

Sometimes people miss their doses. This can happen for various reasons. You should not panic and follow your common dosing regimen.

Many individuals think that if they miss a common dose, the effects lose their effectuality and the whole treatment becomes useless. In such situation, they intake a doubled dose, which is absolutely wrong.

A double dose should never be taken in lieu of the missed dose. It will only enhance the possibility for the adverse reactions caused by the overdose. You should also know that a miss of a single dose would hardly influence the effectuality of the treatment. You can take the missed dose in case not too much time has passed.

Never take more than it is prescribed by your physician. Stick to your conventional schedule and inform your physician on occasion of missing your dose.

Clomid Overdosing and Its Aftermaths

Oftentimes, the main reason for the occurrence of adverse reactions is an inappropriate usage of the drug. Too high doses lead to overdosing which can pose serious health risks.

The conventional symptoms of the overdose are:

  • problems with vision of different origin and severity;
  • nausea, vomiting and some other digestive complications;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • enormous and rapid gain of the body mass;
  • ascites;
  • tides.

At the very first signs of the overdose, you have to stop the course of treatment immediately. Commonly, all negative aspects disappear soon after the stoppage of taking Clomid. In most cases, there should be implemented symptomatic treatment.

You have to seek emergency assistance to be sure that the measures you are taking are correct. These indications are given for informational purposes and you require professional aid.

Side effects of Chlomide

Side effects of Clomid

Do not try to overcome the symptoms on your own. Self-treatment is very dangerous for anybody. The remedy affects each case differently and some measures may be ineffective or induce even greater danger for certain categories of examinees, while for the other ones they can be safe and effectual.

An uncontrolled usage of this and similar medications leads to unpredictable consequences.

Clomiphene Side and Unwanted Effects

Clomid is a very strong drug that deals with hormonal system. It means that it may cause a great number of unwanted side effects which vary in their dangerousness and occurrence frequency. Some of the side effects, like bloating or stomach pain, do not require a necessary medical help, as they are usually gone and appear because patient’s organism did not get used to the medicine. Other side effects are more severe and dangerous; here they will be named and sorted due to the systems that they may harm.

Side effects of the ocular system occur in 1% – 10% of the cases. These can be: blurred vision, waves, lights, photophobia, and prolonged afterimages. Post treatment reports also inform about the cases of cataract, an eye pain, retinal thrombosis, optic neuritis, and loss of vision.

Cardiovascular disorders are the most common; they appear in more than 10% of the cases. Patients often complain about short breath and pain in the chest. Doctors also diagnose such illnesses as tachycardia, pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis.

In male patients may cause gynecomastia, which is the development of breasts.

On the side of nervous system Clomid causes headaches in about 10% of the cases. 1% of the patients get more dangerous unwanted effects like: insomnia, seizures, nervous tremor, vertigo and migraines.

Dermatologic side effects: dry skin, dermatitis and a loss of hair. Post marketing reports also show the cases of acne, hypertrichosis, erythema.

Clomid may cause a strong depressive effect on metabolic system and promote weight gain.

As soon as you feel any symptoms of the following side effects you should immediately inform your doctor about them. After the examining he might ask you to stop treatment or lower the dosage.

Post Treatment Side Effects


A lot of patients get side effects after the treatment, during the period when the medicine is excreted from the organism, not during the actual therapy course. From the side of central nervous system patients get migraines, seizures, syncope and strokes. Some heart disorders also appear: hypertension, tachycardia and arrhythmia. Very often occurred dermatologic problems like: acne, allergic reactions, urticaria and pruritus. The most common symptoms are the feeling of weakness and fever.

Experiments with Animals

Clomiphene was tested on mice, rats, rabbits and monkeys. Mice were given from 2mg for 1kilogram of bodyweight to 50mg. Minimal dosages caused mutations of bones in newborn babies, 8mg for 1 kilogram of bodyweight caused abortions. 50 mg caused cataracts and mutations of the uterus and its mucous membrane.

Interaction with other Drugs

Clomid can be combined with drugs restoring balance of gonadotropic hormones. There are several of those. However, you have to consult a healthcare provider before doing so. There are some drugs whose combination with Clomid may be dangerous for health.

Storing Conditions

Following rigid storage protocols for Clomid is crucial, prolonged excursions below or above recommended temperatures may lead to severe intoxication. The drug has to be stored in a dark place, with a low level of moisture (avoid bathrooms) and a mild temperature regime, the temperature has to be between 15-30 degrees Celsius above zero.

While choosing a place for storing you should also be sure that the medicine will be hidden there from children. Exposed to drugs left within their reach, children can be tempted to taste tablets; such curiosity may lead to irreversible damage.

Save Money with Clomid Generics at Canadian Pharmacy

Clomid generics

Generics are becoming increasingly popular online as more and more e-customers ascertain their efficacy contrasted to their affordability. Generic drugs are produced in exactly the same way using the same ingredients as the original drugs. The nomenclature is the main difference between generic and brand drugs, which is an understood practice, since name is a part of copyright owned by respective copyright holders. As generics are always produced by companies with less resonant names, they cost less.

Generic pills may have the dosages of an active element differing from those in the original pills. That’s why you have to inform a physician about it and study the manual more carefully.

Clomid has a long range of available generics; they all have the same main active element (clomiphene) and act in the same way.

Most popular Clomid generics are:

  • Ardomon;
  • Blesifen;
  • Clomivid;
  • Clomoval;
  • Orifen, etc.

Average Prices and Pricing Policy

Two main price-affecting factors are of importance: the amount of main active element and number of pills in the package. Clomid and its generics may contain 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg of clomiphene in one pill. The packages also vary from 30 pills to 360, usually, the more pills are in one package; the less you pay per pill.

When you buy a package of Clomid 100 mg and it contains 30 pills, you will pay about $43 for all of them, so it means that one pill costs about $1.3. 360 pills will cost you about $290, which is less than a dollar for one.

Here is the table that shows how the prices correlate:

clomid 100


Package Price Per One Pill Price for Whole Package
30 pills – 100mg 1.4$ 43$
60 pills – 100mg 1.1$ 66$
90 pills – 100mg 0.9$ 89$
360 pills – 100mg 0.8$ 293$
30 pills – 50mg 1.2$ 36$
60 pills – 50mg 0.9$ 55$
90 pills – 50mg 0.8$ 74$
120 pills – 50mg 0.75$ 94$
180 pills – 50mg 0.7$ 130$
60 pills – 25mg 0.6$ 36$
90 pills – 25mg 0.57$ 50$
120 pills – 25mg 0.54$ 65$
180 pills – 25mg 0.52$ 93$
360 pills – 25mg 0.5$ 180$

Keep in mind that this table gives the examples of the average prices and they may vary due to the drugstore that you choose, the producer and other factors. When you already know what dosage is prescribed to you, you can easily decide which type of package will be the most profitable.

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