Erectile Dysfunction: Physiological and Psychological Types Explained

One of the most important components of men’s sexual health is a normal erectile function. On the contrary, erectile dysfunction is a systemic or periodic lack of erection, the inability to have and maintain a stable & firm erection that is required for a sexual intercourse. Living a healthy sexual life becomes impossible if you have erectile dysfunction.

Such limitation provides a drastically negative impact on a man’s life: deteriorating the quality of his life, a growing sexual frustration, stress, nervous breakdowns and reduced self-esteem. This leads to prolonged and deep depression. To avoid these negative consequences it is important to recognizes the reasons of ED and learn to distinguish between the major types of this sexual disorder – psychological and physiological one. The following review is a result of Canadian Pharmacy expert’s team research.

Erectile dysfunction – a brief overview and symptoms

impotence and ed

For a long time this sexual disorder widespread among males only had been called as impotence. Till the end of 1990s such diagnosis was given to all men who have had complaints of reduced potency and flaccid erections, insufficient for finishing a normal sexual intercourse. According to the research conducted in the mid 1990s by the scientists specializing in the male reproductive system, it had been stated that there are more males in Canada with reduced erectile function than males with a complete lack of erections. In 1988 it was decided to introduce the new term – erectile dysfunction. The term “impotence” is now denotes the complete absence of erection or  a chronic form of erectile dysfunction, while ED can denote episodic outbursts of the disorder.

In addition to the main symptom of ED – weak or flaccid erection, men with such diagnosis also lose completely or partially the ability to conceive a child and/or achieve orgasm. Any male of any age, social status and physical health can have periodic or chronic types of erectile dysfunction.

An ability to have erection may disappear due to many reasons: personal psychological problems, excessive alcohol consumption, physical fatigue, etc. If erectile dysfunction does not occur frequently, you should not worry. But if the episodes with absent or weak erection become more repetitive, you should consult a qualified health care professional who can for sure define the main reason of the disorder’s development. Below you can read the list of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction that are usually divided into 2 big groups – physiological and psychological ones.

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Physiological causes of erectile dysfunction explained by Canadian Pharmacy’s experts

A male penis has a sponge-like structure, which comprises a plurality of gaps called cavities. It is noteworthy saying that such a structure of the penis makes it possible to get an erection. In a quiescent state, these cavities are supplied with blood through the arteries and blood flow from them goes through the veins. When a man is sexually aroused a blood flow to the lacunae increases quickly and the veins that control blood flow become narrowed. Thus, each cavity is filled with blood and stiffens. An erection appears. Commonly an erection lasts for a short time without causing damage to male’s health. Prolonged erections (priapism) or, on the contrary, weak/absent ones can trigger a number of negative reactions in a healthy body.

The trick is that an erection is a relatively uncontrollable process that does not arise and does not disappear “as needed”. It appears only when a men is strongly aroused. Men’s sexual arousal can be affected by a million factors – from working stress to any acute respiratory disease. This is normal when it happens very rarely, it means you don’t even need to use Generic Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy But another thing is when a situation is repeated day after day and an erection “does not work” for a long time, especially if it occurs at young age. About 60% of all ED cases can be referred to psychological cases

It’s a high time to talk about impotence and its physiological causes. There is a number of disorders that can trigger physiological erectile dysfunction. Practically each serious disorder that had caused complication can a reason of episodic or permanent ED. Here’s some of the most widespread reasons of physiological ED type:

  1. Hormonal disorders

First of all, a hormonal disorder is commonly caused by disruption of the endocrine system, particularly the function of sexual glands in males. The body becomes irresponsible for the production of the main male hormone – testosterone. Erectile dysfunction appears because of the deficiency of this hormone. In addition to ED the low levels of testosterone can be revealed via such problems:

  • The voice becomes high-pitched;
  • More fat tissues in breasts, buttocks, thighs;
  • Slower growth of facial and body hair.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is associated with a man’s endocrine system – pituitary tumors, to be precise. This is one of the most important glands, located in a brain. Pituitary tumors may secrete a hormone called prolactin. Its excessive amounts in a male body leads to permanent impotence. To prevent any problems with hormones you can use the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) medications offered at Canadian Pharmacy.

  1. Negative consequences of drug therapy

There are a lot of drugs the chemical compound of which can disrupt the normal process of erectile functions. Hormonal treatments that are designed to suppress male hormones in a body (that most transgender people use) and replace them with female hormones cam also affect sexual functions. These medicines can cause erectile dysfunction because of the change in hormonal levels.

Another group of drugs that could affect sexual arousal – medications containing the substances affecting the cerebral cortex (mostly antipsychotic pills and drugs for treating schizophrenia). The cerebral cortex of a patient is also affected negatively by the large amount of uncontrolled chemicals and alcohol.

  1. Thickening of erectile tissues due to sclerotherapy

If for any reason there occurs the hardening of erectile tissues and replacing the thin stretchy tissue in cavernous bodies of a penis, one can surely speak of absolute impotence. The reasons for hardening erectile tissues:

  • strong bruise of a penis;
  • priapism that is a painful & prolonged erection not associated with sexual arousal;
  • the frequent practice of deliberate prolongation of a sexual contact.
  1. The causes of erectile dysfunction associated with the cardiovascular system

During a normal sexual act a penis gets erection when the artery blood’s flow and outflow through the veins is blocked. When a person has a vascular disorder, there are two possible scenarios. Insufficient arterial blood inflow leads to painful and prolonged erections.

Excessive blood flow is another scenario. In this case, the erection occurs fairly quickly, but also quickly ends. Sometimes so fast that it is not possible to complete a sexual act. Such condition is called premature ejaculation (know more here:

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (especially episodic one) is one a sexual disorder that sometimes would clearly depend on the patient’s psychological state. In addition to the number of physiological causes, ED can be triggered by such psychological conditions:

  • depression;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • physical weakness or illness;
  • sexual problems with a life partner;
  • fear of an unwanted pregnancy;
  • fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease;
  • sexual incompatibility of partners.

In this case ED can be treated only with the help of a professional psychologist and you won’t be able to cope with the disorder by means of Generic Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy only.

Notice: Many medical experts, including the team of Canadian Pharmacy, distinguish another separate of group of medical reasons leading to the development of ED – neurological ones. Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, traumas of nervous systems and the brain, multiple sclerosis, a failed surgery on male genitals, especially in the area of ​​small pelvis – are the most common causes of neurological ED type.

Instead of talking how to treat psychological and physiological ED types, it is better to prevent them. Male potency is commonly influenced by a number of factors: lifestyle, diet and a regular intercourse. The negative impact on erection can be provided by excessive smoking, drinking too much alcohol, using the uncontrolled or strong drugs, physical inactivity, depression, emotional conflicts with your partner, prolonged stress, etc. If you have more than 1-2 episodes of ED per week it is better to consult a healthcare specialist. You can get a professional medical consulting at Canadian Pharmacy.