Quality Standards at My Canadian Pharmacy: Get The Best Possible Treatment Online!

To define the approach to Quality Standards at My Canadian Pharmacy www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com, at first we find it necessary to explain our understanding of quality of online pharmacy services.

We choose to follow 2 major definitions of quality in our work:

  • According to the manufacturing definition, quality is a measure of excellence or a service/subject being free from any defects, variations and deficiencies. Quality is always defined by the consistent commitment to certain common standards guaranteeing uniformity of a product/service to completely satisfy a certain group of customers or fully meet user requirements;
  • According to the international ISO 8402-1986 standards, quality is a bunch of features and characteristics a service/product has, a totality of which bears the ability to satisfy implied or stated needs of a customer.

Your quality standards = My Canadian Pharmacy’s quality standards

To make it simpler, we work according to your quality standards because you use our services and order certain products by means of our website on daily basis. This gives you a right to define and demand certain standards when it comes to quality of the offered services. That is why the opinion of every customer using My Canadian Pharmacy is not just important but essential for us.

As your feedback shows, you already see My Canadian Pharmacy as a top-notch quality medical service where one can easily get any up-to-date information about the latest pharmaceutical researches, description and reviews of the most common and new medications/supplements, consult a team of experts

By leaving your unbiased, sometimes not nice, but still very helpful reviews, you’ve already helped us to define our own quality standards that we successfully follow and are going to implement in future.

The approach of My Canadian Pharmacy to implementation of your quality standards

The approach of My Canadian Pharmacy to implementation of your quality standards

Only high-quality medications

You want to buy authentic medications and its cheaper generic analogues that are produced according to the international quality standards in licensed pharmaceutical facilities all over the world. My Canadian Pharmacy attaches the quality certificates and can prove with the legal documents the high quality standards of any pharmaceutical products offered on the pages of its website. Ask for the proofs and My Canadian Pharmacy will be happy to allay your anxieties over any matter.

Trusted third-party partners

We choose carefully whom we trust because you trust us. This is how it works and it will never change. To provide the high quality of offered pharmaceutical products we deal only with licensed pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers and all of them are regularly examined to find deficiencies or prove the promised quality standards of their medical products.

Expert opinion

And when we say “the expert team of My Canadian Pharmacy” we actually mean. Our staff is brilliant. And it is not a biased overstatement. Every member of My Canadian Pharmacy family knows how to make you and your family healthy and has a unique experience and professional qualities proved by the years of the successful practice in the best medical facilities of Canada and USA.

Regular pharmaceutical expertise

To ensure the quality all offered products, My Canadian Pharmacy uses proved industry leading practices to meet customer needs. To comply fully with manufacturing FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice standards our experts send all medication samples from suppliers to undergo an examination in a territory of unbiased pharmaceutical laboratories located in the United States and Canada. All new and popular medications that you can find on the pages of My Canadian Pharmacy’s website are tested, analyzed and labeled according to the international quality standards.

At My Canadian Pharmacy we also implemented independent Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs to ensure that our products meet high quality requirements. MCP commitment is to offer the highest level of service and to deliver safe products consistently that our patients and experts can rely on.

True and unbiased reviews, reports and news

That is another feature that makes My Canadian Pharmacy different. How do similar online drugstore services work? They simply share the list of products you can buy from them and in the best scenario give standard answers to the standard questions. But MCP experts know that such approach doesn’t bring any good to customers in long perspective. For example, you see ten different Viagra generics deals. Which to choose for your individual demand? What to expect from every medication? What are rare side effects? Regular drugstores won’t give an answer to any of these questions. But MCP does because you deserve our attention and free consultation. We want you to become our loyal client who can trust our service for lifetime, we are not interested in random guests buying cheap pills from us. Though our prices are really low, our personal approach is only of high quality.

Such approach helps us to define the issues that can be really interested for you. At MCP website you can find the breaking medical news, interesting expert opinions on different medical-related problems, reviews of the newest medications (both brand and generic ones), the fullest guides to the popular pills and other unique articles full of precious medical knowledge we chose to share for free.

Your health is our priority – the main quality standard of MCP

To provide our customers with the best quality standards My Canadian Pharmacy does everything possible (and sometimes impossible) to comply with the survey and licensing requirements of Canadian regions where out services dispenses pharmaceutical products via the Internet.

My Canadian Pharmacy meets nationally endorsed quality standards of online pharmacy services which in addition to quality of services and products presume:

  • the compliance with the common standards of privacy/security of prescriptions and protection of a customer’s personal data during online authentication and verification;

  • adherence to quality assurance policy and meaningful consultation between patients and professional pharmacists.

Safety and consistency is the priority of My Canadian Pharmacy service. We built our work on the one major principle – there is no compromise when it comes to health. And demand the same attitude from all our employers and partners. Come to MCP, stay with us to get the unrivaled patient care and the best medical solutions to your health problems. My Canadian Pharmacy cares and ensures the best health quality standards for everyone!