Why you need a coupon for Chantix (Varenicline)

Why you need a coupon for ChantixChantix (varenicline tartrate) is a new active principle used in smoking cessation in adults. This drug produces a moderate lowering of a neurotransmitter, the dopamine content synthesized by the human body that in the brain is responsible for the motor behavior, the emotional processes of pleasure and reward. Reducing the symptoms of abstinence crisis checks when a person dependent on a substance, such as cigarette smoke, suspends or reduces the intake of the substance. Abstinence leads to unpleasant physical modifications and behavior because the organism does not feel the absence of that particular substance and the desire to smoke.

Smoking cigarette dependence forms due to nicotine, a substance present in tobacco leaves. This molecule quickly enters the bloodstream and then reaches the brain where two brain centers are activated: the first, called “mesolimbic dopaminergic system”, is responsible for gratification and pleasure; the latter is responsible for the release of certain substances (catecholamines) which increase the state of vigilance and vigilance. Nicotine also acts on the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure and acts as a vasoconstrictor of small venous vessels. It also acts on other physiological functions.
For the treatment of tobacco smoking addiction, two types of pharmacological treatment have so far been commercially available: nicotine preparations (patches, chewing gums, inhalers) or bupropion, an amphetamine-derived antidepressant used to treat severe smokin, but with a risk profile that is likely to happen within a predetermined time interval / unfavorable condition.
In any case, the drug therapy should be selected in agreement with the smoker, depending on the presence or absence of:

  • The availability of support by a specific socio-medical practitioner to provide guidance or support to the individual who wants to quit smoking or to a group with the aim of developing and enhancing the resources of the individual or group. This support or orientation action is usually referred to as counseling;
  • What previous therapies have been employed;
  • Contraindications and side effects of different products to help quit smoking.

Chantix effects

Chantix effects

Varenicline treatment lasts for a total of 12 weeks. It should be started 1-2 weeks before smoking cessation with a growing dose of varenicline in order to limit the onset of nausea: 0.5 mg daily from 1st to 3rd day, 0.5 mg twice daily from 4 to 7 and then 1 mg twice daily.

The clinical efficacy of varenicline was evaluated in 6 studies involving about 6,000 subjects, but the most important 4 compared the drug with bupropion (2 studies) and nicotine substitutions (one) and placebo inert (for example, a sugar pill) administered to the control group within a clinical trial to compare the effects of the study’s experimental treatment with the effects of placebo – attributable only to receiving a treatment, even if not active. Placebo should be non-distinguishable (by color, odor, taste, etc.) from experimental treatment to ensure proper blind allocation. There is also a long-term safety study results for Chantix, which are reassuring.

In addition to taking drugs, subjects enrolled in the studies, who smoke on average 22 cigarettes a day, were also supported by counseling sessions or motivational telephone contacts. The duration of the studies was 12 weeks, except for one that lasted 24 weeks. What has been assessed is the ability to abstain from smoking over the last 4 weeks of treatment. Subjects were, however, followed by periodic visits and telephone contacts for a total of one year.

After 12 weeks of treatment, 44% of subjects in varenicline therapy stopped smoking compared with 29% of those treated with bupropion and 18% with placebo. In the only study that compared the efficacy of varenicline with nicotine patches, it has been found that in treatment with the drug, smoking abstinence in the last 4 weeks of treatment was 56% with varenicline and 43% with nicotine patches. At one year, the percentage of subjects who maintained abstinence from smoking with varenicline was halved and dropped to 22-26%. Even with other therapies it has decreased and reached 20% with nicotine substitutes, 15% with bupropion and 9% with placebo.

Chantix appears to show better results per year than bupropion and placebo, but not the nicotine substitutes (patches), which showed a percentage of abstinence per year that could be overlapping with varenicline; they also have a better tolerability.

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