What is Edegra? Generic Viagra Empowers Erections In Erectile Dysfunction

Description, Pharmaceutical Content and Form, Action, Recommended Dosage, Contraindications and Precautions, Side Effects, Drug Co-administration, Alternative Application, FAQs and Customers’ Feedbacks

Generic Viagra: Ederga 100

Edegra or Edegra 100 is a generic product of Viagra, the famous ED treatment drug that practically changed the world in 1998. Sometimes Edegra is called Ederga 100 according to the content of the active substance which is the same as in Viagra – Sildenafil.

The popularity of Sildenafil throughout the world has led to the appearance of numerous generics which use the same pharmaceutical formula as the branded product does that is why the effectiveness of generics is as high as that of the branded product. So pharmaceutical companies that produce generics do not need to invest a lot of money in development and promotion of the new product as everything is already done. They just copy the existing medication, but with strict accordance to the original product. Some generics obtain the approval of FDA that means high quality and standard compliance.

At the same time, generic drugs do not use the branded name, only its modifications or combinations with other words. As you see the name of “Edegra” is in tune with “Viagra” that helps buyers identify it as the ED treatment remedy.

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Pharmaceutical content and action

Each pill of Edegra contains 100 of Sildenafil as an active substance and some auxiliary elements that don’t influence the effectiveness of the main element, but in very rare cases may cause allergic reactions in patients who are allergy – predisposed.

Pharmaceutical content and actionSildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor which was invented back in 1998 as a remedy from pulmonary arterial hypertension. The side effect of strong erection forced the inventors to pay greater attention to this quality of the substance; as a result the first ED treatment drug appeared at the market.

Edegra as a PDE5 inhibitors decreases the degradation of cGMP and facilitates the relaxation of plain muscles and larger blood flow in the penis. In its turn more blood in the penis helps maintain longer and stronger erection.

The peculiarity of Sildenafil’s action lies in the fact that the given substance works only with natural mechanisms in the human body and do not treat the reason of erectile problem. It is effective only when sexual excitement occurs. If the patient is not excited Edegra won’t work at all.

Edegra Types and forms

The given generic of Viagra (view all generic Viagra types: mycanadianpharmacyrx.com/generic-viagra-types) is produced in the form of coated tablets. Edegra in the form of pills is usually used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Apart of pills Edegra is produced in the form of injections. As a rule, this form is applied in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. In this case rules of intake, dosages and therapy course substantially differ from the ED therapy.

Package and storage conditions

Each blister card contains 4 pills. Depending upon your needs and money resources you can choose small pack (4 pills) or big economy pack of 100 pills. Big package has one substantial advantage as each pill in it costs up to 50% less than it costs in the small one.

Production and expiration dates are usually printed on the blister card. Edegra should be stored in dry and dark place at the temperature of 15 – 30 C and kept away from the reach of small children.

Edegra Dosage and rules of intake

Dosage and rules of intakeLike all the other PDE5 inhibitors and Viagra generic products Edegra should be taken in the dosage stipulated by your doctor and only once a day. Depending upon the patient’s health state the doctor may advise that the man starts with 25 mg of Sildenafil per day. If there is no effect and no negative consequences are experienced the doctor may increase the dosage up to 50 and 100 mg. The maximal daily dosage of Sildenafil should not exceed 100 mg. If the patient taken more than 100 mg strong side effects may occur with the utmost probability.

Edegra should be taken 40-60 minutes prior to the planned sexual intercourse; one pill should be swallowed with sufficient amount of water.

Doctors recommend that patients avoid drinking alcohol and eating fat food if they plan to use Edegra. Alcohol may cause negative reactions in the human body and intensify side effects; at the same time fad and heavy food may decrease the effectiveness of the medication or postpone its therapeutic effect. Smoking is also undesirable supplement to Edegra as it influences blood vessels and nervous system.

Edegra is not prescribed for children under 18 years old and women. Patients at the age over 65 should take it with care taking into account their age and age-related changes in their body. If not effect is noticed please don’t increase the dosage without consulting your health care specialist.

Edegra and Viagra: What is similar and different?

Being Viagra’s generic Edegra has a lot in common with the branded ED treatment drug. Nevertheless there are some differences either. Let’s look at the things that are similar.

Firstly, both medications have the same active substance that is Sildenafil. Both Viagra and Edegra pills look similar as they are oblong and blue. They have the same marking: “100”.

Edegra and Viagra start acting in 40-60 minutes and work within 4-5 hours. Modern generics are high quality medical drugs that just copy the original pharmaceutical formula. From the other side generic drugs copy side effects as well.

The major difference between Viagra and Edegra is the price. You can order Edegra much cheaper than Viagra that is why Edegra has become so popular with patients all over the world. You can judge for yourself: you obtain the same high quality drug, high efficiency and the same active substance and don’t overpay for the brand. Is it profitable? Of course! That is why most men facing ED prefer ordering Edegra 100.

Moreover, unlike Viagra Edegra is available without prescription. It does not mean that you can use Edegra without any control. You should always consult your doctor before you start taking it. One more reason in favor of Edegra lies in very specific area. It’s a funny thing, but Edegra is more popular because of the absence of counterfeit drugs. Original drug may seem to provide more security. However, Viarga is falsified much oftener than it may seem. It’s another bonus of generics as their falsification never brings profit to a counterfeiter as they are cheap unlike the branded products that are sold at a very high price.

Contraindications and Precautions

Like any medical drug Edegra has certain effect on nearly every internal system of the human body and cardio – vascular one, in particular. That is why vast number of contraindications is connected with the given system.

Patients with serious cardio – vascular diseases should avoid taking Edegra especially in cases of heart stroke (suffered within a period of 6 months and less), unstable blood pressure with sharp changes between the states of hyper- and hypotension. Coronary diseases, heart failure, heart attack are among serious reasons that influence the doctor’s decision to postpone the prescription of Edegra or to prescribe smaller dosages under the strict control.

Sildenafil is removed from the body via gastrointestinal system so liver, kidney and stomach etc. are involved in the process. Different disorders including liver or kidney failures, impaired kidney function or liver decompensation, stomach ulcer and other problems are another group of diseases that may cause unpleasant health disorders in patient.

Patients with haemophilia and other diseases of blood system are also recommended not to take Edegra as Sildenafil facilitates larger blood flow that in its turn may cause negative consequences in case of any injuries.

Disorders of organs of senses are the factor that forces doctors prescribe Edegra with care. Intense load on blood vessels during sexual intercourse and in case of intake of Edegra may lead to the deterioration of vision and hearing.

People with depressive states or anxiety as well as other nervous disorders are also in the risk group so they are highly recommended to consult with the health care specialist before taking Edegra.

The patient having the problem of physical deformity of penis should refuse to take Edegra as stronger erection may intensify the disease.

As Edegra influences nearly all the internal systems of the human body doctors ask patients to inform about any existing health problem before starting the ED therapy with Edegra. That will help prevent a lot of negative consequences for the patient’s health.

Ederga’s drug co-administration

  • While taking Edegra you should take into account the fact that Sildenafil is quite strong medication so it can interact with other medical drugs and cause deterioration of the patient’s health state.
  • The first thing one should remember is that Edegra (Sildenafil) influences cardio – vascular system and may cause decrease of blood pressure. Therefore, all the drugs aimed at decreasing blood pressure, especially nitrate containing medications (nitroglycerin and others) should not be co-administered with Edegra as together they may cause the severe hypotension state. Such state may facilitate such serious disorders as cardiogenic shock, kidney failure, body dehydration and others.
  • PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis, Levitra and their generic products are not recommended to be taken together with Edegra as their interaction and influence on the patient’s health is similar to that of the nitrate – containing medications.
  • Simultaneous intake of Sildenafil and alpha – blockers aimed at treating pulmonary hypertension and prostate disorders may also intensify blood pressure problems and lead to the hypotension state.
  • Another group of drugs you should avoid while taking Edegra include antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs. Simultaneous intake of Edegra and some of the above-mentioned medications like Erythromycin, Ketoconazole and others may affect kidney or liver and facilitate liver failure or hepatic shock.
  • Sometimes producers of PDE5 inhibitors (both branded and generic) warn that even herbal supplements and homeopathic medicines should be taken with care together with ED treatment drugs. In any case, you should inform your doctor about any remedy you are taking at the present moment in order to avoid undesired problems with your health in future.

Side effects of Edegra

Among the most common side effects patients may experience one can name headaches, hot flushes and dizziness.

Overdosing and improper intake of the medication are the most frequent reasons why side effects occur. Of course, there are cases when side effects are connected with individual intolerability of the drug and its components.

No wonder that most negative consequences are connected with cardiovascular system as it turn to be under the double load of sexual activity and Sildenafil action. That is why patients may suffer from heart beating, headaches and dizziness. In most cases such side effects disappear in the course of time. However in case of improper dosage side effects from the side of cardiovascular system may lead to myocardial infarction, cardiac standstill or heart stroke and heart failure. In rare cases patients may come across tachycardia, arrhythmia, hypotension or hypertension states and even sudden cardiac death. In case of serious conditions with severe pain etc. urgent medical assistance is needed. As far as statistical data show most serious disorders (and even lethal cases) occurring after the use of the ED treatment drugs are connected with cardiovascular system.

Another group of negative effects involves rhinitis, stuffed or running nose, sore throat and een worsening of asthmatic state.

From the side of gastrointestinal system men may experience vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomatitis, gastritis and so on. If one feels any discomfort in the stomach, experience indigestion or constipation they may be the symptoms of more serious disorders.

Genitourinary system may also react on the Sildenafil’s action. Usually patients may experience more frequent urination with or without pain, abnormalities of urine etc. as well as come across with specific condition called priapism that is prolonged and very painful erection lasting for more than several hours. This condition is very dangerous as it may cause serious damages in penis.

Allergic reactions, pain in back or muscles, sudden weakness, anxiety and increased nervousness, insomnia or somnolence as well as changes of behavior are among the rarely experienced side effects of Edegra.

We should stress you attention that all the above-mentioned side effects (except for headaches and hot flushes) are met very rarely (sometimes in les that 0.01% cases). However, it is our duty to describe all the possible cases for you to be aware of the subject and to understand the importance of following doctors’ recommendations and to refrain from self-treatment.

Alternative application

As we have already noted Ederga is applied for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (as all the other medications containing Sildenafil are). Edegra is prescribed in the form of injections however tablets can be used either.

Sport games are one of the most popular alternative applications of Edegra. It is pumping in the body building, in particular. Edegra is taken to improve the results in power lifting. Regular intake of these tablets is your own business; however we recommend that you care about your health.

Edegra is also used after the anabolic steroid therapy if the man suffers from the temporary testicle dysfunction (this situation is not usual for all the men).

How to order in My Canadian Pharmacy

How to order in My Canadian Pharmacy

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My Canadian Pharmacy has collected the best online offers so that you can choose the proper medication, its price, dosage, package size, producer and so on. We support our business reputation so we cooperate only with the reliable suppliers whose products have already been proved by market demand. Besides, our regular customers benefit from our bonuses and different loyalty programs as the more they buy, the more they save.

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I heard that Viagra for women was invented. Can I use Edegra?

No Edegra is designed for the use by adult men over 18. Children and women are prohibited to take Edegra as Sildenafil may cause serious problems with their health.

I tried Edegra, no effect at all. Can I increase the dosage as 100 mg is not enough for me?

100 mg of Sildenafil is a maximal possible (and safe) dosage of Sildenafil per day. If Edegra does not work for you please consult your doctor. Maybe you need to try another PDE5 inhibitor as Sildenafil does not match you.

Can I divide one pill into two dosages per day?

No, Edegra should be taken once a day nearly one hour before sexual activity. If you feel that the prescribed dosage is too much for you can try a half of it per day and look at the result. If you are satisfied with the effect you can use smaller dosage.

I have diabetes. Can I use Edegra?

Diabetes is a factor that need thorough medical control. Usually patients with diabetes are recommended not to take Sildenafil or take it with care. In your case you should discuss it with your doctor in order to take the proper decision.

Can I drink during the intake of Edegra?

Despite the fact that some producers of generics claim that their product can be compatible with alcohol we strongly recommend that you refrain from drinking especially hard liquors. It does not matter whether you take branded ED products or their generic versions all the medications contain the same active substance that interacts with alcohol in a bad way.

I heard that generics are not reliable. Edegra is much cheaper than Viagra, is it safe and effective?

Of course, there are unreliable producers that manufacture low quality products. So, if you just don/t feel anything while taking such products you are lucky as low quality drugs may cause heavy health disorders. We work only with reliable pharmaceutical companies who value their reputation and offer only approved products. Edegra is one of them as it is approved by FDA. Cheaper price is explained by the fact that producers of generics use already invented formulas, do not need to spend a lot of money for research and development as well as investigation work and large-scale promotion activity

Does Edegra defend from sexually transmitted diseases?

No, Edegra does not defend from sexually transmitted disease as it just helps treat the symptoms of ED and improve natural mechanisms of erection. In order to defend yourself please use barrier contraception methods/

Edegra Reviews by Customers

Mark, age unknown.

Edegra rules! I have been using it for a long time. I like its action, I like it is not so long as that of Cialis. Several hours is enough for me to have several full coituses and then to rest. I don’t like to stay on toes for two full days. Better results with Dapoxetine!

Daniel, 37.

Goop point! These blue pills never let me down! To my mind they are the most effective despite their low price.

Nick, 48.

Edegra, generic Viagra is my best choice! Several years ago read some feedbacks about Sildenafil and decided to try. Since then I use only Sildenafil and other generic Viagra (last two times I bought Edegra and I like it most) as it never misfires! Edegra is a reliable assistant at the very good price, by the way.

Alex, age unknown.

The drug is a real worker. I didn’t like the colour. However Sildenafil matches me the best of all the generics for ED treatment.

Michael, 52.

Viagra and Sildenafil is a classic. Edegra is just an affordable and yet effective version of the brand. It is really reliable and stable drug that has proved its effectiveness through years. I have been using it for a long time. At the beginning I experiences some side effects, I felt dizzy and had headaches. However they passed in the certain period of time when I got accustomed to Sildenafil. It always works when I need to be in a perfect sexual shape.