My Canadian Pharmacy Beginner’s Guide To Ordering

New to the site? Ordering for the first time or simply wanting to check your options? You are at a right page. Please take some time reading through ordering instructions. Not that it was that complicated to order with the help of our platform – quite contrarily, it is pretty much intuitive. It’s just that we believe that you every single experience with our service, starting from the very first encounter, should be smooth and unmarred by confusion.

Beginner’s Guide To Ordering MCP

6 Easy Steps

STEP 1. Check out the offer

If you are not certain which drug or drugs to purchase, you can read descriptions of several medicines for your condition, this will help narrowing your choice. At My Canadian Pharmacy we strive to create as much familiarity with offered products as possible. Items quoted at our site vary by dosage and manufacturer. Drugs that can be found at Canadian Pharmacy are generics. They fully correspond to their brand analogues, but help you win a lot in savings department. Sift through and come up with an ideal candidate.

STEP 2. Navigating and searching

Products at Canadian Pharmacy are organised by category, and contained in alphabetical order for your ultimate convenience. Alternatively, use our search tool – this only works if you know the exact name of the drug you are looking for. It also works the other way around, when you are not certain about spelling or can’t remember the exact name – look up your query by category or by alphabet. Done? Then let’s move on to actual ordering!

STEP 3. Bag it!

Next to every item you will see Order Now button for express ordering. Since we pile high and sell cheap, you might consider ordering in bulk – this will bring on many more saving opportunities. Firstly, the bigger the blister, the lower per-pill price. And secondly, you will enjoy free shipping with Regular Airmail as of $150, free Express Courier shipping for orders as of $300 (US customers only) and free shipping insurance as of $200. For orders bigger than $300 you are entitled to contact the pharmacy for an individual discount – and make no mistake, it is going to impress. Ready? Proceed to Checkout page.

STEP 4. Choose a shipping method

Your order can be delivered, based on your preferences and domicile address, either by Regular Airmail ($15) or by Express Courier service ($25) – this latter works only for US based customers. With Regular Airmail service will have your order delivered within 10-21 days, and orders shipped with Express Courier take between 8 and 14 days to ship. Express Courier orders are trackable. Should your order be delayed, please contact us so that we could clarify what is going on. Please, make sure you have your ordering details on hand when you do this.

STEP 5. Fill in shipping information

My Canadian Pharmacy will require your personal details to be provided for the purposes of order confirmation, shipping and delivery. To protect your information, we have a rigid set of rules and modern technologies employed to keep your account with us secure. We handle your personally identifiable data with great respect and care, using it only for the purposes stipulated above. For your order to be processed, we will require the following information from you: first name, last name, address, city, state, country, postal code, phone number and e-mail address. Do not forget to check out the corresponding box if your billing address will be different from shipping address.

STEP 6. Secure online payment

Next, select payment method from offered options (currently, it’s Visa, MasterCard and eCheck) and give your credit card details. Click on Submit button and wait for several minutes for your order confirmation to land in your Inbox. Make sure your filters do not send it to Junk mail. Keep the confirmation email for future reference.

Security and Сonfidentiality Note

The information shared with us remains protected by 256-bit encryption. The keys used in SSL ensure that the data you share with us is virtually unbreakable into. Strike out any phishing, spamming, scamming or fraud activity out there, they are not going to happen to My Canadian Pharmacy Customers. The Terms Of Use at our side rule out any such instances, alongside with unauthorized use of information provided by subscribers. Your confidentiality will be taken further care of at the delivery stage – orders shipped through our service are all contained in plain unmarked envelopes. The billing information does not disclose the nature of purchased goods either. We at My Canadian Pharmacy are firm believers in health information confidentiality.

Extra Caution With Credit Card Information

For those of you who would like to make extra certain that their information is in good hands and duly protected, we suggest scanning strategically important pages for visible signs of data protection. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS, is a protection setting of a secured page that makes automatic changes to the way the address bar in your browser looks: it goes from <<>> format to <<>> one. This is how you can tell straight away that your information is encrypted. Alternatively, scan the page for closed padlock sign in the lower right corner of your browser.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a protocol for encrypted transport of data for the HTTP protocol. HTTPS connections are often used for payment transactions on the Internet for sensitive transfers within companies, the login and management of private information, and more generally to protect the user’s privacy. With HTTPS connection the information you share with us will not be intercepted by third parties and users should be able to trust that the Web server is the same as it purports to be.

Don’t Forget Your Bonuses!

My Canadian Pharmacy reminds you that free bonuses await our dear customers at the checkout page, with every single order placed, regardless of the subtotal. Choose between four pills of Viagra Generic or four pills of Generic Cialis (click for more info) to go with your purchase. But this is not all – also enjoy:

Free Shipping

Free shipping for orders $150 and above (Regular Airmail service)

Free Courier Express Shipping

Free Courier Express shipping for orders starting from $300

Super Discounts

And the cherry on your cake – a tailored discount for $500+ orders – contact our customer support!

Free shipping Insurance

Free shipping insurance for orders $200 and above