Celebrities who admitted to taking Viagra

Viagra has become an icon of pharmaceutical industry. One can say that it is a so-called celebrity of pills that is constantly making noise at the world. Appeared at the market in 1998 Viagra has changed the world completely since then. Great number of men have obtained the possibility to overcome their sexual problems and to bring back their young years.People started calling it "A Magic Blue Pill"; it even became the hero of modern lyrics…

The Battle of The Most Popular Antidepressants in Canada

Prozac, Zoloft and Celexa are regularly recognized as the “golden trio” in the world of antidepressants. Both in the United States and Canada these 3 antidepressants are considered as the most prescribed ones for people with different depressive conditions. However, the number of all existing antidepressants can’t be limited with these 3 titles.According to the vast choice of antidepressants, including the catalogue of Canadian Pharmacy,…
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Viagra Story and What's Up With Generic Viagra For starters, Viagra (chemical name of the main active component – sildenafil citrate - learn more here) is used to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) or impotence in men and was officially approved by the FDA in 1998. The medicine was originally made by Brand company to cure high blood pressure and angina, but it was found to be ineffective for both conditions. Sildenafil citrate didn’t lower blood…
Not Only for Erections

How to use Viagra not for Erections only? 6 Unusual Ways of Usage

Viagra (Sildenafil): Not Only for Erections In 1998, Michael Allen got a call from a doctor in a small town in Wales that gave the very first hint of an upcoming revolution. The doctor was running a small clinical test of a new drug for angina treatment. The future of the drug (UK-92480) was looking uncertain: previous trials showed that it didn't have much effect on the disease, and was less effective than existing drugs.As the doctor was…
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Pregnancy Guide

Not pregnant yet but you and your partner have decided that you want a child. It’s a good start. What happens now? There are some things to consider when you decide to have a child, if you have not yet made it is good to immediately start taking folic acid, which, as is known, helps prevent neural tube defects. Quitting smoking is virtually a must, as well as stopping taking alcohol and substances that could harm the baby. So you must begin to take better care of yourself, adopting a lifestyle consonant with the new situation you have decided to tackle. With My Canadian Pharmacy as your professional advisor you can rest assured that the new exciting journey you are about to embark on will bring you nothing but joy, comfort and peace of mind.
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At this page of our website there is always a promotional code for Viagra and other drugs that grants a 10% discount. You can redeem it during your next shopping experience with My Canadian Pharmacy with no regard to the subtotal sum of your order. Planning on spending a little more than average? For orders starting from $400 we have special conditions. You can, as a matter of fact, negotiate a discount of up to 30% off for such orders.
How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

My Canadian Pharmacy Shares How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Better Safe Than Sorry Impotence is what all men are afraid of because man's sexual strength is a matter of pride of any representative of a stronger sex. My Canadian Pharmacy specialists have developed a number of recommendations on how to avoid impotence and enjoy sharing them with you. But if you follow them, but still feel that you need a professional help, we invite you to read more about ED and the medications offered at My Canadian Pharmacy…
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Top 15 Popular Questions about Viagra Online

How Many Times One Should Wait to Take Another Viagra Pill? Generally it is advised not to take more than one Viagra pill per day. The exact dosage in each particular case can be set by your doctor.For How Long Does Viagra Work? Normally Viagra starts working from half an hour to up to 2 hours. In some occasions, the effects can return, a little bit later after orgasm.Does Erection Induced by Viagra Lasts After Reaching an Orgasm? Actually,…
Erectile dysfunction

Generic Viagra or Stendra: Which Works Better?

If you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, don’t think that your sexual life is coming to an end. You are not alone, as ED is becoming an increasingly common medical condition even among younger men, and pharmaceutical developers are doing their best to come up with an ED drug formula that is the most effective, yet causes as few side effects as possible. When you have to choose a certain medication to address your erectile difficulties, you…
Viagra Administration

Canadian Pharmacy Experts: Viagra Dosage, Administration Specifics, Which Viagra Type Is Best

Sildenafil citrate, an ED agent marketed under commercial name of Viagra, is one of the most reliable treatments of the present day available to men affected by sexual dysfunction. The drug is safe, effective and easy in use – a winning trifecta that turned Viagra into a fast favorite almost twenty years ago. Viagra features the fewest overall cons relative to the potential pros. And compared to other non-oral ED solutions, sildenafil tablets would really seem to be a one-size-fits-all. But is it as universal as it seems?
Viagra for ED and Nitroglycerine

Nitroglycerin and Viagra – Is There Any Chance That They Work Together Safely?

Any combination of Viagra and Nitroglycerin within 24 hours is called fatal. Does it mean you have no chance for ED treatment (more about ed treatment at www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com/erectile-dysfunction), while you take nitrates? A research must be done to learn the truth. Shall we? Viagra is regarded as the drug that does more than helps males to cope with ED. Today the medication is also known for influencing heart even of health males, not speaking…
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Top 5 Products for Stomach at Canadian Pharmacy

Stomach illnesses are so widespread that it is hard to find a person who doesn’t have at least heartburn. Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs against stomach diseases. Online marketing is a real modern tendency that becomes more and more popular from year to year. Internet stores provide with all available types of goods of high quality and delivering companies guarantee really fast delivery. Online drug stores are not the exception.…