Measuring your sexuality type: physiology and psychology factors that matter

Just like various branches of science, in medicine you can identify and measure almost anything. We know the normal indicators in urine (learn more), blood, sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol… the list goes on and on. But when it comes to sexual health evaluations things get more complicated.

The fact is that doctors still cannot give exact answers to the question on the optimal length of a man’s penis, guaranteeing pleasure to his partner; neither there’s an answer to the question of golden medium number of sexual intercourses per particular period of time. The concept of ‘health’ in sexual relations is interpreted differently than in the usual sense.

While the definition of health by the World Health Organization implies the absence of any disease, injuries or traumas, ’sexual health’ is a way more complex physical and psychological adaptation, affecting the normal sexual relations. In other words, for example, there could be no disease or physical damage, but the organ may refuse to work as it is expected to under the influence of stress or excessive excitation.

This way or the other, it is proved that sexual health is affected by:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (2%)
  • The environment (10%)
  • The efforts of the accompanying women (20%)
  • Hereditary qualities (50%)

To shed more light on the sex norms, it is is necessary to get acquainted with the concept of ‘sexual constitution’ (a measure of people’s sexual activity). Thus, if you have sex 3 times a week and your friend, who is older and, perhaps, even less physically developed, lives sexual life with daily sexual intercourses, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Why is this so? How and whether, in principle, is it possible to increase your capabilities in sex without using drugs? The fact is that all men have a genetic, individual, sexual activity, which bears the name of ‘sexual constitution’ and primarily depends on your heredity, conditions of growth and development.

It all may seem to be random…

Men in their sexual activities are divided into three categories: those with high, moderate and low sexual activity. Obviously, the characteristics and criteria for pathology should be considered not only as a physiological indicators, but also from the point of view of modern values, plus the age, health and dozens of other factors are needed to be taken into account.

Naturally, physiological, and psychological aspects of statistical standards in sex do not always coincide. Physiological aspects play a more vital role in sexual norms definition. According to the long-standing practice duration of sexual intercourse (it is calculated from the moment of penetration until ejaculation) the indicators vary widely.

A short intercourse lasts for 1 minute 45 seconds – about 65 frictions, while the longest average sexual intercourse lasts for 3 minutes 35 seconds (about 270 frictions); therefore, the arithmetic average duration of sex balances within 2 minutes and 120 frictions.

What factors affect the length of sexual intercourse?

sexual intercourse

The duration of sexual intercourse depends on the frequency of sexual intercourses: the more frequently you have sex, the longer the duration of the sexual act would be, and vice versa. An ability to take control of physical contact and the pelvic floor muscles also matters, just like the state of the nervous system, notorious sexual constitution, erection of the penis.

Men need to know that to meet women is important qualitative aspect of sexual intercourse, partner’s mood and its relation to the man, the phase of the menstrual cycle. Often all this is much more important than the duration of sexual intercourse. Speaking of the phases of the menstrual cycle, sexual satisfaction of women more likely to experience before the next menstruation. Women often do not get sexual satisfaction is not due to a short intercourse, and because of the hostility to the sexual partner, rudeness and quarrels.

It is clear that sexual constitution is an important criterion in sexual relations: according to the stats, males with high and low sexual activity account to 15% and the overwhelming majority has an average energy level of sexual possibilities. But we should not confuse the concept of sexual constitution and sexual temperament.

Sexual constitution is encoded genetically, while temperament is not characterized by sexual performance and desire for sex. For example, an average temperamental resident of the The Iberian Peninsula does not necessarily has strong sexual constitution; selfsame, an average representative of the Arctic circle zone can be an excellent lover, having a strong sexual constitution.

In order to define your sexual constitution it is necessary to compare the number of subjective and objective indicators – and a comprehensive assessment can be carried out by sexologist. In addition to analysis of numerous responses to the questions of sexual orientation, it is necessary to hold a series of anthropometric measurements, such as trochanter index (the ratio of the legs from the foot to the big vert to growth). This figure shows the development of the skeleton.

Also taken into account the extent of other sexual characteristics:

  • The state of hair growth on the face,
  • The height of the tone of voice,
  • The development of the sebaceous glands, giving an idea of providing male working.

Sexual activity is not a static feature and it may change throughout life. Thus, those males with high sexual activity regularly smoking, frequently consuming alcohol and drugs risk to have the process of changes launched automatically. But it is evident that the norm in the concept of sex is very conditional. For some sex couples in their 30’s two or even three sexual intercourses per day is a norm, for others – a sexual intercourse per week is OK, and it could mean both couples are happy.

When physiology is not decisive

A good number of negative physiological factors, e.g. premature ejaculation or non-sufficient erection, can be leveled with the use of medications, and not necessarily with extremely expensive ones. The efficiency result of 68-82% in PDE-5 inhibitors (from old good Generic Viagra to neoteric Cialis Plus and numerous generic alternatives) means you can restore sexual function safely and easily, with the chances for a positive outcome quite high. The unsurpassed affordability (the prices start from as low as $0.89 per pill at My Canadian Pharmacy service) and simply stunning effect, the use of a single medication questions the entire concept of sexual type evaluations. The data acquired through such methods is highly subjective, so the path to unlocking your full potential lies through healthy lifestyle and laser guided treatment in case of any problems.