Performance Anxiety And Sexual Function

Performance Anxiety And Sexual Function

Erectile problems can strike even young guys with good physique and normal testosterone levels. Even those who have no such problems are terrified of getting them, the anxiety which in its turn can take its toll on sexual function.

Performance anxiety can be triggered by a multitude of concerns, worries and circumstantial factors, with the outcome that is almost always the same: inability to achieve or maintain erection. While modern pharmacology has a simple answer to this issue in shape of ED drugs such as Generic Viagra and the like, it is necessary to find out the root of the problem and eliminate it from the equation. The successful practice is to combine pharmacological medication with psychological therapy in cases where erectile function is compromised by performance anxiety.

What can cause performance anxiety in young men?

Erection problem is not something men are prepared to discuss openly, least of all young guys. But even they can have such worries, and in such cases it is almost always about mental lockups rather than physical problems.

Most commonly, the problem arises when a man faces the need to wear a condom. To break the intimate surrounding with the strain of putting on the condom can provide the same effect as a cold shower. We turned for advice to sex therapist of Boston Medical Center Dr David Berg.

‘If younger guys had more practice with a condom on they would probably do much better. One tip that I always give is to masturbate with a condom. Practice makes perfect’, says Dr Berg. If the experience with the condom goes pretty smooth, the guy has a good chance of avoiding the next stumbling block on the road, namely worry and doubt. Another problem is that it is not unusual for a guy to have a racing mind and think about problems that can arise: Do I smell OK? Does he thinks that I’m corny and clumsy? In order to address the issue of the resulting disruption in erection Dr Berg suggests to return to hugging and kissing. That would certainly bring the erection’s come back.

Psychological discomfort and erectile function

Whenever there is too much strain put on performance requirements, it can become gridlocked. So who or what sets the performance criteria? The entire male role is made up by beliefs about how men are sexually aggressive, and that a man is constantly interested in sex and capable of high performance. Dr Berg’s tip is not to be so intercourse oriented without trying to caress the one you are with. So try focusing on the foreplay instead. This will make you feel relaxed and you will stop feeling like a tool.

Another aspect of performance anxiety is pinned to the gender roles which are of great importance when guys have problems with erection – or if they have difficulty achieving orgasm, which also occurs. For a woman not to reach an orgasm is so normalized and expected. But if a guy did not ejaculate, it will be hard for both parties. Both men and women often have the image that guys are always ready for the action and achieve orgasm in 100% of cases, the reality can be hard to take. It is important therefore to understand that it is perfectly normal for both partners to have their ups and downs.

Generic Viagra Canada and performance anxiety

Generic Viagra Canada and performance anxiety

In his medical practice with ED affected men Dr Berg was told many times how a single erection failure can cause trouble for a long time. It can start with erectile dysfunction on a single occasion that sets off a chain of thoughts, sitting in the back of your mind the next time the guy is to have sex. Not for nothing it is often said that success breeds success and failure breeds adversity. We asked him for some tips on how to break this vicious circle.

‘I am confident that this anxiety is the only thing that prevents erection from happening. As soon as you start enjoying the context you are in and not think so much about erections, things usually work out. In my experience with patients I have many stories where it had been difficult to achieve or maintain erection but it eventually got better. But if the problems persist, it may be a good time to consider finding a good sex therapist who will find out the reasons for the condition and appoint a treatment. For instance, Generic Viagra Canada whom everyone knows helps achieve erection every time, and generates that successful experience that will serve as a leverage for the future, unmedicated successful erections’, assures Dr Berg.

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