Premature Ejaculation Solutions: All Time Favorites For Less Money

Just for the record, there are no specific rules for how long intercourse should last. Therefore, it becomes pointless to try to define premature ejaculation (full info about PE, read now) as a temporal dimension. Medically, premature ejaculation is usually defined as ejaculation that occurs after only minimal sexual stimulation, during, or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes for ejaculation to occur.

One can thus say that the man is suffering from premature ejaculation, only if he or his partner thinks he does. Premature ejaculation is actually a problem that affects not only the man but also his partner. It may be that the woman needs more time to become sexually aroused or achieving orgasm. If the intercourse is of short duration there can be problems in intimacy. Failure to keep off ejaculation result in performance anxiety and depression. This in turn often leads to frustration for both parties. In the worst cases, premature ejaculation grows to a problem that does not only adversely affect sex life, but the relationship in general. PE is not a disease per se, but can cause great problems for a man’s self-esteem and sex life.

The bottom line is one can say that a man suffers from premature ejaculation if any of the following apply:

1. A man believes he will prematurely
2. A woman believes the man comes too soon

Causes of Premature ejaculation

premature ejaculation

There are many different causes of premature ejaculation. Sometimes it is also a combination of various factors that cause the problem. Before one can treat premature ejaculation the healthcare provider should therefore investigate why the patient cannot control his ejaculation.

Sensitive penis head or high sexual arousal

We are all different, and just as it can be difficult for women to achieve orgasm, it can be difficult for men, too. We simply react to different stimuli. The fact that some men have a more sensitive penis head than others is therefore a matter of course. A sensitive penis head does not have to be a disadvantage, but if it means that the man cannot control his ejaculation so it easily can become a problem. Likewise, a high level of sexual arousal can be both good and bad. Being hungry for sex is a prerequisite for a good and harmonious sex life. If a man on the other hand is so sexually aroused that the ejaculation can at worst cases occur during foreplay. Premature ejaculation because of the sensitive penis head or high sexual arousal is often a problem that affects many teenagers. In some cases it does not disappear with years, and continues well into adulthood.

Stress and anxiety

Sex can be exciting, wonderful, thrilling – and at the same time a little scary. Many men who do not always have a problem with premature ejaculation know that it often happens when you least desire it. Performance anxiety increases, the tension in the body and hasten the ejaculation. Men who are stressed have less control over their ejaculation. One explanation may be that sex from a scientific perspective serves to bring the species on through propagation. If we look at the animal kingdom, the act of love cannot be very protracted. An antelope has no time with a two-hour sex marathon, without the need for the act to be successfully completed before the lion lurking in the bushes gets too close. In the same way, stress or nervousness accelerate the man’s orgasm, even if the cause is not the threat from a lion. When a man is stressed out or nervous the brain signals to the body the need to ejaculate quickly – before it is too late.

Impotence and erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation can be a problem caused by potency issues. The body hastens ejaculation if a man cannot maintain the erected state through a successful sexual intercourse. From a scientific perspective, this is very rational, because an interrupted intercourse does not have many chances to lead to conception. The body’s automatic reaction is then to empty the seminal vesicles before the penis fails.

All about Erectile Dysfunction:

Drugs, alcohol and depression

Different types of drugs or an excessive intake of alcohol can result in premature ejaculation – although the opposite is more common. Lack of the neurotransmitter serotonin is considered to cause premature ejaculation. The long-term alcohol abuse or depression is often imply very low levels of serotonin in the brain.

Help against premature ejaculation

There are many methods to delay ejaculation. Because there are so many different causes of premature ejaculation, the treatment should be adapted to each individual. Some men can deal with a PE case with the help of a few simple tricks, while others have to seek help from a doctor. Below we present some methods all tend to give very good results. The various methods can also be combined with each other.

Stop-start technique

There is a saying that practice makes perfect – and it holds very true in the case of premature ejaculation. Stop-start technology means that man learns to control his ejaculation through exercises.

Stop-start technology on your own

The stop-start technique is very simple and involves masturbating. When the orgasm is approaching the man interrupts and lets the excitement subside a bit, waits for a minute, then goes back. If the man wants, he can make use of lube and a sex toy to get a more realistic experience. Unfortunately, the stop-start technique on their own does not help everyone. It is one thing to masturbate on your own and to have sex with a partner. Together with a partner, it becomes more difficult to keep the excitement and stimulation in check, when it is easy to be affected by nervousness and performance anxiety.

Stop-start technique with a partner

Since premature ejaculation always affects both parties in a relationship, it is natural to try to solve the problem together. Stop-start technique with a partner is when a woman (in a heterosexual relationship) is stimulating a man until he comes close to ejaculation and makes her. The man is focused only on his sensations and is always passive. Let the sexual tension subside and go back when the man feels that he is ready. Repeat the process several times. The idea is that the man should not have to perform sexually at all. Repeat as often as you have time or desire – the more often the better.

Delay spray against premature ejaculation

A delay spray is an anesthetic, sprayed on the penis head 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. The spray makes the penis head less sensitive to stimulation. If the man has a hypersensitive penis head and therefore it is difficult for him to control ejaculation, a delay spray can be an excellent tool to make him last longer. A delay spray drying the skin after a few minutes and therefore does not affect a woman’s sensitivity.

Delay sprays are often viewed as a temporary solution, but many men have also been helping in the longer term. A functioning sex life means that man has greater potential to eventually learn to control and prevent premature ejaculation. A delay sprays tend to also be effective if the man feels nervous or performance anxiety before intercourse. Nervousness and performance anxiety can itself lead to premature ejaculation, but the spray then gives a sense of security and self-esteem that prevents this. A delay spray is not a prescription, but should never be used if the patient is allergic or hypersensitive to local anesthesia.

Drugs against premature ejaculation

Many antidepressants also provides a lower libido and delayed ejaculation. Some preparations that we know today provides sustained release are Prozac, Celexa, Paxil and Zoloft. The reason is that these drugs affect serotonin levels in the brain. Antidepressant medications are always prescribed and it is therefore necessary to first talk to a doctor. Unfortunately, often these drugs also have other side effects – for example, the spontaneity of having sex disappears.

Priligy (dapoxetine) against PE

Priligy (the active medicinal component dapoxetine) is a recently developed pharmaceutical used to postpone ejaculation in men with PE. The drug also has the qualities of an antidepressant. Taken prior to sex action, it helps to:

  • Ward off the trouble of ejaculating too early;
  • Gain total control over sex act duration;
  • Blast off performance anxiety;
  • Yield maximal benefits for both partners.

Among PE solutions available today, Priligy is consistently ranked the most popular. Generic Priligy, or Dapoxetine, is also a way to save up on your pharmacy shopping when it is ordered safely and conveniently off a reputable online drugstore. Remember that seeing a doctor about your condition is a must in cases when you wish to get medicated.