5 Yoga Poses for Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Among various methods of treating erectile dysfunction (impotence), one of the safest and applicable is yoga. The downside is that it is not for everyone, but for men who are able to be disciplined and persistent, because only regular and long-continued practice of yoga gives visible and sustained results.

Why Yoga Can Help You with Your Erection

Yoga offers asanas (poses) for every person with any fitness level and with any state of health, including for men who have problems with their man health and, in particular, with erection. These poses have effect on the pelvic region of a man’s body. They improve blood circulation in this area and massage the contracted muscles. Yoga improves the functioning of testicles, thus normalizing the production of testosterone. Besides, growing strength and energy boost will increase self-esteem and confidence, which is crucial for a man’s sexual life. It is also believed that these poses activate the first and the second chakras (energy centers), which govern physical strength, sex, reproduction, ability to experience pleasure/emotions and to be creative.

The reason why yoga works is simple: more and more men in modern world lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat unhealthy food, get into stressful situations and have chronic diseases. Yoga helps to cope with many of these problems – it provides healing physical exercises and also has effect on the psychological state (reduces stress and brings harmony). As a consequence, a lot of diseases can gradually and naturally vanish as the practice is progressing.

How to Start Practicing Yoga for Treating ED

Don’t be upset and don’t give up if you fail to perform some asana after a first attempt – just go on. You should know that there are often several variations of one asana – more simple and more complicated ones, for people with different levels of strength and flexibility. When you start performing, it is recommended that you don’t hurry and first learn how to do your first asana, and after 3-4 days add the second asana, then the third, and so on.

Learn to feel the muscles, how they strain and relax; soon you will learn to control them. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor/physician before practicing yoga and find a qualified yoga teacher, at least for the first several months (you can also attend group lessons). Keep calm and try to avoid thoughts while performing the asanas.

Yoga Asanas for Overcoming Impotence

You can find different sets yoga asanas for overcoming erectile dysfunction. Here are 5 asanas that will help you restore your overall and masculine health and to reach excellent erection again.



This famous asana is also called Lotus Pose, because legs in it look like lotus flower petals. This pose is one of the basic asanas. It stretches hamstrings, improves circulation in the pelvis and spine, improves the overall health, calms the mind, and is believed to awaken Kundalini energy.

Sit on the floor with your back straight. Bend the right knee and put the foot on your left thigh. Bend the left knee and put the left ankle over the right shin, the left foot’s sole facing upwards, and the foot’s top and ankle resting on the thigh. Your knees should be close together. Sit up straight, pressing your groins to the floor. The hands rest on the knees, palms face up. Make a Gyan Mudra by joining thumb and index fingers of each hand, extend the rest of the fingers. Concentrate on the space between your eyebrows and hold on for a minute or longer.



Warrior Pose is one of the most well-known asanas. It is helpful for men with weak erection and premature ejaculation as it strengthens pelvic floor, abdomen, spine and torso, stimulates digestion, expands chest and shoulders.

Stand straight, legs wide apart. Turn the left foot in by 15 degrees and the right foot out by 90 degrees. Lift your arms sideways to shoulder level, palms looking downwards, parallel to the ground. Bend the right knee. Make sure that your right ankle and right knee form a straight line. The head should be turned to the right, look at the right hand’s fingers. Feel the feet strong and stretch arms further. Keep breathing. Then breathe in and come up. Bring hands down from the sides, as you breathe out. Repeat the asana from the left side.

Ardha Ushtrasana

Ardha Ushtrasana

This pose variation is also called Half Camel Pose. It helps to treat ED and premature ejaculation, tones the body, increases stamina, stretches the hips and the pelvic area, stimulates abdominal organs, reduces anxiety, and much more.

Sit on your knees, if necessary, put a cushion under them. Put palms behind at the floor. Inhale. Then tilt back and lift your hips up, feeling knees on ground (try to keep knees together). Hold the position for about 10 seconds, continuing to breathe normally. Repeat 1-3 times.


Ardha Ushtrasana

It is an abdominal twist pose, which is helpful in case of ED and premature ejaculation (as well as troubles with digestion, nerves, urogenital system, excess weight, etc.). The tension along the pelvic region and the waist goes away.

Sit on your knees, so that the right knee is higher than the left one. Put your right hand at waist from behind, elbow pointing back. Put your left hand on your right knee, drawing it towards yourself. Inhale. Turn to the right as you exhale. Continue to breathe normally and twist more deeply. Then repeat the pose for the opposite side. Do 1-3 times for each side.

Hasta Pada Uttanasana


Another name – Standing Forward Bend Pose. The asana helps to stop premature ejaculation and restore strong erection, tones your abdominal organs, stretches muscles of the back, and enhances blood supply to the nervous system.

Stand up straight, place your feet two feet apart and hold the toes with your hands. Inhale. Squat low, while exhaling, palms on the floor near feet, with fingers looking forward. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds. You can hold your breath or breathe normally. Don’t strain the muscles of your back. Repeat up to 10 times.