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Halitosis is quite a problem for millions all over the world. While delusional and easily treatable cases of halitosis are easy to counteract and reduce, some specific scenarios may require specific treatment and sophisticated medications.

It is a well-known fact that halitosis is very often a subjective thing and many people that believe that they have bad breath just need to brush their teeth a bit more often and try to wash the mouth after each meal. Over 15-20% of people who come to doctors claiming that they have halitosis actually struggle with medical conditions that need immediate attention. It is quite hard to treat such conditions since drugs are quite expensive and require a long period of treatment to be effective.

Treating Minor Cases of Halitosis

Canadian Online Pharmacy invites you to the rich catalogue of items that can help you with halitosis and its causes. While the range of possible solutions is broad and offers you a versatile set of answers, we want to start from those solutions that should be used in all cases of halitosis both genuine and delusional. In fact, some medications are simply necessary for your health in general.

Phytotherapy has lots of answers to all possible health problems. Our ancestors successfully treated the vast majority of their diseases with herbs. We are still dependent on herbal medicine as over 85% of modern medications are based at least partially on various extracts and natural ingredients. However, nothing can beat a fully natural effective mixtures of extracts such as Dental Cream. This is the number one answer to halitosis.

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Bad breath in a lot of scenarios is actually caused by the decay of food bits that remain in the mouth after a meal. Simply rinsing the mouth with a glass of water can be quite efficient to remove the smell. It is also recommended to regularly chew xylitol based gums. Brushing teeth is imperative for halitosis treatment. Dental dream is a perfect solution. A completely safe and natural mx of herbal ingredients with a creamy texture quickly cover the surface of teeth and provide a strong cleaning effect. Due to its simplicity and safety, this toothpaste can be used during the day and not only after breakfast or before sleep.

Note that over 80% of halitosis cases are delusional and people actually don’t have problems with bad breath. Do not start sophisticated treatment courses unless you are sure that you have specific gastrointestinal issues or problems with throat. Try using dental cream and other herbal solutions before switching to prescribed drugs.

GERD Induced Halitosis

One of the most common causes of halitosis is GERD. This abbreviation stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease which many people refer to as acid reflux. The problem with the disease is that it often has a chronic form, quite hard to treat effectively without carefully selected prescribed drugs, and often affects multiple body parts and significantly reduces one’s quality of life.

The list of possible symptoms induced by GERD is quite wide:

  • Constant acidic taste in the throat and the backside of the mouth;
  • Heart burn and consecutive chest pain;
  • Digestive system problems;
  • Difficulties with breathing in general;
  • Bad breath (halitosis);
  • Quickly wearing down teeth.

These symptoms are quite serious on their own, but they become worse with time and slowly deteriorate when the disease is not treated well. At the same time, the disease eventually results into complications like esophagitis and Barret’s disease. GERD may cause severe changes in mood and shifts in metabolism.

The group of risk is expansive including obesity, hiatus hernia, pregnancy, bad habits like drinking and smoking, etc. Treating this disease is a complicated process and often requires a mix of various medications including calcium channel blockers, a variety of antidepressants, and drugs that help sleeping. Obviously, antihistamines and supplementary drugs are required.

People with GERD usually have genuine problems with halitosis and may require strong medications to counteract the cause and treat GERD efficiently in order to get rid of bad breath. We may offer you a list of drugs that can help you in mitigating some specific symptoms related to GERD and reduce the disease.

  • Triphala is an active supplement produced in Himalayan region. The drug consists of a variety of herbs including gooseberry, bellirica myrobalan, and chebulic myrobalan. These ingredients are used in both alternative medicine in China and Ayurveda. The mixture is designed to counteract various problems with digestion and provide a slight laxative effect. This is a good addition to your treatment plan that includes more aggressive anti-GERD medications.
  • Rabeprazol (Aciphex). This compound is a highly effective anti-ulcer drug that is widely used to treat a variety of stomach issues including GERD. This a type of symptomatic treatment that helps in reducing the level of acid produced in the stomach. The drug is effective when combined with amoxicillin or clarithromycin to treat various bacterial invasions. Used both for healing and symptom inhibiting, rabeprazol is a must-have in any household. Due to its quick effect, you can use it to reduce the symptoms immediately. The course usually lasts for up to 8 weeks.
  • Pantoprazole (Protonix) is a highly popular anti-GERD drug that is extremely efficient against heartburn which is a discomforting condition for people with GERD. This symptom may significantly reduce the quality of life by persistently bothering patients during the nighttime. By lowering the acid level this rug effectively relieves many symptoms of reflux.
  • Esomeprazole (Nexium) is one of the most frequently prescribed anti-GERD drug in the world and has been used by more than 140 million of patients all over the world. In some countries the drug is available over-the-counter. Nexium is a last resort drug for those situations when other medications failed to help. By reducing the level of acid in the stomach the drug reduces the effects of the disease. Additionally, esomeprazole is often used to reduce the chance of ulcer development in patients who are taking NSAIDs. Together with specific antibiotics like clarithromycin, the drug is used to treat H. pylori bacteria. Over 94% success rate is a great approval node in the direction of esomeprazole.
  • Lansoprazole (Prevacid). This drug is a widely used treatment instrument that has been used for nearly 15 years all over the world. Working similarly to other PPI-type drugs like esomeprazole and pantoprazole, this medication is a great mean of reducing the symptoms of GERD. Used both as a recreational tool and symptomatic relief, Prevacid is a great pill to have in your house med kit.
  • Omeprazole and simply sodium bicarbonate is another PPI-type drug combined with an active supplement. The drug is commonly prescribed all over the world and has proved its effectiveness millions of times. Works well both against “traditional” GERD symptoms and inflammations. Also can be used together with antibiotics to counteract specific bacteria.

These drugs are aimed at treating GERD which is one of the most common reasons of bad breath. Using them regularly to treat high acid levels can help in mitigating a wide variety of symptoms including halitosis. Note that you also need to brush your teeth as often as possible.

Other Unusual Reasons and Treatment Means

While halitosis is often caused by problems with stomach. There are other health conditions that may lead to halitosis. We want to make a brief overview and suggest possible solutions to such cases.

  • Fetor hepaticus and some other liver diseases. When liver starts failing the body, halitosis is the least of your problems, but it certainly can accompany the disease. In some cases, using drugs like Adefovir can be helpful. It is often used to treat various conditions related to hepatitis B, but also can be used in certain treatment courses for treating other liver issues.
  • Respiratory tract infections. Bacterial invasions that target your lungs and bronchia also can be quite discomforting and dangerous. On top of that, they bring with them bad breath and unpleasant taste in the back of the mouth. There are various ways to treat this conditions and using strong antibiotics is a the most common answer to LRTIs. You can try using Amoxicillin and Fluticasone or their generics in order to reduce the effects of the infection. These antibiotics have a wide range of applications and can be used to treat a variety of bacterial attacks including lower respiratory tract infections.
  • Renal infections. Issues with kidney in general are quite dangerous. Now, there are various treatment methods that can be used both as recreational symptomatic reliefs and as preventive measures. For treatment consult your doctor about using Tolterodine (Detrol), Oxybutinin (Ditropan), and Zylloprim (Allopurinol). These drugs can be efficient at treating a variety of kidney disorders. To preemptively treat kidney problems try implementing in your diet natural supplements like Cystone which is made from a variety of herbal extracts and powders. Respected by both Chinese herbalists and Ayurveda specialists, this drug is quite efficient.
  • Carcinoma and other types of cancers. Any oncological disease is a hard condition to fight off and can be quite devastating. During this time bad breath should be your lowest priority. There are various drugs that can help in reducing symptoms or helping to struggle with cancer. Amongst the most effective means of treating carcinoma is Hydroxyurea (Hydrea) which is a drug that can be used to reduce symptoms of melanoma and carcinoma as well as some other types of cancer.
  • Diabetes. This disease has a wide array of symptoms and bad breath is just one of them. In order to counteract halitosis, you need to treat the root of the problem and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. One of the most effective drugs that My Canadian Pharmacy suggests is certainly Glucophage. This is a popular drug based on metformin, a drug that is used to treat type-2 diabetes in obese people. Another great answer is Pioglitazone (Actos) which is a drug that elevates body’s ability to utilize natural and externally supplied insulin.

These drugs are designed to treat specific issues that in turn can cause bad breath. However, halitosis is your least concern when more serious health conditions are at hand. You need to address them immediately and then halitosis will disappear on its own.